graphic of CHS graduation announcement, June 4, 2020 7pm on Facebook

Graduation 2020

Charlottesville City Schools proudly celebrated the 285 Charlottesville High School graduates in our 2020 Charlottesville High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony video on June 4, 2020.

Links to Cap and Gown Portraits from “Victory Lap” Event

These beautiful portraits  may be downloaded for free thanks to CHS photography teacher Rachel Wilson!

2020 CHS Graduation Excerpts Quick Links

Full Video and Details

Details about Graduation Video , Victory Lap, and Senior Celebrations

A first for the city schools, the virtual graduation experience not only included the traditional elements expected of a typical high school graduation such as student speeches and the presentation of graduates, but it also include scenes from the unique Victory Lap event held on May 14 and 15, student musical performances and members of the CHS Orchestra, and a few surprises that surely inspired the community.

“We hope that these alternate plans for graduation show that we love our young people,” said Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins. “We have pulled out all the stops to honor this year’s senior class. Despite the challenges our country is facing, these graduates deserve to be celebrated.”

CHS Principal Dr. Eric Irizarry added, “I am so proud of these students. They have modeled resilience in the face of challenges, and we believe this video pays tribute to their spirit and community.”

The graduation video can also be seen on, the Charlottesville City Schools YouTube channel, and Comcast Channel 14. (The City will reshow the program weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 p.m.)

In addition to the virtual graduation, CHS grads have been celebrated in the following ways: featured in The Daily Progress’s annual graduation section featuring area graduates, provided with annual senior t-shirts, presented with specially-designed CHS lawn signs for families to display in honor of their grads, and honored in several social media campaigns to support and recognize each member of the class and their plans beyond high school. Seniors will receive their diplomas in the mail later this summer.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

The Victory Lap event, this graduation video, and other senior celebrations have been a labor of love — but still a labor!

  • Thanks to the division-level graduation planning team: Rosa Atkins, Beth Cheuk, Aaron Eichorst, Jim Henderson, Eric Irizarry, Gertrude Ivory, and Krissy Vick.
  • The CHS-level graduation planning team: David Becker, Teresa Bryant, Will Cooke, Ryan Devlin, Jason Hackworth, Stacey Heltz, Eric Irizarry, Rodney Redd, Laura Thomas.
  • Other CHS and CCS staff who played a role:
    • Nathan Alexander for painting our incredible mural!!!
    • David Becker for stage design and set-up
    • Beth Cheuk and Krissy Vick for graduation video, social media love, portraits hung at Victory Lap
    • Will Cooke for stage-setting and organization of speakers and Austyn Nowell
    • Laura Thomas for creating the graduation program and assisting with music
    • Maddie Bryant, Emily Cookson, Jessica Genovese, Brandi Underwood, and Liz Wachter for assistance gathering senior portraits, checking names, and more
    • Carol Freeman, Hannah Dowdy, SE Hart, Brianna Hill, Melanie Key, David Wilkerson for assistance in encouraging and tracking our seniors as they crossed the finish line to graduation!
    • Hannah Helm and The Chain photographers for supplying yearbook photography
    • Kevin Martin for accounting help,
    • Terrell Mumford for stage videography assistance,
    • Rodney Redd as graduation stage emcee and DJ
    • Matt Shields (with Jack Timmons ’19) for aerial photography,
    • Dave Stipe for audio engineering,
    • Liz Wachter for the great Decision Day video and so much more,
    • Rachel Wilson for portrait photography,
    • Teachers who contributed old photos, especially Crystal Beasley, Beth Gehle, and Leslie Hunter.
    • SO MANY CHS and CCS teachers, staff, and Board members for cheerleading and general assistance
  • Other community members and organizations who played a role:
    • Our student speakers and musicians! The following students participated in the “Pomp and Circumstance” ensemble:  Alice Owen, Jamila Pitre, Elisabeth Scharf, Amara Green, Schuyler Barefoot, Ben Brantley, Koran Klubock-Shukla, Eli Chancey and Reid Dodson, and Sara Meyer; Schuyler Barefoot produced that segment.
    • Lori Shinseki, who edited our beautiful video!!!!!!! And also her son, Jack Heaphy ’20  for his production feedback and help gathering photos and videos!
    • Preston Willett of CBS 19 for his generous assistance tracking down and supplying film
    • CBS 19, The Daily Progress, NBC29 for photo and video
    • Michael Cheuk for Victory Lap general photography and Thea Cheuk for graphic design
    • Casey Eriksen for stage design and set-up assistance
  • If we forgot you, please let us know! Email Please blame our heads, not our hearts.

Victory Lap Event (Walk the Graduation Stage on May 14-15)

Families, thanks for participating in our Victory Lap!  This drive-through event featured school-related selfie stations, and it finished with seniors walking across the graduation stage documented by a professional photographer and videographer for our graduation video. Find several photo albums on Facebook!

CHS senior celebrations graphic, showing 3 CHS seniors


Senior Surveys

Part of your Final Steps at CHS is to fill out two Senior surveys.These surveys are filled out every year by CHS graduates. They help give information for our counseling, CTE, and College advising departments. Please complete these surveys here:  &

Decision Day Virtual Event

Thanks to Ms. Liz for this lovely experience!. Follow @BKN2college on Instagram.