Charlottesville High School Graduation Rate Hits All-Time High of 96.4% in 2021

Charlottesville High School’s already-high four-year graduation rate hit an all-time high of 96.4%, surpassing the state rate of 93%. Similarly, the school’s 2021 drop-out rate of 2.2% was well below the state’s (4.3%). For three years, Charlottesville has maintained rates that are among the highest in the state, especially among cities. 

“We are so proud of our students, families, and staff members who have worked so hard to stay connected and make progress throughout the pandemic,” noted Acting Superintendent Jim Henderson.

The school’s graduation rate tops the state’s averages in every category, as shown below. For instance, the CHS rate for English learners was nearly 13 points higher than the state.

  • 100% (CHS) vs 98.5% (VA) of Asian students
  • 93.8% vs 90.8% of Black students
  • 96.5% vs 89.2% of economically disadvantaged students 
  • 90.1% vs 77.2% of English learners
  • 90.2% vs 85.1% of Hispanic students
  • 97.1% vs 90.7% of students with disabilities
  • 100% vs 95.1% of students of multiple races
  • 99.2% vs 95.3% of white students
“Congratulations to our students and the teachers, staff, and families who supported them from preK or kindergarten until they crossed the graduation stage. Our school counselors, social workers, and senior mentors deserve a lot of credit. And we also want to thank the Joint PTO for their generous financial assistance that directly supported some of our seniors,” added CHS Principal Eric Irizarry.

The school’s percentage of students earning advanced diplomas rose 9 points and exceeded the state’s (60.9% vs 52.8%). This rate improved for certain groups — for instance, over 2 years, the percentage of Charlottesville’s black students who earned the advanced diploma has risen 11.5 points, growing from 25.5% in 2019 to 31.9% in 2020 to 37.0% in 2021. This year’s advanced diploma rate for Black students at CHS nearly matches Virginia’s rate of 37.4%. This year, 48.8% of CHS’s Hispanic students earned the advanced diploma, compared to 39% for the state.

Dr. Irizarry concluded, “Obviously, last year was not the senior year we or the students wanted, but our students showed resilience and persevered. We can all learn from the Class of 2021. Go Black Knights!”