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Buford Return to Learn: Let's Get Started

Some Buford Students Return to School Monday

Dear staff and families–

This is just a word to say how excited we are to begin the process of bringing students back to school in person on Monday. If you have questions about this process, I hope you will reach out to your teachers or schools or visit our website.

As a reminder, on Monday, we’ll welcome back PreK-grade 6 students who have chosen in-person instruction. In grades 7-12, we will initially bring back invited students who have already been contacted to arrange morning supports.

Changes to Buford/CHS Plan

Per a Board vote last night, we will revisit our hybrid model at Buford and CHS and will craft a plan for families to choose whether their child will return in person beginning on April 12. Buford and CHS will follow up with families with details about their revised plans and an intent form.

We know that our Board has faced difficult decisions under rapidly evolving circumstances and changing perspectives from students, families, and staff. We and the Board are committed to listening to all voices and working together to meet the needs of our students and community.

Thank you for your support and patience. Enjoy the weekend, and sleep well on Sunday night as we prepare to launch a new chapter.

Dr. Rosa S. Atkins

Bus Routes and Other Information for In-Person Students

CHS has invited 350+ students to return for morning supports to help them with their afternoon online classes. We are eager to welcome students back and are working on additional ways to bring students together and meet their needs. Please read this page for useful information for students returning for morning supports.

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ترجمة؟ انظر الزاوية اليسرى السفلى.

Bus Information

Bus Schedules

New Safety Practices for In-Person Instruction

Review Safety Practices Here

Daily Routines

Image of CCS student daily health screening questions. Click for PDF.
Click image to find the PDF of the Daily Health Screening Questions for Students

I will do a daily health screening before my child leaves for school. The screening checks temperature plus other symptoms/ risk factors. See screening tool here.

Proper mask-wearing (over the mouth and nose) is required at all school-related sites unless my child receives permission (such as to eat or take a mask break). If my child requires a medical or developmental exception, I will supply documentation to the school.
In addition to mask-wearing, other school health routines such as social distancing, hand-washing, assigned seats, and health screenings will be in place.

Schools are limiting visitors. Family will be asked to drop off and pick up students (and any needed materials) outside the building.

Children will be going outside for outdoor learning as much as possible. I can let the school know if my child needs any inclement weather clothing.

Students will not share food or equipment such as a microwave.

Students Showing Symptoms/Possibly Exposed

I agree to keep my child (and any siblings) home from school if:

  • They or any close contacts are showing COVID symptoms.
  • They or any close contacts are waiting on COVID test results.
  • They or any close contacts have tested positive for COVID.
  • They or anyone in their household have been asked to quarantine

If my child shows symptoms or gets exposed at school, I will make arrangements for the child and any siblings to be picked up/return home ASAP (within an hour).

If my child has exhibited symptoms or been asked to quarantine, my child and all siblings will stay home from school until cleared by a doctor (or until the recommended period has elapsed — usually 10 days for a COVID diagnosis and 14 days for a quarantine).

Schools may need to shift certain students, classrooms, schools, or even all Charlottesville City Schools back to online learning for a period of time.

Transportation/Arrival at School

COVID Bus Protocols. Click image to go to Google doc.
COVID Bus Protocols. Click here or top of image to go to Google doc.

If your child has been assigned a spot on the bus:

  • My child will ride the bus regularly and will be picked up and dropped off at the same assigned location.
  • At the bus stop and on the bus, I will support bus safety practices such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and assigned seats.
  • When boarding the bus, my child will be screened for fever or symptoms and will use hand sanitizer.
    • For students in PreK-grade 6: I agree that a designated adult will wait with my child until they have been screened so that if they show symptoms at the bus stop, the child and all students in the household can return home with the adult. (Designated adult does not need to be a family member.) Adults, please help us by wearing a mask and practicing COVID safety.
    • For students in grades 7-12: I understand that if my student shows symptoms at the bus stop, my student will be directed to return home. The school will attempt to contact parents/guardians.
COVID Protocol for Arrival at School. Click image to go to Google doc.
COVID Protocol for Arrival at School. Click here or top of image to go to Google doc.

