Dancing scene from the Jackson-Via Bully Knots program.

Elementary Highlights Winter 2018

December was a time for holiday performances and seasonal fun at Charlottesville City Schools. Here is a festive look back on some of the best moments.Collage of various scenes from the Charlottesville City School winter performances.A collage of holiday pictures

Family engagement facilitator Velvet Coleman helps connect home and school at the Muffins for Moms event at Johnson Elementary.

We loved seeing so many moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, and family friends participating in elementary family engagement events like Muffins for Moms, and Doughnuts for Dads. Student and family engagement facilitator Velvet Coleman was featured in The Daily Progress for her efforts to help all our students be more successful in school.

Elementary students across the division visited the Paramount Theater twice so far this year to view live performances of My Father’s Dragon and Guess How Much I Love You and I Love my Storybook.

Students learning at stations at Monticello.
Elementary school students learning about the five senses at Monticello.

Students also visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello for tours and engaging cross-curricular lessons that made connections between history, math, science, and literacy!

In November, a variety of Thanksgiving and fall fun activities included Thanksgiving pow wows, churning butter, and art projects reminding our youngest learners to be grateful.

A variety of pictures showing Thanksgiving and fall fun activities.

Clark Elementary third graders learned about writing haiku poetry using inspiration from a neighborhood walk.  They also worked on writing book recommendations for their peers and posted them on a bulletin board.

UVA student helps Clark student solve a mystery.
A UVA engineering student helps a child find clues to solve the spy mystery.

First-year engineering students from U.Va. designed a learning activity for Clark students which involved leading the kids through a series of activity stations to solve a spy mystery.

Three students pose in authentic Iranian costumes at International Day at Johnson Elem.
Sisters at Johnson International Day model authentic costumes of Iran and pass out food samples.

Several schools celebrated International Day, including Johnson and Clark. Students prepared exhibits that represented different countries, sampled a variety of foods from around the world, and dressed in costume.  Our families were instrumental in participating in this fun and educational opportunity to celebrate differences.

Artwork by Nathan Jordan, first place winner.

Congratulations to Nathan Jordan, a first-grader at Johnson Elementary for being a 2017 Imagine a Day without Water Student Art Contest Winner in the 1st – 2nd Grade Category. The annual contest is sponsored by the City of Charlottesville Public Works.

Also at Johnson, Ms. Wayland’s fourth graders had their opinions published in the New York Times Kids Edition in November.  The editors sent them each their own copy of the newspaper, and the class celebrated with a reading party. The NY Times opinions editors visited the class earlier this year to teach them about voicing their opinions in a constructive way. You can read more about it here.

Thank you, Ms. Rickabaugh for leading the effort to create a Painted Rock Garden in the Johnson schoolyard garden. Students painted rocks that celebrate each individual’s uniqueness after reading the books Something Beautiful and Only One You.  Read more about it here.

Dancing scene from the Jackson-Via Bully Knots program.
Principal Justin Malone in the grand finale of the 10th Annual Bully-Knots Assembly.

Mrs. U along with the Jackson-Via Bully Nots and First Friends student group presented the 10th annual Bully-Not assembly at Jackson-Via.  This entertaining production was a joyful reminder about kindness, caring, and community. Principal Malone encouraged students to send out kindness boomerangs that will surely return to them. See more here.

CHS AVID students visited their buddies at Jackson-Via to play games and talk about preparing for college.

Hot wheels experiment on JV STEM and Literacy Night.
A student learns about velocity using a Hot Wheels car.

Jackson-Via STEM and Literacy Night provided an excellent educational opportunity  for families to learn about these fields while having fun with Straw Rockets, Hot Wheels, and BeeBots.

“Books and Breakfast” at Greenbrier Elementary was well worth the early wake-up to gather with more than 100 friends and family. Kudos to the staff for hosting such a large turnout!

Students enjoying homemade stone soup and salad.
Students feast on homemade stone soup and salad.

Greenbrier students had the chance to make  stone soup after reading the picture book “Stone Soup.” The popular folk story reminds people to  share and “bring what you’ve got.” Sharing the meal they prepared together, the students also enjoyed salad using some of the vegetables from their City Schoolyard Garden.

Thanks to the generosity of many in our community, many of our children received gifts, toys, books, and food from the Toy Lift  and PB &J programs during the holiday season. It was an exciting day when a U-Haul full of items arrived at Greenbrier Elementary and many volunteers helped unload the gifts.

Venable student James Fox was thrilled to be named Thursday’s Hero by the U.Va. football team. He had a special visit with the Hoos and special guests.  You can see it here.

“The Rainbow Schoolbus Goes Deep into Protesting,” a short film about peace created by Venable students in Mr. Nussbaum’s class,  was featured during the Virginia Film Festival Family Day.

Group photo of the Girls on the Run participants.
The Girls on the Run team celebrating their final 5K run.

The Burnley-Moran Girls on the Run team wrapped up their season with a celebratory final 5K run after a 3-month season of goal-setting, personal achievement and teamwork.

PreK and K students at Burnley-Moran participated in a Community Helpers Job Fair that included volunteer students from CATEC.  Students rotated through various stations including  dentistry and cosmetology.

Students from Burnley Moran get to ride on the Charlottesville Area Transit bus while learning about community.
These students toured the neighborhood on the CAT bus as part of their lesson on community.

What better way for Burnley-Moran students to learn about our community than to ride on the Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) bus and tour the neighborhood!