Charlottesville Schools Fully Accredited for 2017-18

GrpGraduatesThe Virginia Department of Education has published its 2017-18 accreditation ratings on its website, and 100 percent of Charlottesville City Schools met the state’s accreditation standards, compared with 86 percent of schools statewide. Out of 132 divisions in Virginia, Charlottesville is one of just 65 divisions that presently have all their schools fully accredited. Accreditation is based primarily on Standards of Learning (SOL) test results.

“We’re delighted that our schools have all achieved accreditation for the 2017-18 year based on success on the state’s SOL tests,” said Director of Student Achievement Dr. Kendra King . “We have traditionally excelled on these tests. However, these tests are just one indicator. We have a much broader scope of what excellence looks like for our learning communities, and we are always wanting to improve. We are less interested in this school-wide measure (and its associated pressures to meet arbitrary pass rates) than in meeting the needs of all our students.”