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Meal Delivery Updates, Daily Bus Routes, and Free/Reduced Lunch Application

We are offering free meal delivery or in-person meals for all students. This page gives information about what you need to know.  

Two important notes!

  1. We need meal delivery volunteers — starting this week! As we return to in-person instruction, some of the staff members who have been helping are returning to their main jobs at schools. Openings have been updated for Mondays-Fridays. Sign  up here! Thank you!
  2. Meal Routes will change Monday, March 8.  The return of in-person instruction will mark changes on Mondays- Thursdays to our meal delivery routines. (Fridays will remain the same.) New information is presented below, followed by the current information (which will become the “Friday” information starting the week of March 8).


General Meal Information

Illustration of lunch tray with foodEven after we shift to in-person instruction, we’ll  have weekday deliveries, Monday through Friday for virtual students or students who aren’t in school that day. To-go meals are also available by reservation at schools (see below). For students attending in-person instruction, we will also be serving meals at school (no reservation necessary).

Deliveries will follow limited routes on Monday-Thursday and full routes on Fridays. Each delivery  or to-go bag contains a free hot lunch or sandwich and a breakfast bag for the next morning.  Meals are available to all children up to age 18/CHS. Please see the below routes and delivery locations.  These routes are subject to change. Also, see information below about Virginia’s Pandemic EBT card benefits for those who are approved for free/reduced meals.

New Monday-Thursday Delivery or Meal Pick-Up Information (Starts Monday, March 8)

Monday-Thursday Routes for Meal Deliveries; for Friday, see below

School Pick-Ups of To-Go Meals

Families may order student meals a day in advance to pick-up from any school via this on-line form. If a child is attending school in person, there is no need to request a meal in advance. This form is to request school pick-up of to-go meals for students who are virtual or who are not at school that day.

Request to pick-up a to-go meal at a school

Route 1

10:43-10:48  Hazel St @ Gillespie Avenue
10:55-11:00 St. Clair Avenue @ St. George Avenue
11:03- 11:08 Holmes Avenue @ Elizabeth Avenue
11:18-11:28 Michie Dr Entrance to Hearthwood
11:33-11:38 2204 N. Berkshire Rd
11:45-11:55 Rivanna Ave @ Forest St (2nd corner, near 1115 Forest)
12:00-12:07 Venable (Gordon Av)
12:10-12:20 Hardy Dr (Community Center)
12:30-12:35 Monte Vista @ Middleton

Route 2

10:45-10:53 Cherry Avenue @ Hanover St
10:55-10:59 7th St @ Dice St
11:02-11:12 2nd St @ Friendship Ct
11:05-11:15 Clark School on Belmont Av
11:20-11:30 Carlton Av @ Nassau St
11:38-11:45 Rougemont Av @ Meridian St
11:52-11:57 6th St SE @ Rougemont Avenue
12:00-12:10 1st St S @ Lankford Avenue
12:15-12:25 Prsopect Av @ Greenstone Apt
12:30-12:35 5th St SW @ Cleveland Avenue

Daily Lunchtime Routes  Now In Place (These Become the “Friday” Routes  the Week of March 8)

Daily Bus Routes/Locations for Meal Deliveries until 3/5; Then these are Friday Routes


  • Greenstone
  • Hardy Drive
  • Michie Drive
  • Friendship Court
  • Jackson-Via
  • Walker (this location is primarily for YMCA learning center, but area students can contact the Walker cafeteria at 434-245-2437 by 9am to arrange pick-up)
  • Buford (this location is primarily for Boys/Girls Club learning center, but area students can contact the Buford cafeteria at 434-245-2429 by 9am to arrange pick-up)
  • CHS (area students can contact the CHS cafeteria at 434-245-2430 by 9am to arrange pick-up)

Route 1

11:30 AM Cherry Avenue @ Hanover St
11:40 AM 7th St @ Dice St
11:50 AM 6th St @ Bolling Av
12:00 PM Elliott Av @ Burnett St
12:15 PM Bailey Avenue @ Orangedale Avenue
12:30 PM 806 Prospect Av

Route 2

11:30 AM 6th St ST @ Altavista Avenue
11:32 AM 6th St SE @ Rougemont Avenue
11:45 AM 1st St S @ Lankford Avenue
12:00 PM Ridge St @ Brookwood Drive
12:10 PM 5th St SW @ Cleveland Avenue
12:20 PM Camiella Dr @ Garden Dr
12:25 PM Monte Vista @ Middleton
12:30 PM Sunset Rd @ Stribling AV

Route 3

11:30 AM Nicholson St @ Bennett St
11:45 AM Holmes Avenue @ Elizabeth Avenue
12:00 PM St. Clair Avenue @ St. George Avenue
12:07 PM Hazel St @ Gillespie Avenue
12:12 PM Meade Ave @ Meade Park
12:20 PM 323 Riverside Avenue

Route 4

11:30 AM Wayne Avenue @ Cedar Hill Rd
11:40 AM 2204 N. Berkshire Rd
12:00 PM Rose Hill Drive @ Madison Avenue
12:05 PM Forest St @ Concord Avenue
12:15 PM Rose Hill Dr @ Charlton Av
12:30 PM Venable Elementary @ Gordon Avenue

Route 5

11:30 AM Christ Episcopal Church (2nd St side)
11:45 AM Monticello Av @ Tufton Av
12:00 PM Carlton Av @ Nassau St
12:10 PM Rives St @ Hampton St
12:20 PM Rialto St @ Druid Av (back of park)
12:30 PM Rougemont Av @ Meridian St


Illustration of formsTake advantage of the PEBT Benefit — Apply for Free/Reduced Meals for the 2020-21 School Year


2020-21 Free/Reduced Meal Application

2020-21 Free/Reduced Meal Policy

  • All students up to age 18/CHS will receive free meals during the 2020-21 school year, but families are still encouraged to apply to qualify for P-EBT benefits (see below) and  avoid any issues later.
  • Virginia is extending is Pandemic EBT card benefits for those who have been approved for free/reduced meals. Find information here.
  • Menus and more info can be found on the Charlottesville Schools Nutrition Web Site.


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