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Bus Schedules for 2017

school-busThe City of Charlottesville Pupil Transportation is moving to a more accurate way of crafting bus schedules, but this has delayed the release of the bus schedule information. Thanks for your patience. These schedules will likely be modified a bit during the first weeks of the school year. Bus information will also be posted to PowerSchool accounts shortly (and will be removed from this web site). You can also receive schedules at your school’s open house.



Resources for Parents and Educators Following Charlottesville Rally on August 12, 2017

translation buttonThe joint superintendents and School Boards of Charlottesville and Albemarle County have created a message for our community: 

Joint Statement

Dear Members of our School Communities:

The events of this weekend were tragic beyond words and as such events always do, they extracted a heavy price.  A wonderful young lady was taken from us.  Two brave and devoted public servants also lost their lives.  Many of our neighbors suffered injuries and trauma and all of us are sharing in the pain.

One national television reporter asked how Charlottesville will now feel to have its name linked in memory to other cities and towns across our country that have suffered from unspeakable crimes against humanity.

How will we feel and what will we do?

The memory of this weekend’s events should survive as a community that responded forcefully in overcoming the darkest impulses of those who traffic in hatred, intolerance and brute force.

The message from Charlottesville to our nation must be stronger than ever before—that we are a community that values the safety of every person, the dignity of every resident, the respect of every background, the equality of every opportunity and the strength of every collaboration that promotes the common good.

As they should be, the values of our communities are found in our public schools.  Our schools, after all, are the source of our greatest dreams and aspirations for our children.  It is where we learn about the power of ideas, the importance of history, the strength of community and the right of every child to reach their highest potential.

Our schools are where we make acquaintance with civic responsibility.  The work we do in our schools must always bring to life our nation’s most sacred promise– “to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

There is no room in this sacred promise for hatred, racism, violence and intolerance.

The answer to the question from the national media about how Charlottesville will be known is that we will be known as the community that rededicated itself to the promise of America and to those ideals that define our nation’s highest calling.

We will be known as a community whose teachers and staff will continue to do what the best educators always have done—stand tall in modeling these American ideals in their work every day.

If you would like resources for discussing this matter with your family, we have compiled a list for your consideration below.

Dr. Rosa Atkins & Mr. Juan Wade
Charlottesville City Schools

Dr. Pam Moran & Ms. Kate Acuff
Albemarle County Public Schools

A Glimpse into How Our Staff is Moving Forward

This week has been hard, but as our teachers and staff have returned to school this week, we have tried to create space for processing. We want to support our teachers so that they can continue their amazing work of supporting our students. To see videos and pictures from our inspirational all-staff convocation, see @CvilleSchools on Facebook and Twitter.

Convocation Collage

Resources for Parents and Educators

A number of local agencies and national groups have created resources for family  discussions centered on race and/or community violence.

The following have been suggested by our school counselors as potential resources for your consideration. We recognize that this list is not complete, and that different families and teachers will find some links more useful than others.

All Ages

All Ages:

How Can Parents Help Their Children (following community violence)? (resources from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

How to Talk to Kids about Race and Books that Might Help (published on

How to Talk to Your Kids About Charlottesville (Age-appropriate fiction recommendations from the New York Times)

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Violence in Charlottesville (compiled by the L.A. Times)

Promoting Compassion and Acceptance in Crisis (tips compiled by the National Association of School Psychologists)

Tragic Events (Resources) (compiled by the Fred Rogers Company)

What Charlottesville Means for Our Black Family (essay published on

Young Children

Young Children:

After a Crisis, Helping Young Children Heal (tips from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Once I Was Very Scared. (picture book available as a PDF and also available in Arabic, Spanish, and Turkish). Author: Chandra Ghosh Ippen.  Piplo Productions.

A Terrible Thing Happened. (book for ages 4-7) Author: Margaret M. Holmes. Dalmation Press. Franklin, Tennessee.



Youth Resources for the Charlottesville Rally (compiled by the local organization Ready Kids)

For Educators

For Educators:
When School Starts… (teacher resources compiled by The Washington Post)

I’m a Teacher In Charlottesville. This is How I’ll Talk to My Students. (Washington Post)

Promoting Compassion and Acceptance in Crisis (tips compiled by the National Association of School Psychologists)

For curricular resources, educators can check with their principal, coach, and area coordinators.

