Adam Hastings Steps Down from Board; Process for Vacancy Announced

At the Charlottesville School Board meeting on March 1, Adam Hastings announced that he’ll be stepping down from the Board. A planned relocation to a home outside the City limits will render him ineligible to serve. Hastings was elected to the Board in 2015.

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“[Stepping down from the Board] is a big regret for me. I’ve very much enjoyed it and I think this work is very important. I look forward to continuing being part of the discussions as a community member, just not as a Board member,” Hastings announced at the meeting. “I’m happy to continue to assist in my professional role and in my personal role. There’s amazing work going on in the school division.”

Board Member Adam Hastings

“We’d like to thank Adam for his good service to the Board,” said Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins. “Adam has a wealth of experiences in public education, from his roles at CHS to CATEC to PVCC, and those experiences plus his own wisdom and clarity have been a real value for the Board.”

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Process for Naming an Interim Board Member

Charlottesville City Schools has announced the process for selecting an interim School Board member, who will serve until a special election on November 6, 2018, when voters will determine who will hold the office until Hastings’ term expires in December 2019.

Nominations of qualified Charlottesville City voters are sought for the interim appointment. Applications (with information about the process, qualifications, and more) can be found here and are due by 4pm on Friday, March 23.

On Monday, March 26 at 5pm at CHS, the School Board will hold a public hearing to receive input from applicants. All candidates who wish to be considered must be present at the March 26 meeting. At CATEC on Wednesday, April 11, at 4pm, the Board will vote and announce its decision.

Comments and any questions for clarification should be submitted to the Clerk of the Board, Leslie Thacker, either by emailing or by calling (434) 245-2945.