2022–2023 School Year Calendar Info

Text-Only Version of Calendar Information


Message from the Superintendent

Dear families,

Thank you for welcoming me as your new superintendent this past year. Since joining you last October, I have been impressed by the talent, commitment, and support within and surrounding our schools.

This calendar and the accompanying flyer offer a glimpse into the ways we are preparing for a safe and successful school year. Here, I’ll outline some important items for this upcoming year:

Getting Students to School
As you likely know, to address the ongoing (and worsening) bus driver shortage, we have expanded our walk zones. You can find more information in this calendar (see page 5), but if you have questions or concerns, please contact your school.

Keeping COVID-Safe
We’re committed to COVID safety, and our protocols keep up with state and federal guidance. As school starts, I have four suggestions: (1) Encourage your child to mask at school when our community transmission rates are “medium” or “high” (throughout this summer, they’ve been medium or high). (2) If your child has symptoms, keep them out of school and test and/or see a healthcare provider. (3) Get your family COVID-vaccinated (now approved for ages 6 months and older – see your healthcare provider, a pharmacy, or pop-up clinics for free vaccines.) (4) Get your kids tested for free at one of our back-to-school testing events or every week while at school (see page 4 and August dates).

Redesign of Charlottesville’s Middle School: Next Steps
In April 2022, the City of Charlottesville approved $68.8 million to support the renovation of Buford into an updated middle school for our City’s 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This year we will finalize the design, planning to begin construction in the summer of 2023. Stay tuned for opportunities to give feedback! To learn more, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/facilities.

We appreciate your continued support and partnership in the growth, nurture, and love of your children. We know we are #bettertogether!


Dr. Royal A. Gurley, Jr., Superintendent


Welcome Back to School

We are eager to welcome you all back to our schools on August 24! This information is designed to help students and families get off to a great start this fall, but information is subject to change based on the latest COVID guidance from groups such as the CDC or VDOE.  For the most up-to-date information and topics not covered in these pages, visit charlottesvilleschools.org.

About QR Codes

QR codes — the square barcodes throughout this calendar — give you quick access to different pages on our website. To use, open your smartphone or tablet’s camera or QR Code Reader app, and hold your device over the QR Code so that it is clearly visible on your screen. You will either be taken directly to the selected webpage, or you can follow the instructions that appear on your device. If the codes are too close together for your phone to read the right one, cover the other codes with a scrap of paper.

Getting Ready!

Find the latest back-to-school information at charlottesvilleschools.org/backtoschool. You can also find your child’s teacher assignments and schedules as soon as they are posted by logging into PowerSchool at charlottesvilleschools.org/ps. Need login help? Call your school.

Re-Registering and Updating Your Child’s Records

If you have not re-registered each of your students, please log into PowerSchool and click “Re-Registration” at the left. Update contact information and permissions as needed. Repeat for each child. Need help? Use the QR code to find instructions, or call your school. Need to fix or update some contact information after you do the forms? Call your school.

Translation Traducción  Tafsiri

Schools want to connect with families. Translators and interpreters are available. All the information in this calendar can be found on our website (see charlottesvilleschools.org/calendar-info). Our website can be translated with Google. Call or email your school for help. You can also text 434-953-1802.

Si tiene preguntas acerca de las escuelas de Charlottesville, llame a nuestra línea telefónica en español al 434-245-2548. Un profesor de español le devolverá la llamada.

About this Calendar

We hope this calendar brings “news you can use,” including school holidays and other key dates. Dates/times are subject to change — check (and subscribe to) our Google calendars on our website. The included holidays are among those observed by Virginia, Charlottesville, or Cville Schools, and in every case, we indicate whether school is in session. Religious holidays are not shown, but we support family observances.