Counseling Resources

Community Counseling Resources:

  • Child and Family Clinic (up to age 18)
  • Adult Clink (18 and older) 972-1800
  • Walk-in Clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays (can call ahead at 972-1800), 9am-noon

Open House Schedules


Come meet your teachers and see your classrooms! Open houses this year will be on Monday, August 21.  School starts on Wednesday, August 23.

Need a school supply list? Click here.

Wednesday, August 16

CATEC Open House is Wednesday, August 16, from 5-7pm

Monday, August 21

  • Elementary Schools: 1–3pm
  • Walker Upper Elementary: 3-5pm
  • Buford Middle School: 4-6pm
  • CHS: 5-7pm

Wednesday, August 23

First day of school. See school hours below.


Elementary: 8:00am to 2:30pm
Buford and Walker: 8:30am to 3:15pm
CHS: 9:05am to 3:50pm (with a one-hour delayed start on the 2nd Thursday of some months)



PowerSchool Open for Schedules, Registration, and More

Learn your schedule, complete back-to-school forms, and more!

translation buttonStarting August 14, you can log in or create your account to see teacher assignments or schedules, complete your back-to-school paperwork online, and more. Bus schedule information will be posted in PowerSchool beginning around August 19.

In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.
In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.

A personalized letter giving you information about your PowerSchool account (and other updates) was mailed the week of 7/31. If the letter does not contain codes, you already have an account and can log back in.  See letter for more information. If you did not receive a letter and you need codes for one or more student, call your school. If you have further trouble setting up your account, you can call 245-2943.

  • Link to PowerSchool
  • Sample letter in English (the letter with your family’s access codes is being mailed to your home)
  • Ejemplo de carta en español (la carta con los códigos de acceso de su familia ha sido enviada por correo a su casa)
  • Need to translate these instructions into another language?  Click “translate” in the upper right corner and translate this page (and the letter, below) into the language of your choice.

Dear families –

The school year is almost here! The first day of school is Wednesday, August 23, and open houses will be Monday, August 21. Here are some tips to help you get your family off to a good start.

On August 14, the online program PowerSchool will re-open so that you can learn your child’s teacher assignment or schedule, review your pre-completed back-to-school forms, customize how you hear from us, and more.

PowerSchool is an online tool to help schools, students, and families stay connected throughout the year. You can check grades and attendance and more (see below). Make sure all of your students are added to your parent account.

Returning PowerSchool Users: Log back in (on or after August 14), using your parent account (not your child’s). If you don’t remember your username or password, visit the log-in page for help. A link to PowerSchool is on the parent menu at the bottom of every page at To add a child, log in and click “Account Preferences,” then “Students,” then “Add.” Enter the student’s “access info” from the back of this letter.

New PowerSchool Users: See the back of this sheet for instructions & personalized access codes.

Teacher Assignments/Schedules
The earliest way to learn your student’s schedule and teacher assignment is to check PowerSchool when it reopens on August 14. We will mail letters later that week.

In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.
In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.

Back-to-School Paperwork Online
To quickly complete your back-to-school forms, log into PowerSchool and click on “InfoSnap” (or PowerSchool Registration). You’ll find a complete set of forms for your student, with most of the answers pre-completed for you. Simply edit previous info and answer the remaining questions. After you finish your first child, the program can “snap” updates into your remaining children’s forms. We recommend using a computer (not a phone) – you can visit a library, use your child’s school chromebook, or take advantage of school computers at open house. The online forms include everything except the application for free/reduced lunch.

For kindergartners and students who are new to Charlottesville City Schools, these forms are not required unless you need to update the information.

Free/Reduced Lunch
Look for a paper application in the mail. Medicaid-qualifying families and students at Clark, Jackson-Via, and Johnson do not need to complete this form since they automatically qualify for free meals.

Meal Account Balance Checks
This year, we have switched from “My School Bucks” to “My Payments Plus.” You can set up low-balance reminders with My Payments Plus, and for a service fee of about 4 percent, you can pay online. We plan to connect this service with PowerSchool, as well. For more information, see

Calls/Emails/Text Messages
Choose whether to receive calls, emails, or texts from the schools. Log into PowerSchool and click on Contact Manager at the left. Then click “Contacts” in a new screen. For your (first) child, click “Edit.” For each number or email you have, check the messages you would like to receive. Then click “Save.”

