CHS Hours and Bell Schedule

Hours and Bell Schedule for CHS


Standard Bell Schedule (may vary)

CHS Bell Schedule

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  • Alternative Schedules:

    One-Hour Delays for Professional Learning at CHS

    Approximately five or six times a year, CHS will have a delayed start for high school students on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  School will still end at the usual time of 3:50pm. This delayed start gives staff members who teach the same subject a chance to meet together for planning and collaboration.


      • Classes start at 10:05am and end at 3:50pm on delayed-start days
      • Find the revised bell schedule here
      • No early morning/zero period classes on those days (and that time will not be made up after school)
      • A supervised study hall will be available from 8:30-9:45am for students who need to arrive early
      • Bus and breakfast schedules are delayed by one hour
      • No other Charlottesville Schools are impacted
      • Check the CHS calendar for the latest information about which months will feature the delayed start