Draft Calendar for 2018-19

Draft 2 of 2018-19 academic calendar. Call 245-2962 with questions.Thanks for your strong response to our request for feedback about the draft 2018-19 academic calendar! Your feedback primarily raised two questions centered around half-days and winter break. Half-days are under discussion among the committee. As for winter break, please take another brief survey about two options for the holidays.

Image showing Dec-Jan calendar with two options for winter break. Both are two weeks. One starts Thursday, 12/19. The other starts Monday, 12/24.Comments about this year’s calendar:

  • Winter break: Based on community feedback, we are conducting a follow-up survey to see what break scenario is preferred. Two scenarios:
    • The last day of school before break should be Friday, December 21, and students should return to school on Monday, January 7. (Ten days marked below in gold.)
    • The last day of school before break should be Wednesday, December 19, and students should return to school on Thursday, January 3. (Ten days marked below in purple.)
  • Spring break: Our practice is to designate the first full week of April as our spring break. We are sometimes asked, Can’t you align spring break with U.Va.’s?   U.Va.’s spring break is typically at the beginning of March, which for K-12 students would make for a very long stretch without a break later in the spring. So while we recognize that this would be a good solution for U.Va. families, we feel that it doesn’t represent the interests of all our students and staff. Our 2016 survey of the initial draft indicated that a majority of respondents favored keeping spring break during the first week of April.
  • Half-days: Based on community feedback, one half-day has been eliminated in draft 2.
  • History about the calendar development: For over a decade, the Charlottesville and Albemarle County school divisions have worked together for a common calendar. A joint committee creates a draft calendar, and then we ask for input from students, teachers, administration, and parents. If necessary, the committee makes revisions to the draft before submitting a recommended calendar to the two school boards for approval.