Bus Information
Bus routes will be mailed home with back-to-school information from your school.

Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube
For updates, follow us at @CvilleSchools! Many schools have accounts, as well.
Instructions for New PowerSchool Parent Portal Accounts

This letter will help you create a PowerSchool Parent Portal account so that you can get your teacher assignments, complete back-to-school forms, and view grades/attendance. You will need a letter for each of your children. (If you’re missing a letter, perhaps you already opened an account.) For assistance or an additional child’s codes, call 245-2943. Access IDs and passwords are unique for each student. You should keep this letter in a safe place.

Instructions to Open a New Account (see the letters mailed to your home for your personalized information)

  • Open an internet browser on your computer and direct your browser to may also find a link on the “Parents” menu at the bottom of every page of the Charlottesville City Schools web site at
  • Click the Create Account buttonA new screen will open. Parent’s information goes in the top section. You must give an email address.
    The parent or guardian chooses a username and password. Passwords must be at least 6 characters.
  • Children’s access information goes in the lower section.Use the Access ID and password from the letter or letters you received in the mail. Passwords are case sensitive and MUST be entered exactly as they appear above. If you have more than one child, you will receive more than one letter and should enter all children here.Remember to click Enter when you have finished entering all children.
  • Once you have completed the above, you will see this screen.  You can
    now use your new username/password to log in at: https://sis.charlottes- 
     (Or find a link at the bottom of our web site.)

To Add a Student to an Existing Parent Account:To add a child, log in and click “Account Preferences,” then “Students,”
then “Add.” Enter the student access data from the letter you received in the mail.


School Supplies Lists 2017-18

School-Supply-Lists2School starts August 23.  Now is a great time to get your school supplies!

Below are this year’s CCS school supplies lists.  Copies of these lists are available at area stores. If you have any questions, please call your school.

And if you need assistance getting school supplies for this year, contact your school counselor. People who registered for this year’s Back-to-School Bash can pick up their supplies at their school open house on Monday, August 21. (The Sprint Pavilion event on August 19 has been cancelled.)

School Supply Lists for the 2017-18 School Year:


Summer Reading at Charlottesville City Schools

Summer-ReadingReading never takes a vacation!  Make this important and fun activity a part of your summer.  Below is information about our summer reading programs.

Also, you and your family might enjoy meeting up with Books on Bikes, a group of Charlottesville City Schools teachers, librarians, staff, and even trained doggie pals as they make summertime deliveries of books and freezy-pops.

Summer Reading Recommendations and Information:

Buford students sharing their projects at the Making and Education Fair at American University.

School’s Out, But The Engineers Are In

Has anyone told the Buford engineers that school’s out?! This summer, they’ve already made presentations at U.Va. Curry School of Education, American University, and ISTE ’17 in San Antonio! (That’s the the annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education.) To learn more about their summer activities, follow @CCS_iSTEM on Twitter.


Back-to-School Paperwork Online! clipart

Online Back-to-School Forms with InfoSnap


The online service for doing returning students’ back-to-school forms for the 2017-18 year will be available on August 14. To access your forms, please log into PowerSchool and click on InfoSnap or (PowerSchool Registration).  (The buttom will look like this:

In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.
In PowerSchool, look for this button to do your online forms.

Need help logging into PowerSchool?

  • Current account users: there is a username and password retrieval tool on the PowerSchool login page. Make sure ALL your students are connected to your account (see the letter you received for codes).
  • New users: you received a letter with the codes and instructions you need to set up your account. Be sure to connect ALL your students to your parent account.
  • A sample copy of the information letter is here.

Are you a registering a new student?


Salt dough globes in the Burnley-Moran garden

Highlights and News | May 2017


Salt dough globes in the Burnley-Moran garden
Salt dough globes in the Burnley-Moran garden

May 9, 2017

Dear families,

Thanks to so many of you who have offered your ideas as part of our strategic planning process.  We have held more than 40 meetings in our schools and at community events with students, staff, parents, community members, and other stakeholders. Your feedback has been invaluable.

We now have a draft of the plan, focusing on academic excellence, safe and supportive schools, and organizational supports. At the heart of this plan is the idea that we are all learners — not only our students, but our teachers, staff members such as our bus drivers, and our families at home. We are growing and working together for the benefit of our community.

focus-areasWhat can you do?

