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Neighborhood Meal Delivery During Closure

Spring Break Food Update (April 6-10)

Flyer about food availability during spring break. All information is on the web page ( Call 245-2962 with questions.During Spring Break, we recommend the following resources to our families:

  • Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry (
    • Location:   2050 Lambs Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901, near Albemarle High School
    • Hours:
      • Saturday (April 4) 10am-12pm
      • Wednesday (April 8) 2pm-4pm
      • Thursday (April 9) 6:30pm-8:30pm
      • Saturday (April 11) 10am-12pm
    • Register: Please use this form to register so that Loaves & Fishes can prepare appropriately
  • Charlottesville Food Justice Network (
  • Description:  The Charlottesville Food Justice Network is partnering with CCS to provide meals during spring break when the schools will be closed. There will be five delivery sites on Monday and Wednesday and two meals shared each day prepared by local restaurants, Pearl Island andThe Charlottesville Food Justice Network is providing spring break meals. On Monday and Wednesday 4/6 and 4/8, pick up f rom 11-1 at Friendship Ct, Greenstone on 5th, Hearthwood, S. 1st St, or Westhaven. Friday pick-ups 12-1. Food pick-ups at Loaves & Fishes Thrusday night 6:30-8:30 and Sat 10am-noon. Call 434-260-3274 with questions. Mochiko Cville.
  • Locations:
    • S. First
    • Friendship Court
    • Greenstone on 5th
    • Hearthwood
    • Westhaven
  • Hours:
    • Monday (April 6) 11am-1pm
    • Wednesday (April 8) 11am-1pm

Thanks also to the Salvation Army, and PBJ Fund for the ways they are serving our families during this time.

Charlottesville City Schools’ food deliveries will be back at our usual times and locations on Monday (4/13) and Wednesday (4/15).  See below for delivery locations and times.  Have a safe spring break!

photo of two pears with hearts cut out. Courtesy Unsplash/Esther Wechsler

Weekday Meal Delivery at Locations Throughout City, 11am-noon

Charlottesville City Schools is delivering breakfast/ lunch bags to children up to through CHS. The Monday/Wednesday deliveries will be available from the hours of 11am-noon at locations throughout the city.  Families can go to the location that is closest to them. Parents are not required to be present in order for their child to receive a bag, but it is helpful since children will be carrying multiple days’ worth of food — bring an adult or at least a backpack.

We are required to follow federal guidelines for food delivery. Therefore:

  • Each bag is designed to serve  one school-aged child for several days
  • One bag per child age 18/CHS and under — the child must be present to claim the bag
  • If your child cannot come to the site, let your server know
  • One bag per child per delivery day (though bags will contain multiple days’ worth of food)

Food Delivery Sites and Routes (with two new stops)

Food Delivery Sites and Routes

These sites are subject to change as we learn more about what works best. Last updated: 03/26/20 at 4:15pm


Monday and Wednesday (children will receive multiple days’ worth of food).

Six stations will offer hour-long service in one location:

  1. Charlottesville High School – 1400 Melbourne Ave
  2. Friendship Court – 418 Garrett St
  3. Greenstone on 5th – 746 Prospect Av
  4. Hearthwood Apartments  – 2111 Michie Drive
  5. Jackson-Via Elementary School – Parking Lot / Bus Loop 508 Harris Road
  6. Westhaven – 801 Hardy Drive

Five buses will make routes through other neighborhoods throughout the city:

  1. Route 1 (Johnson Area)
    • Stop 1 11:00 AM 6th St SE @ Bolling Avenue
    • Stop 2 11:15 AM Elliott Avenue @ Burnett St
    • Stop 3 11:30 AM Cherry Avenue @ Hanover St
    • Stop4 11:45 AM Bailey Avenue @ Orangedale Avenue
    • NEW: Stop 5 11:55 AM 806 Prospect Ave
  2. Route 2 (Jackson-Via Area)
    • Stop 1 11:00 AM 6th St SE @ Rougemont Avenue
    • Stop 2 11:15 AM 1st St S @ Lankford Avenue
    • Stop 3 11:30 AM Ridge St @ Brookwood Drive
    • Stop 4 11:45 AM 5th St SW @ Cleveland Avenue
  3. Route 3 (Burnley-Moran Area)
    • Stop 1 11:00 AM Nicholson St @ Bennett St
    • Stop 2 11:15 AM Holmes Avenue @ Elizabeth Avenue
    • Stop 3 11:30 AM St. Clair Avenue @ St. George Avenue
    • Stop 4 11:45 AM 323 Riverside Avenue
  4. Route 4 (Venable Area)
    • Stop 1 11:00 AM Wayne Avenue @ Cedar Hill Rd
    • Stop 2 11:10 AM 2204 N. Berkshire Rd
    • Stop 3 11:25 AM Rose Hill Drive @ Madison Avenue
    • Stop 4 11:35 AM Forest St @ Concord Avenue
    • NEW Stop 5 11:40 AM Rose Hill Drive @ Charlton Ave
    • Stop 6 11:45 AM Venable Elementary @ Gordon Avenue
  5. Route 5 (Burnley-Moran and Clark Areas)
    • Stop 1 11:00 AM Meade Avenue @ Meade Park
    • Stop 2 11:15 AM Carlton Avenue @ Nassau St
    • Stop 3 11:30 AM Rives St @ Hampton St
    • Stop 4 11:45 AM Rougemont Avenue @ Meridian St.

Volunteer Information: NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR 3/23 AND BEYOND

Illustration of an adult hand helping a child hand

We have a need of volunteers for Monday, 3/23 and beyond.  Volunteers should arrive at CHS (1400 Melbourne Rd) at 10am to help load (lifting required of most volunteers). They should be done by  12:30pm.  Monday/Wednesday deliveries. Thanks to CIty Schoolyard Garden for their assistance with this effort.

Safety note to volunteers: buses are sanitized nightly. Volunteers are limited to allow for safe distances during transportation.

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