Employee Benefits Overview

Employee Benefits Overview

At Charlottesville City Schools, we offer a generous and comprehensive benefits package to our employees, including group health insurance, dental and vision care plans, life insurance and membership in the Virginia Retirement System.

Primary Insurances

Other Insurances

Other Benefits


Contact Information:


For assistance with your WageWorks flexible spending accounts or Aflac plans:

Michelle Lawson
(434) 760-2257

For general questions about benefits at Charlottesville City Schools:

Laura Floyd
(434)245-2950 or (434)245-2960


Additional Information about Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts with WageWorks

Employees can allocate pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified medical and dependent  expenses (for childcare or elder-care).  Limits are $2,700/year for medical and $5,000 for dependent ($2,500 if you file separate returns).