This month’s newsletter focuses on the big ideas of our strategic plan and provides recent examples that support these emphases. If you see an item in this newsletter, you’ll know that our strategic plan says, “We want more of this.”

Thanks for partnering with us, today and in the future!

Rosa S. Atkins, Superintendent

Academic Excellence

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Learning will be equitable, centered on students, and develop life-ready graduates


We want to make sure that all of our students find success and opportunities in our schools and in life after school. 

Walker 5th-graders zumba for El Espectaculo!
Walker 5th-graders Zumba for El Espectaculo!

Special events celebrate our diversity, including Buford’s recent International Night or Walker School’s recent performance of ¡El Espectáculo!, the capstone project of our Elementary Spanish program. But more than specific programs or special events, we want to build a division-wide culture that values both differences and commonalities, every day.

Leah Puryear was recently elected to the CUBE steering committee
Leah Puryear was recently elected to the CUBE steering committee.

Charlottesville City Schools has been recognized as a model of excellence and leadership in an urban school division. Congratulations to School Board member Leah Puryear, who was recently elected to the national steering committee for the Council of Urban Boards of Education.

Naia Fairchild and Francis MacCall, homecoming queen and king. Photo courtesy ScimmagePlay.
Naia Fairchild and Francis MacCall, homecoming queen and king. Photo courtesy Scrimmage Play.

Another example of our commitment to supporting all our students is helping our students with special needs meet their goals and be a full part of our schools. We are delighted that, for instance, Naia Fairchild, the CHS cheerleading manager who has Down Syndrome, was elected homecoming queen this fall. If your child receives services, consider completing the Special Education Advisory Committee’s parent survey to help us serve you better. Join the SEAC’s mailing list to learn more about workshops or other programs that might benefit your family; to join, email

CHS students on a trip to DC to speak with representatives
Leadership opportunities for all, in the schools and in the community.

We are committed to providing leadership opportunities for all our students. For example, this year our immigrant and refugee students have earned a number of honors and leadership roles, from School Board rep to senior class president to peer mentor to City Youth Council member, and more.

3 AVID seniors participate in college 'Decision Day'
AVID seniors getting ready for “Decision Day.”

Students are building a bridge to a bright future, including our first-generation college students. Our AVID program strengthens study skills, guides students towards college-prep classes, helps students navigate the college admissions process, and more.  At the end of the day on May 12,  the CHS senior class will celebrate “Decision Day” with a bounce house and other fun ways to celebrate 13 years of hard work.  Congrats, class of 2017!

Preschoolers solving a puzzle
Preschoolers solving a puzzle.
Torain Braxton (R) and Trevon Jackson in A Raisin in the Sun
Torain Braxton (R) and Trevon Jackson in A Raisin in the Sun. Courtesy Lamia West ’18.

Early childhood education remains a priority. Charlottesville City Schools offers high-quality preschool for qualifying 3- and 4-year-olds who face economic challenges, need to learn English, require special services, or more. This investment — funded primarily with local dollars — yields big returns. In upcoming years, our leaders will consider whether a dedicated preschool facility could help us expand services and reduce crowding at our elementary schools.

As part of its sold-out production of A Raisin in the Sun, the CHS theatre program was highlighted in the Daily Progress for its commitment to choosing plays that welcome and include all our students.

Kindergartners choosing the engineering station during center time.
Kindergartners choosing the engineering station during center time.

Centered on Students:

We want to foster the unique talents and interests of our students, and we want students to “own” their learning by setting goals, making choices, and reflecting on their progress.

Student-centered learning looks different in various schools and classrooms. It can be as small as students choosing how to start their day (reading, drawing, or journaling). In some of our engineering and other classes, students can advance through a curriculum at their own pace.

Reece McKee winning 3rd in VA at Geo Bee.
Reece McKee wins 3rd in VA at Geo Bee.

Student-centered learning connects learners with resources to advance their own passions, such as Buford student Reece McKee earning 3rd place in Virginia for the Geography Bee. (Aidan Peters of Walker also qualified for the state competition!)

