Equity Overview

Equity Overview

Every Learner. Every Day. Everyone.

Charlottesville City Schools serves 4,500 students who are economically, racially, and ethnically  diverse, and we want all of them to succeed. This is made possible by a culture of respect, high expectations, and mutual support.

We’ve come a long way in helping all of our students grow:

  • Our on-time graduation rate for African-American students has grown by 25 points since 2006;
  • At CHS, our African-American enrollment in honors classes has grown 29 percent since the 2015-16 school year.

    demographics shown in circle graph
    2018-19 student demographics
  • Our students have elected a wide variety of their peers as class presidents, homecoming queens, School Board reps, and other key positions. Recent leaders and honorees have included students from many racial and ethnic groups, special needs students, and immigrants and refugees;
  • Our AVID program sends first-generation college students to U.Va., Howard, and many more top universities.

Even so, we see persistent achievement differences — often along lines of race and socioeconomic status — in areas such as standardized testing, diploma type earned, enrollment in advanced classes, and more. We are committed to addressing these disparities. What are we working for? Education equity, when all children receive what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential.

Additional Links

  • On October 16, 2018,  ProPublica and The New York Times published an article about educational disparities in Charlottesville City Schools. To learn more about our response to the article and to further explore the issues raised by the article, click here.

Graphic: Every Learner. Every Day. Everyone.