All-District Band selections

Congrats to the 34 students that made one of the All-District Bands! 18 students made it into the concert band. 16 students made it into the symphonic band. Out of the 16 symphonic band students, 9 CHS band members qualified to audition for the All-State ensembles in February.

Concert Band members include
Kenan McLaren 1st chair flute
Meg Gist 8th chair flute
Lena Keesecker 1st chair oboe
Yasu Shinozaki 3rd chair oboe
Claire Wilderman 3rd chair clarinet
Ellie Goluboff-Shragger 5th chair clarinet
Rowan Miller 6th chair clarinet
Max LeBlang 7th chair clarinet
Archer Lyster 1st chair Bass Clarinet
Jonah Newman 1st chair trumpet
Arianna Dieter 2nd chair trumpet
Yakob Debaere 8th chair trumpet
Sophia Payne 9th chair trumpet
Eli Chancey 1st chair trombone
Katherine ells. 2nd chair bass Trombone
Daniel Lightbourne 1st chair euphonium
Jose Ornelas 4th chair tuba
Tommy Fruscello 4th chair percussion

Symphonic Band members include
Reid Dodson 1st chair flute
Adria Cafferillo 2nd chair flute
Clare Inlow 2nd chair clarinet
Rebecca Fitch 7th chair clarinet
Eliza Morrison 11th chair clarinet
Hailey Pugh-Sellers 14th chair clarinet
Ella McLaren 1st chair bassoon
Emmelia Kromkowski 2nd chair bassoon
Walker Catlett 4th chair trumpet
Frances Newman 9th chair trumpet
Anna Bon-Harper 3rd chair horn
Connor Farrell 7th chair horn
Kaylee Folger 8th chair horn
Danny Dupes 2nd chair trombone
Aidan Miller 3rd chair euphonium
Bob Kammauff 4th chair tuba

All-state eligible members from Symphonic Band include
Reid, Adria, Clare, Rebecca, Ella, Emmelia, Walker, Anna, Danny.