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Academic Contacts

Academic Contacts

Adult Education

Carol Coffey (PVCC),  961-5461,

Alternative Learning and Career/Technical Education (Lugo-McGinness Academy)

Jill Dahl, 245-2406,

Assessment Data

Dr. Beth Baptist, 245-2400,

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination

Jeannie Pfautz, 245-2421,

Career and Technical Education

Beth Baptist, 245-2400,
CATEC, 973-4461


Patrick Farrell, 245-2666,

English and Language Arts

Stephanie Tatel, 245-2489,

English as a Second Language (K-12 ESL Program)

Jeannie Pfautz, 245-2421,


Denise Johnson, 245-2955,

Fine and Performing Arts 

Aaron Eichorst, 245-2671,

Gifted Education

Jeannie Pfautz, 245-2421,

Health, P.E., and Family Life

Jessica Brantley, 245-2400,

Instructional Coaches

Dr. Katina Otey, 245-2400,

Interventions and Supports (Virginia Tiered Systems of Support [VTSS] and Positive Behavorial Interventions and Supports [PBIS])

Patrick Farrell, 245-2666,


Katie Plunkett, 245-2415,


Carolyn Swift, 245-2422,

Preschool and Family Support

Sheila Sparks, 245-2797,

Professional Development Facilitator

Paula Culver-Dickinson, 245-2418,


Dr. Nigel Standish, 245-2667,

Social-Emotional Learning

Patrick Farrell,  245–2666,
Jodie Murphy, 245-2652,

Social Science and History

Alicen Brown. 245-2826,

Special Education

Pattye Leslie, 245-2660,
Rachel Rasnake, 245-2664,

Technology Integration

Pat Cuomo, 245-2400,

Virtual Education

Jessica Brantley, 245-2717,

World Languages

Alicen Brown. 245-2826,

Administrative Contacts

Administrative Contacts

Payroll Services

Alyson Seay-Woodward, 245-2952,


Tony Shifflett, 245-2949,

Community Relations

Beth Cheuk, 245-2962,
Amanda Korman, 245-2922,

Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Katina Otey, 245-2400,

Data Management Information Systems

Patrick Moctezuma, 245-2914,

Facilities, Safety, and Operations

Jason Lee, 245-2400,

Family Engagement

Bianca Johnson, 245-2405,

Federal Programs

Patrick Farrell, 245-2666,

Finance and Budget

Kim Powell, 245-2400,

Human Resources

Beth Baptist, 245-2400,


Nutrition Services

Carlton Jones, Administrator, 245-2830,

Sandra Vazquez, Coordinator, 245-2808,


Kim Powell, 245-2400,

Student Services and Achievement

Dr. Beth Baptist, 245-2400,


Pat Cuomo, 245-2400,

Title I

Patrick Farrell, 245-2666,

Transportation (Operated by the City of Charlottesville)

City of Charlottesville, 970-3532