Charlottesville City Schools & Principals

Charlottesville High School (9–12)

Principal to be named

1400 Melbourne Road 22901

Office (434) 245-2410; Attendance 245-2697; Fax 245-2610


Buford Middle School (7–8) and New Pathways Academy

Mr. Rodney Jordan, Principal

1000 Cherry Avenue 22903

(434) 245-2411; Fax 245-2611


Walker Upper Elementary (5–6)

Dr. Adam Hastings, Principal

1564 Dairy Road 22903

(434) 245-2412; Fax 245-2612


Burnley-Moran Elementary (PreK–4)

Dr. Elizabeth Korab, Principal

1300 Long Street 22901

(434) 245-2413; Fax 245-2613


Clark Elementary (PreK–4)

Mrs. Carmella Johnson, Principal

1000 Belmont Avenue 22902

(434) 245-2414; Fax 245-2614


Greenbrier Elementary (PreK–4)

Ms. Dina Fricke, Principal

2228 Greenbrier Drive 22901

(434) 245-2415; Fax 288-0387


Jackson-Via Elementary (PreK–4)

Dr. Justin Malone, Principal

508 Harris Road 22903

(434) 245-2416; Fax 245-2616


Johnson Elementary (PreK–4)

Ms. Summerlyn Thompson, Principal

1645 Cherry Avenue 22903

(434) 245-2417; Fax 245-2617


Venable Elementary (PreK–4)

Ms. Chantel Beverly, Principal

406 14th Street NW 22903

(434) 245-2418; Fax 245-2618


Lugo-McGinness Academy

Dr. Jill Dahl, Administrator

341 11th Street NW 22903

(434) 245-2406


Hospital Education Program at UVA Children’s Hospital

Mr. Eric Johnson, Principal

610 Kirtley Lane 22903

(434) 924-2658


WALK Program

Ms. Dianna Poe

1400 Melbourne Road 22901

(434) 245-2636


Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC)

Ms. Stephanie Carter, Director

1000 East Rio Road 22901

(434) 973-4461


Student Transportation

Operated by Charlottesville City Transportation. Call your school office.


Division Administration

1562 Dairy Road 22903 • (434) 245-2400


Division Administration Annex (at CHS):

1400 Melbourne Road 22901 • (434) 245-2405


Dr. Royal A. Gurley, Jr., Superintendent

Dr. Katina Otey, Chief Academic Officer

Ms. Kim Powell, Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Beth Cheuk, Supervisor of Community Relations

Mr. Pat Cuomo, Director of Technology

Ms. Renee Hoover, Director of Finance

Ms. Denise Johnson, Supervisor of Equity and Inclusion

Ms. Maria Lewis, Director of Human Resources

Mrs. Carolyn Swift, Director of Assessment & Accountability

School Board Members

Email: SchoolBoard@charlottesvilleschools.org

Clerk of the School Board: (434) 245-2944

Ms. Lisa Larson-Torres, Chair


Mr. James Bryant, Vice-Chair


Ms. Lashundra Bryson Morsberger


Ms. Emily Dooley


Dr. Sherry Kraft


Ms. Jennifer McKeever


Mr. Dom Morse



School Board meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month at 5pm. To find meeting details and documents, or to sign up for monthly notifications, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/schoolboard. Meetings can be watched on our
@CvilleSchools Facebook page and are later uploaded to our YouTube channel.


Staying in Touch

There are many ways to stay connected:

  • Visit charlottesvilleschools.org/stay-in-touch or use this QR code to find links and learn more.
  • Use the Remind app for an easy way to text or talk with your teachers.
  • Create a Canvas log-in to see your child’s online “classroom,” assignments, grades, and more.
  • Log into PowerSchool to do re-registration forms, see grades, or check attendance.
  • Look for updates from your principal or the school division through School Messenger (robocalls, emails, texts).
  • Call or email your school.
  • Check our website: charlottesvilleschools.org.
  • Subscribe to our Google calendar. Go to charlottesvilleschools.org/calendar.
  • Look for @CvilleSchools on social media.


Let’s get to school on time and ready to go! Regular, prompt attendance is tied to
school success.

School Hours

Elementaries (Including Pre-K)








Early Release Times

Elementaries (Including Pre-K)

12:00 noon







Attendance, Absences, and COVID Safety


Attendance and Absences

Virginia requires daily student attendance. Regular, prompt attendance is tied with high student achievement.

