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November is Family Engagement Month

Screenshot of video School Talk Live.November is National Family Engagement month, and we want you to know how much we value our partnership with families. See why student-family-school partnerships are so important to a child’s success in this video interview with Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins and PreK-2nd grade Family Engagement Facilitator Velvet Coleman.

For more tips and resources, visit our Family Engagement web page here.

Kids get ready to race in kids dash at Clark.

A neighborhood tradition: Buzz by Belmont 5K Fun Run and Kids Dash

Kids get ready to race in kids dash at Clark.Our annual Buzz by Belmont 5K Fun Run was a wonderful event that brought family and friends from our neighborhood out on a beautiful fall morning.

Walkers, runners, and strollers participated in this family-friendly celebration of community, achievement, and wellness. T-shirts, refreshments, give-aways, and prizes for age-group champs were provided. All proceeds from the event benefit our Clark Educational Opportunity Fund.

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Boys share work at publishing party.

Publishing parties celebrate student writing

Boys share work at publishing party.Our fourth grade students recently had publishing parties in their classrooms to share their latest writing accomplishments with peers, family, and friends.

“These parties are a culmination of our new writing curriculum, and they showcase both our students’ skills and their excitement,” said Principal Dr. Elizabeth Korab.

Classroom visitors were able to sit with students while they read their creative narratives aloud. Our writers wrote about everything from unicorns, to bicycle rides, to family trips to visit new places. Their published works also included detailed illustrations.

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Student holds passport and features his project on Burma.

10th annual Johnson International Day celebrates variety of cultures

Student holds passport and features his project on Burma.With passports in hand, nearly 80 students at Johnson Elementary visited 35 countries in the cafeteria at the 10th annual International Day celebration.

“This is our favorite day of the year,” said Principal Summer Thompson. “We all come together to appreciate our cultural differences and learn about places from all over the world.”

Students prepared tri-fold posters featuring countries such as China, Burma, and Afghanistan. They also wore authentic clothing and provided food samples. One mother and son featuring the Philippines wore coordinating attire and served homemade lumpia, while another father and daughter showcased Mexico and served guacamole and salad with cotija cheese.

The day also included an afternoon assembly that featured dancing and the 2018 International Day video. You can see the video here.

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Fall 2018 Photo Gallery

It has been a busy fall filled with many challenges for our school community, however, there is also much to celebrate.  From fine arts to fun runs to fall festivals, here is a look back at some of the highlights.

two elementary students, boy and girl, playing in classroom.

November is Family Engagement Month!

November is National Family Engagement month, and we want you to know how much we value our partnership with families. Research shows that parental involvement is very important to a child’s success.

There are many ways that families can engage with our schools. In fact, coming up on November 27th at 7:30pm is our second community forum on equity at Charlottesville High School. We hope you will plan to join us as we continue discussing ways to better serve all of our children. 

Bus service will be available for the community forum on 11/27. Routes will be posted on the website soon.

A Message to Families from Ms. Coleman

PreK-2nd Family Engagement Coordinator Velvet Coleman is available to support families with a variety of resources. Her latest tips for families include eight ways parents can support their children in school.

Tips for Academic Success

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School Board passes dress code resolution

Cville Schools official sealIn November 2018, the Charlottesville City Schools School Board unanimously passed a resolution that bans students from wearing clothing that depicts symbols “associated with racial hatred and violence.”

Citing the events of  August 11-12, 2017 in Charlottesville, board members resolved that  “student dress that is disruptive of the learning environment, that contains language or images that are discriminatory, or that promotes violent conduct or contains threats includes, but not limited to, clothing that depicts Confederate imagery or the Nazi swastika or contains images and language associated with the Ku Klux Klan and other White Nationalist groups, is prohibited and will not be tolerated in our schools.”

Orchestra students learn from visiting singer/cellist

BJ Griffin with Walker orchestra students.Singer/cellist BJ Griffin and his pianist Jason Brown spent three days in music workshops with Walker, Buford, and CHS orchestra students. The visit culminated with a performance with the CHSO for Walker and Buford orchestra students at the CHS Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center.

“I can’t say enough positive things about this experience,” said Fine Arts Coordinator Aaron Eichorst. “It’s the best kind of instruction and engagement we strive to provide. What an honor to be part of it.”

During the performance, students sang along and clapped to Griffin’s renditions of pop hits by artists like Michael Jackson, Lordes, and Ed Sheeran.

Griffin is known for his solo and ensemble performances that mix classical, jazz, and pop music. He is also a singer/songwriter that has worked throughout the east coast. For more about Griffin, visit