Student holds passport and features his project on Burma.

10th annual Johnson International Day celebrates variety of cultures

Student holds passport and features his project on Burma.With passports in hand, nearly 80 students at Johnson Elementary visited 35 countries in the cafeteria at the 10th annual International Day celebration.

“This is our favorite day of the year,” said Principal Summer Thompson. “We all come together to appreciate our cultural differences and learn about places from all over the world.”

Students prepared tri-fold posters featuring countries such as China, Burma, and Afghanistan. They also wore authentic clothing and provided food samples. One mother and son featuring the Philippines wore coordinating attire and served homemade lumpia, while another father and daughter showcased Mexico and served guacamole and salad with cotija cheese.

The day also included an afternoon assembly that featured dancing and the 2018 International Day video. You can see the video here.

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