When Should My Child Stay
Home Sick?

Keep your child home and check with a health care provider (or seek testing) if they have the following symptoms or issues:

  • Fever (100.0°F+) or chills
  • Sore throat
  • Uncontrolled cough
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
  • Severe headache, especially with fever
  • Muscle or body aches
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • New congestion or runny nose
  • Fatigue (more than usual)
  • Red, itchy, draining eyes
  • If they or anyone near them has had these symptoms*
  • If they or anyone near them has tested positive for COVID*
  • If they or anyone near them is waiting on COVID test results*
  • If they have any other contagious disease such as pertussis, ringworm, impetigo, lice, or conjunctivitis.

If any of these symptoms are common for your child or have been treated by a health care provider, please call your school nurse before sending them to school.

*See “Quarantine after COVID Exposure” on this page.

More Information

To find links for more information about the topics on this page, visit: charlottesvilleschools.org/attendance.

How Do I Report When My Child
is Sick?

When a student is sick, please call, email, or text the school to report the absence. (Calls go to the school’s main telephone, or at CHS, call the attendance line at 434-245-2697). Once you have reported the absence, you will not receive absence notifications from the school. For extended absences, other documentation may be required.

When Can My Student Return
to School?

If your student (regardless of vaccination status) is showing symptoms on the above list, please keep them home. If they are displaying COVID symptoms, they can return when symptoms such as fever or nausea have resolved and either (a) they have been seen by a healthcare provider, (b) they have proof of a negative PCR COVID test, or (c) they have proof of 2 negative rapid COVID tests taken at least 24 hours apart. If the student tests positive for COVID, they can return to school on day 5 if symptoms have resolved and they agree to wear a mask for another 5 days. (The day symptoms appear is Day 0.)

Quarantine After COVID Exposure

Fully vaccinated staff and students will not need to quarantine after exposure to COVID. Non-vaccinated students and staff can continue attending school following our Test-to-Stay protocols. The current Blue Ridge Health District recommendation is to get tested 3–5 days after exposure.

Free COVID Testing at School

Check the August page for information about our free back-to-school COVID testing events. CCS also offers free, weekly, proactive, optional COVID screening for students and staff. Learn more and sign up (even if you participated last year) at

COVID Safety Regulations

Charlottesville City Schools will follow guidance from local, state, and national health experts. Currently for students, this means recommended masking, recommended vaccinations, health screens, frequent hand-washing, continued attention to air ventilation, and more. Please be prepared in case your student, your class, or even your whole school needs to move to virtual for a short time. To stay in touch with emerging best practices, we may change our protocols. Remember, a decision to attend in person means supporting these practices. For the latest information, please visit charlottesvilleschools.org/covid.



Transportation, Meals, and Student Supports




After years of battling the ongoing bus driver shortage, we are trying out some new strategies. We have expanded the walk zones to get closer to state and national averages (.75 miles for elementaries and 1.25 miles for older students). To support elementary walkers, we’ve added crossing guards and created some walking groups with adult guides. The City of Charlottesville will still run “big yellows,” but we’re hoping to get mini-school buses that our own staff can drive. Older students can ride the CAT with free passes. And if your child needs a bike and helmet, we can connect you with community resources. Finally, consider the carpool – your PTO might have an app to recommend. For more information about any of these topics, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/transportation.

Bus Riders

If your child is eligible and you requested bus service, the school will be in touch with bus information (if placed on a bus) or notification that your child is on a waiting list. While the City is working to hire more drivers and the schools are planning to run mini-buses, please remember that there is a national bus driver shortage.

Students are expected to follow safety rules and to behave well on the bus. The “Family Guide to Bus Safety” in the Student Rights and Responsibilities describes important rules and information. Students who present disciplinary or safety challenges on the bus will be referred to the principal and may have their riding privileges suspended.

Parents/guardians (or their designee) are required to escort 1st-graders and younger students to and from the bus stop. For more information, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/bus.