2017 Governor's School participants
2017 Governor’s School honorees.

Special, competitive opportunities like the Virginia Governor’s School help our students dive deep into areas of their own interest, from the arts to environmental engineering to a special NASA program (2 out of Virginia’s 12 slots were earned by CHS students this year)!  Congratulations to our Governor’s School honorees: Anna Bon-Harper, Sophia Greenhoe (alternate), Nadiya Khaydari, Maire Lee, Sydney Lewin, Risa Purow-Ruderman, Demetrius Ragland, and Jonah Weissman!

Lucas-Higgins-NSLIYSimilarly, for a second straight year, a CHS student has earned a competitive travel fellowship to continue studying Mandarin in China through a U.S. State Department-sponsored program. This summer Lucas Higgins will travel with the  National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y); last summer it was Santiago Padrón.

Nepalese students at Walker taking a Virtual Reality tour of their home country.
Nepalese students at Walker taking a virtual reality tour of their home country.

Using tech resources can make learning personal and relevant to students. Recently, Walker ESL students “visited” their home country of Nepal with virtual reality goggles.

Hosting student-led conferences (this year at Clark and Venable) was an excellent opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and share their progress with the parents and grandparents — some of whom joined in via Skype from as far away as Jordan!

CHS students prep pitches for the TomTom Festival's 'Pitch Night'
CHS students prep pitches for the TomTom Festival’s Pitch Night.

Clubs like BACON (Best All-around Club of Nerds) or classes like AVID can connect students with projects and that are student-led and personally meaningful, including the 2nd-place-in-Virginia Avoidcopter (a drone with avoidance capabilities) or proposals for social change pitched at the  TomTom Festival.

And a tried-and-true way to help students learn with passion (and excellence) is through the arts. Both the CHS and Buford orchestras were named grand champions of their respective regional competitions this spring (and won many other awards along the way). Congratulations to both groups and their directors!

Producing Life-Ready Graduates

Virginia’s new “Profile of a Virginia Graduate” focuses on abilities and traits that will prepare our students to succeed in life. These range from communication and “soft” skills to real-world problem-solving abilities to STEM literacy to workplace experiences and industry certifications.

Greenbrier students collect data, confer, and admire their STEM projects!
Greenbrier students collect data, confer, and admire their STEM projects!

Our new, locally developed iSTEM program continues to roll out hands-on, real-life projects that cross boundaries between “sciencey” subjects and areas such as art, history, and reading.   From solar ovens to wind turbines to working models of the human respiratory system (and much, much more), our students are applying their skills to the world around them.

Dental program at CATEC
Dental program at CATEC.

CATEC students model future-readiness for us in a variety of areas, from culinary arts to our new partnership with tech leader CISCO. Students can earn college credits, industry certifications, and valuable skills such as resume-building and interviewing.

CHS students get first-hand history
CHS students learn first-hand history.

Tapping into community resources is another way to help students learn to navigate their community and their futures. Field trips and guest speakers (both live and virtual) build connections and take advantage of the real world all around us.  CHS history students recently visited the Vietnam War Foundation and Museum in Ruckersville, sitting in a  Huey helicopter and gathering the oral histories of veterans.

Senior Elizabeth Valtierra represents CCS at the Sin Barreras Help Fair.
Senior Elizabeth Valtierra represents CCS.

When Charlottesville City Schools wanted to participate in the Hispanic Help Fair organized by Sin Barreras, we turned to the experts. Junior Marisol Rodriquez translated posters into Spanish for our booth, and senior Elizabeth Valtierra spoke en español y en ingles with the public who stopped by. What a great example of how our students can build communication and soft skills for the benefit of all!

Sixth-place CHS creative writing team.
Sixth-place CHS creative writing team.

Another sign of excellent communication skills: Congratulations to Ashley Clark and the CHS creative writing team! Ashley won 1st in Virginia for her short story! She plus Rachel Beling, Thomas Butler, Helen Gehle, Audrey Miller, and Qena Taylor earned 6th in VHSL creative writing.

And still more recognition of our students’ communication skills in a variety of media…. The VR film produced this year by Theatre CHS students was screened at the San Francisco Film Festival. Aleena Haidari won the Charlottesville Area Bar Association’s essay contest on the 14th Amendment, and her sister Waheda Haidari was a finalist in the Virginia War Memorial’s World War I art contest. Congratulations to all!

Safe and Supportive Schools

Our learning communities will foster social, emotional, mental, and physical wellness

Charlottesville City Schools has made a strong commitment to healthy habits and strong communities. There’s more to be done, but here are some examples of what we’re already doing to foster a well-rounded sense of wellness.

