Communications logos: You can customize how you receive messages from us

Control How You Receive School Messages

communications2Parents can customize how they receive messages from Charlottesville City Schools.  We use a service called “School Messenger” that can send phone calls, emails, or texts. For instance, you can get a text about attendance…. an email with evening announcements… or a call at work in case of emergency.

Changes about Attendance Notifications (April 10, 2016)

Charlottesville City Schools will be changing the times at which we notify parents and guardians of student absences. Beginning April 11, we will first notify families at or around 10am.  A second notification will be sent at 5pm.  If a parent or guardian contacts the school about an excused absence before 10am or by the end of the school day, those messages will not be sent. At Buford and CHS, the attendance messages will include which periods the students missed. Please contact your school if you have any questions.