Walkers and Bike-Riders

We encourage students to bike or walk to school. Students are responsible for their own safety. In some neighborhoods, we have created walking groups with adult guides. The City’s Safe Routes to School program works to support safe walking and bike-riding. To learn more or volunteer to support walkers or bikers, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/safe-routes-to-school.

CAT Riders

Older students also have the option to catch the CAT to CHS, Buford, or Walker. Youth passes are free. You can learn more at charlottesvilleschools.org/transportation.

Car-Riders and Drivers

Families should drop off students in the designated zone only (not typically near the front door or where buses drop off). Do not pass loading or unloading buses. CHS students with driving licenses must obtain a parking tag; cars without tags are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Meals (Including Free Meals)

In the 22-23 school year, student meal prices are as follows. Student breakfast at all schools is $1.50. A K-8 student lunch costs $2.50; a CHS student lunch costs $2.75. The application for free meals can be found at charlottesvilleschools.org/nutrition. Students at Buford, Clark, Jackson-Via, Johnson, and Walker automatically receive meals free because of a school-wide free meal program. Even so, we encourage families to apply for free meals to receive eligibility for other programs.

Charlottesville City Schools strives to serve fresh, healthy, and tasty meals. We offer breakfast and lunch. When possible, we purchase local food and cook from scratch to minimize salt, sugar, and fat. We also provide salads to offer choices for everyone, including vegan and vegetarian students. Out of respect to our Jewish and Muslim students, no pork products are served. All meals follow USDA guidelines. Menus and meal ingredients are available online—look for a link on the bottom of every webpage.

Does your student or family have specific needs? We want to help.

We’ve always known that our students are unique people with unique needs, and we want to partner with families.

Here are just a few situations where families may need extra support:

  • Students qualifying for special education services
  • English learners
  • Families experiencing food scarcity or homelessness
  • Those experiencing isolation or other mental health challenges
  • Families who have concerns about their child’s progress or development
  • Families who need internet access to support their child’s learning

We have staff, resources, and procedures to help. Please let us know about your situation and needs — you can start with the trusted staff member of your choice to begin the conversation.

Need counseling or other supports?

Our teachers will be providing regular instruction in social-emotional learning and will work to build a strong classroom community. In addition, we have counselors, social workers, student support liaisons, and psychologists to meet the needs of students and families. Our school counselors work to meet students’ needs in the areas of academics, social-emotional wellness, and career planning. To learn more about the counseling program or materials used — or to limit your child’s participation in counseling programs, see your school counselor. You can email your counselor or call your school. See charlottesvilleschools.org/counseling.


Need a Counseling Appointment?

  • Call your school or email your school counselor
  • Contact Care Solace, a free service that will set up mental health appointments for our students, staff, and families. Call (888) 515-0595 for assistance 24/7 in any language. Or visit https://caresolace.com/site/charlottesville


Need immediate help?

Community Based Crisis Supports:

  • Region Ten Emergency Services: 434-972-1800 (24 hr)
  • Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988 or
    1-800-273-TALK (8255) (24 hr)
  • Region 1 Mobile Crisis Line: 1-800-970-5897 (M–F 12–7:30pm)
  • ReadyKids: 434-972-7233 (24 hour hotline)
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 (24 hr)
  • LGBTQ+ Youth Support Line/Side by Side: 1-888-644-4390 (Ages 14–20)

For an immediate crisis, call 911 or go to the hospital.



More Student Information



Charlottesville City Schools recognizes the strong link between a child’s social, emotional, and physical health and their ability to learn. Schools also play an important role in teaching children about wellness. Our wellness programs are informed by the School Health Advisory Board. Find the policy at charlottesvilleschools.org/wellness.

More About Instruction

The graduation requirements are shown on this page, but there are many other areas where you may have questions about your child’s educational options and plans. This might relate to college prep classes, the instructional goals or assessments for your child, any tests or screenings we participate in, teacher qualifications, information about retention/advancement, or more. To learn more about these and other topics, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/instruction.


