UVA student plays game with Clark kindergartener.

Clark, Walker students “kid-test” UVA Engineers’ designs

Kindergarteners and fourth graders from Clark Elementary visited the engineering design lab in UVA’s Rice Hall to put UVA’s first-year engineering students’ designs to the test.

UVA Professor Reid Bailey tasked his students with designing educational games and devices that would teach children about science, technology, engineering, and math.  The designs ranged from a marble railway counting game to a JENGA-like game to learn fractions. One of the crowd favorites was a cornhole-like game based on the popular game “Minecraft” where participants earned cannonballs (black hacky sacks) to knock down castles by answering math questions.  See photo gallery here.

UVA student engineers test designs with Walker 5th grade students.Meanwhile other UVA Engineering students from Professor Gregory C. Lewin’s engineering courses  visited Walker Upper Elementary School for a full day of design tests with fifth-grade students. The designs were interactive educational activities that aligned with STEM SOLs. The activities covered topics like food webs/energy transfer in ecosystems, the seasons and phases of the moon, the solar system, potential and kinetic energy, the symbiosis between bees and flowers, and trophic layers in the oceans. See photo gallery here.


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