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Learning at Buford

Buford Return to Learn graphicWe’re eager to see you — virtually — on Tuesday, September 8. Log in by 8:30 for your first meeting of the day. This page gives you login-instructions, tells you how to get help, and describes the tools we’ll use. Find a printable version of this guide here.

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How to Log in to Canvas to Start Your Day

Screenshot of the little circle in the left corner of the Chromebook login1. Log into your Chromebook

2. Click on white circle in bottom left corner (or just click on the Canvas logo at the bottom of the screen)

scrreenshot of carot in chromebook that shows all apps

3. Click on image to see all apps

4. Click on Canvas icon

5.  Click on your class

6.  Click on Virtual Meeting link

Need Support?

Scheduling Question?

Contact counselor (434-245-2411)

  • 7th Grade – Mr. Ullrich
    • ullricw1@charlottesvilleschools.org
  • 8th Grade – Mr. Epps
    • eppsj1@charlottesvilleschools.org

Technology Question?

  1. Ask your teacher for support
  2. Still stuck? Your teacher will submit a ZenDesk request for you
  3. Buford Tech Support responds to ZenDesk requests
    • Mrs. Rod
    • Tech Support hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

What to Expect with Virtual Learning

Examples of how students may connect and engage in their classes


Illustration of Student working with teacher, Student/Teacher:

  • Google Meet or Zoom:
    • Meet with teachers in real-time (whole group, small group or one-on-one)
    • WeVideo:
  • Watch and review instructional videos from teachers
  • Canvas:
    • Receive announcements from teachers
    • Receive feedback from teachers on assignments


  • Student-Content IllustrationNearpod:
    • Go through a lesson (real-time or self-paced) and interact with the resources
  • Canvas Studio Videos:
    Watch videos that include teacher prompts and interactive questions
  • Canvas Google Cloud:
    Complete an activity from a template that a teacher has provided

Student-StudentsStudent-Students Illustration

  •  Flipgrid:
    • Create video to share with others
    • Review/respond to other submissions
  • Jamboard:
    • Add responses to a collective board
    • Review/respond to other submissions
  • Canvas Discussion Boards:
    • Contribute to class discussions
    • Review/respond to other submissions