Check with your school about clubs and athletic competition (at Buford and CHS). Athletes, schedule your sports physical now! To learn more about CHS athletics, which follow VHSL guidelines, visit gocville.org or call 434-245-2699.

Fees for Students

Occasionally, Charlottesville City Schools classes, clubs, teams, and activities will charge student fees. Fees should not be a barrier to student participation. Impacted families should speak with the teacher, advisor, or principal to make arrangements for fee waivers. Fees may also be charged when Chromebooks, textbooks, or library books are lost, damaged, or overdue. An annual fee schedule is posted at charlottesvilleschools.org/fee-schedule.



Virginia High School Graduation Requirements for Students Entering
9th Grade in 2018 and Beyond
Content Area Standard Diploma Advanced Diploma
Total Credits1 Verified Credits2 Total Credits1 Verified Credits2
English 4 2 4 2
Math 3 1 4 1
Laboratory Science 3 1 4 1
History & Social Sciences 3 1 4 1
Health & Physical Education 2 0 2 0
Fine Arts or Career & Technical Education 2 0 1 0
World Language 3 0
Economics & Personal Finance 1 0 1 0
Electives 4 0 3 0
Total 22 5 26 5
1: For details about additional requirements such as work-based learning experiences or credentials, and to learn more about which course selections meet these credits, contact your counselor or visit http://doe.virginia.gov/instruction/graduation/.

2: A verified credit is earned by passing a course and its related end-of-course assessment.


Dress Code

Clothing and dress are important forms of expression. All students are expected to dress appropriately for a K–12 environment. In 2018, the Charlottesville School Board unanimously passed a resolution that bans students from wearing clothing that depicts symbols “associated with racial hatred and violence,” including swastikas or Confederate imagery. Students not complying with the dress code will be offered solutions such as covering or removing the item in question or wearing an item supplied by the school. Repeated infractions will result in disciplinary action. For details about the dress code, please visit: charlottesvilleschools.org/dress-code.

Discipline and Student Rights and Responsibilities

All students should conduct themselves with respect—be responsible, safe, and prepared. State law, as well as district policies and regulations, authorize certain school officials to impose disciplinary measures. Officials follow procedures set forth in the Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities describes expected behaviors and possible consequences for when standards are not met. To receive a printed copy, visit or call your school. You can find it online – along with state-required information regarding laws governing the prosecution of juveniles as adults for the commision of certain crimes. Learn more at charlottesvilleschools.org/conduct.

Discipline at Charlottesville City Schools takes place in a context of positive supports in areas such as behavior, academics, and mental wellness.To learn more, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/supports.

Virtual Learners

Most of our students opted for in-person learning this year, but we do have some students learning with the state’s Virtual Virginia program. If you have questions about this program or need school meals during this year, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/virtual.


Strategic Plan and Equity Focus Areas

It’s time for a new strategic plan! Stay tuned for ways to get involved.

Academic Excellence

Learning will promote life-ready graduates through student-centered and equitable practices. This includes our equity work to create “diverse, inclusive, and rigorous learning experiences.”

Safe and Supportive Schools

Our learning communities will promote social, emotional, and physical wellness in facilities that are safe and conducive to learning. This includes our equity commitment to “growing relationships
and community.”

Organizational Supports

Our systems and processes will enable students, staff, and schools to thrive. This includes our equity emphasis in the areas of a “supportive and supported staff” and “equity foundations.”

For more about the strategic plan, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/strategic-plan.

For more about our equity work, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/equity.

Information for Adults

Visitors and Volunteers

Volunteers and visitors are allowed with approval and if they agree to mask while indoors. Many tasks can be handled with a phone call, email, or text. If you are approved to volunteer or if you need to visit your school, please complete our health screening and wear a mask covering your mouth and nose.

Want to Get Informed or Involved?