Virginia Tiered System of Supports Graphic Showing the Relationship Between Systems, Data, and Practices
The components of Virginia Tiered Systems of Support.

Positive school culture is supported by the ongoing division-wide implementation of Virginia Tiered Systems of Support, or VTSS.  VTSS recognizes that students’ academic performance and behavior are closely aligned, and it calls for a division-wide framework for supplying quick, consistent responses to students’ academic and behavioral needs.  Within the VTSS framework,  a program called Positive Behaviorial Interventions and Supports (PBIS) promotes community, celebrates good behavior, and deepens relationships.  More information is available on our web site.

Turkeys, chicks, ducks, pigs, and Burnley-Moran bobcats.
Turkeys, chicks, ducks, pigs, and Burnley-Moran bobcats.

elementary school children doing puzzles blindfoldedOur school counselors foster social-emotional health in a variety of ways. They offer classroom lessons, such as guiding blindfolded partners to solve jigsaw puzzles at Walker. They sponsor clubs and groups such as the Walker Peace Squad or the Jackson-Via Bully-Nots. And they work with teachers to form peer mentoring groups, such as the CHS Link Crew. Wrapping up its first full year, the Link Crew trains selected CHS 10th-12th graders to help their crew of new 9th-graders have a smooth first year of high school.


Books on Bikes rode in this year's Dogwood Parade
Books on Bikes rode in this year’s Dogwood Parade.

Relationships (and reading skills) can deepen even during the summer through our teachers’ and librarians’ Books on Bikes program! The BoB team visits neighborhoods in the summer to deliver free books, popsicles, and smiles. (A therapy dog even makes the rounds!) Join them for their summer kick-off bike parade on June 10!

garden_BME_FBWhen we speak about the wellness benefits of City Schoolyard Gardens, do we mean nutrition, exercise, or the mental health benefits of working in the garden? All of the above, and much, much more.

March 2016 Harvest of the Month was local salad greens! Painting by Mackenzie Baumgarten
“Local on the Line” lunches featured local salad greens! Painting by Mackenzie Baumgarten.

Our nutrition program has won awards for its commitment to nutritious, healthy foods, but there is always room for improvement. Working with the Local Food Hub, parents, and student focus groups, Nutrition Director Carlton Jones has been making plans for the future. Our new “Local on the Line” program supplies local foods (such as strawberries or salad greens, at left) in monthly menu items.

Jackson-Via students working together on floor
Jackson-Via students working together on floor.

While gym and recess are very important, physical wellness is bigger than that. Throughout-the-day movement also comes from simple things like students working eye-to-eye on the floor or heading outside to create a calculus problem on the slope of a hill outside CHS.

Clark students getting shoes at Ragged Mountain Running Shop.
Getting new shoes (eventually) for Girls on the Run! Courtesy Ryan Kelly, Daily Progress.

Clubs and special events also support physical health, such as the family 1-mile color run that the Burnley-Moran PTO recently sponsored, or the Girls on the Run program at our schools. The Clark Girls on the Run recently got treated to running shoes at Ragged Mountain Running Shop thanks to support from Girls on the Run Board President Frank Grosch and the Piedmont Housing Alliance.

12-0 CHS boys' soccer vs Western Albemarle. Courtesy Scrimmage Play/Bart Isley.
12-0 CHS boys’ soccer vs Western Albemarle. Courtesy Scrimmage Play/Bart Isley.

Athletics is a big part of the movement and physical wellness picture. The CHS boys’ soccer team has racked up 12 wins and no losses so far(!!), but beyond wins and losses, sports build fitness, relationships, and leadership. Girls’ tennis is also having a strong season, including a quarter-final win in conference play. Go Black Knights!

Our school spaces also support safety and learning. This year, our schools have seen the installation of clear exterior door signage (to aid responders in case of emergency), front door-locking management, a visitor screening system, and more. Aside from security, we want our facilities to support creativity, teamwork, and other 21st century skills, and we’ve been working with the always-supportive City of Charlottesville  to create a funding stream for such improvements.

Organizational Supports

ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORTS: Systems and supports that enable staff and students to thrive

In many ways, these organizational supports make possible our goals for  academic excellence and safe and supportive schools.