If your child is not on a bus:

  • My child will be screened for fever or symptoms and will use hand sanitizer upon arrival at school.
  • If I am driving children to school, I agree to wait until the health screening is complete and will assume responsibility to take home all the children in my car if any child I am driving displays symptoms. Children may be screened in the car.
    • For walkers/bike riders in PreK-grade 6: if my child displays symptoms, I agree to arrange pick-up of my child and any siblings within an hour.
    • For walkers/bike riders/self-drivers in grades 7-12: if my child displays symptoms, I agree to arrange for my child and any siblings to be picked up or to return home on their own within an hour.


Illustration of handshakeCharlottesville City Schools is committed to teaching the skills that will keep us all safe. However, if your child or family struggles to uphold these safety commitments, for the safety of your child and our school community, we may reassign your child to virtual learning or family-supplied transportation.

Thanks for your partnership as we plan for a safe return to in-person instruction!

Ready to Sign the Agreement?

Safety Agreement Form for In-Person Instruction

Formulario español

Image of CCS student daily health screening questions. Click for OCR PDF.
Daily Health Screening Questions for Students

Print-ready Versions of Key Documents

New Information about Meal Deliveries (Updated Routes)

More Information

Important News about Spring Assessments

Please read this letter to find important information about upcoming student assessments. Families, it contains a link to a form for you to complete. Thank you!

March 1, 2021 — Updated March 2

Dear Buford Families:

Springtime is always a busy time of any school year — even during a pandemic.  Among many things, spring is the time that we  take a measure of what students have learned throughout the year.  Over the next few weeks, students will take several assessments that will give us a measure of what content and skills students have gained throughout the school year.

Virtual (At-Home) MAP Testing
On March 10 and March 11, all students will take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment:  the Math MAP test will be on March 10, and the Reading MAP test will be on March 11.  This assessment will be administered virtually during the school day.  Please click on this link for the daily schedule on those testing days. 

In-Person SOL Testing on Two Different Days
Between March 22 and April 1, 8th grade students will take the Grade 8 Writing SOL.  This assessment is designed to measure students’ writing and grammar skills in two testing components: multiple choice and a short paper. This assessment will be given at Buford, in-person.  While state testing must occur in a face-to-face format, COVID protocols and procedures will be followed within the testing environment.  Students will be testing in small groups, no more than 10 per classroom, and face masks must be worn at all times.  

Form For Families to Complete
To assist with planning for students to return to the building for testing, we ask that families provide information regarding transportation to and from school, and whether or not students will participate in taking the Standards of Learning tests.  Please complete this form by Friday, March 5, indicating your preferences.  Students will be assigned two (2) testing days:  one during the week of March 22-26 for multiple choice, and another during the week of March 29- April 2 for the short paper.  This will be communicated to students, families, and teachers at least one week prior to testing.  If your student cannot attend on their assigned day, please let me know so they can be scheduled on a different day. If you have more specific questions regarding SOL testing and participation, please contact me directly.

If you have any questions regarding the MAP or Standards of Learning testing, please contact me at 434-245-2411.


Pamela Davis
Assistant Principal

School Board Updates graphic

Notice of Electronic School Board Meeting

School Board Updates graphicOn Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. the Charlottesville City School Board will hold a regular meeting via Zoom in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act §2.2- 3708.2 (A) (3).  The meeting agenda can be found on the Board’s Electronic School Board website.

How can the public participate in a Virtual School Board?
  • Address the Board on any issue involving the school division by emailing
  • Livestream (view only) on Facebook.
  • Livestream (with live comment) by joining the meeting via our Zoom webinar.
    • This option is required if you wish to address the Board during opportunities on the agenda (comments from members of the community).
    • *Register in advance for this webinar:
    • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
    • The webinar confirmation will include dial-in telephone numbers for those who wish to participate via phone.
Buford academic advising info graphic

Academic Advising Information for Rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders

Buford academic advising info graphicBuford Middle School hosted an Orientation and Curriculum Information Session for both rising 7th graders and 8th graders on February 3 via Zoom.  Miss the session? Check out the presentations, below. Call your counselor with any questions.