Three suggestions:

  • Connect with your school’s PTO — they’re meeting, even if it’s on Zoom. Visit your school webpage for details.
  • Follow School Board meetings on the first Thursday of the month at 5pm. Watch on
    @CvilleSchools Facebook or sign up to speak. For official reminders and notifications, sign up here: charlottesvilleschools.org/schoolboard.
  • Have a special passion? You can follow or join our advisory committees on equity, gifted education, school health, and special education. Visit charlottesvilleschools.org/committees to learn more.

Family Responsibilities

Charlottesville City Schools recognizes that education is a responsibility shared by the school and the family. Virginia law requires that “each parent … has a duty to assist the school in enforcing the standards of student conduct and compulsory school attendance.” To promote family partnership, we have staff such as our family engagement coordinator, counselors, social workers, and student support liaisons. In addition, schools provide activities and ways for families to be both involved and in touch. Find more about parental involvement, including the state’s parental responsibility law, the Student Rights and Responsibilities, and Virginia’s compulsory attendance law here: charlottesvilleschools.org/parental-involvement.


Facts and Figures

On our website, we maintain a “Fast Facts” page with information such as student demographics, pupil-teacher ratios, cost per pupil, and links to the state’s School Quality Profiles. Visit

Privacy Rights

Students and families have privacy rights in areas such as access to student records; choice in surveys, screenings, and data collection; participation in some physical screenings; and limiting the release of student information for purposes such as public directories, promotional purposes, or military recruiters. To learn more, visit charlottesvilleschools.org/scholastic-records.

More Questions?

We’ve tried to keep this calendar brief, but our website contains more, such as school policies, Virginia’s health insurance for students, and information about asbestos and water-testing.
To find our annual notifications, visit

Adult Education

We believe in lifelong learning! Several community resources can help you, from career skills to English lessons.

  • CATEC (Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center) catec.org or 434-973-4461
  • Thomas Jefferson Adult and Career Education at PVCC: pvcc.edu/tjace or 434-961-5461
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College:
    pvcc.edu or 434-977-3900.



Weather & Closings

  1. We use our notification system, School Messenger, to make weather announcements. Call your school if you do not receive notices or need to make changes.
  2. Visit www.charlottesvilleschools.org or check Facebook and Twitter at @CvilleSchools.
  3. Check local media stations.


CCS Directory of Services

Main Number: (434) 245-2400

All numbers begin with (434) 245-XXXX unless noted.


Adult Education @ PVCC

Alternative Education


Attendance Absence,
Call individual school; for CHS, call 2697


Building Maintenance
Call individual school or 2947

Call individual school

Career Counseling/Training
Call counselor


Child Abuse or Neglect

See box, above

Counseling Services for Students
Call school or 888-515-0595

Curriculum and Instruction

Custody Issues
Call school or 2405



Driver Education

Drug Use Prevention

English as a Second Language


Extracurricular Activities
Call school

Family Engagement

Food Services, Including Free Meals

Garden Education/City Schoolyard Garden (Cultivate Charlottesville)

General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Gifted Services



Health Insurance for Students

Health Services for Students
Call school or 2405

Home Schooling

Homeless Students

Human Resources

Libraries/Media Centers
Call school

Medicines at School
Call school or 2405

MLK Jr. Performing Arts Center


See school website

Call school

(Call 911 in emergency)
Call school or 2944

School Board


Spanish Telephone Line
2548  (voice mail)

Special Education

Technology (Instructional)

Call school or 2400

Call school or 2405


Se habla español

Si tiene preguntas acerca de las escuelas de Charlottesville, llame a nuestra línea telefónica en español al (434) 245-2548. Un profesor de español le devolverá la llamada.


Non-Discrimination Notice

The Charlottesville City School Board is committed to nondiscrimination with regard to sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, military status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law. This commitment prevails in all of its policies and practices concerning staff, students, educational programs and services, and individuals and entities with whom the Board does business. The Director of Human Resources shall act as the compliance officer for discrimination issues regarding employees and the general public under Title IX. The Director of Assessment and Accountability shall act as the compliance officer for discrimination issues regarding students under Title IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitative Act of 1973. Both compliance officers may be contacted at the administrative offices of Charlottesville City Schools, 1562 Dairy Road.