IMG_5370-with-wordsAt the top of the list is great employees. It’s clear from our feedback groups that our community values the expertise and warmth of our teachers. Just this month, Laurel Bradley was honored as Z95’s teacher of the month (nominated by her student, at right), and CHS counselor David Wilkerson won the Colin Powell Award from Our Community Salutes! And this week, teachers from all of our schools will receive the Better Living Golden Apple Award. This year’s honorees include Melvin Grady (Buford), Jessica Powley (Burnley-Moran), Brian Kayser (CHS), Ashley Riley (Clark), Amy Jones (Greenbrier), Lisa Utz (Jackson-Via), Lorena Caballero Bower (Johnson),  Michael McCrory (Lugo-McGinness Academy), Nicole Driggs (Venable), and Samantha Pagni (Walker). Congratulations to all!

Hayley Gomez Paula Gladieux GBR
Book Buddy volunteer at Greenbrier. Courtesy Ryan M. Kelly/Daily Progress.

Of course, staff doesn’t not work alone — we’re grateful to have the support of community partners and volunteers. This year, our Book Buddies literacy tutoring program will celebrate its 25th year on May 10 at the Jefferson School City Center.  This program was created in the Charlottesville City Schools and has subsequently spread across the state and nation,  building both literacy and valuable relationships.

Kindergarten open house at Venable. Courtesy Andrew Shurtleff/Daily Progress.
Kindergarten open house at Venable. Courtesy Andrew Shurtleff/Daily Progress.

For a second year, families with children entering kindergarten were invited to complete their registrations online.  Online forms and streamlined processes help all of us focus on learning.

Digital-Schools-Award_smOur educational programs will increasingly rely on a robust network and technological supports.  This spring, Charlottesville City Schools was nationally honored for integrating technology in support of innovative curriculum and improved student learning. The Center for Digital Education (CDE) ranked Charlottesville as top-10 winner (#5 among mid-sized divisions) in its 2016-17 Digital School Districts Survey Awards.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming events include:


  • Book Buddies 25th Anniv. ReceptionMay 10, 4pm – 5pm, Jefferson School City Center
  • Walker/Buford Chorus ConcertMay 10, 7pm – 8pm, Buford Auditorium
  • Strategic Plan Community Update, May 11, 5:30pm, CHS Sigma Lab
  • 2017FestofCulturesPostcardFestival of CulturesSat, May 13, 10am – 4pm, Lee Park
  • Stage Left Theatre presents Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, May 18, 6:30pm, Buford
  • CHS Dessert TheatreMay 19-20, 7pm with Sat matinee at 3pm
  • Walker Band Spring ConcertsMay 19, 6:30pm – 9pm
  • CHS Saturday Academic InterventionMay 13, 9am – 12:30pm
  • CHS Saturday Academic Intervention for SeniorsMay 20, 9am – 12:30pm, B-Commons
  • Walker Band Instrument Selection NightMay 23 & 25, 5pm
  • CATEC Completers Ceremony, May 24, 7pm
  • No School (Memorial Day), May 29
  • Buford Band Concert, May 30, 7pm, Buford Auditorium

students in caps and gowns after graduationJune

  • School Board MeetingJune 1, 5pm
  • Minds in Motion Performance with Richmond BalletJune 1, 7pm, MLKPAC
  • 8th Grade DanceJune 2, 7pm – 10pm, Buford
  • Senior Awards CelebrationJune 7, 7pm, MLKPAC
  • CHS graduationJune 8, 7pm, John Paul Jones Arena. Free and open to the public.
  • Half-Day (Last Day of School), June 9
  • Books on Bikes Summer Bike Parade, June 10, 9:30am, Clark School (Belmont side)

Curious about next year’s calendar? Add it to your Google calendar (or find a pdf here)!

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Strategic Planning logo

Strategic Plan for 2017-2023

Strategic Planning logoIn May 2017, our School Board adopted a new strategic plan to guide our schools through the year 2023. This plan was created out of nearly 50 meetings with parents, students, employees, community members, and more. We are excited about our goals for academic excellence, safe and supportive schools, and organizational supports. Please read on to learn more about the plan and about how we’ve already begun to advance these ideas for the benefit of our community.


For More Information:

Jeff Faust,
Beth Cheuk,
(434) 245-2962