School Health Services

School Health Services

School health services are provided as a safety net for children. The goal is to promote a healthy learning environment. School nurses work with, and as a complement to local primary providers by encouraging students to seek and maintain appropriate life-long wellness care with a practitioner of their choice.

Direct services to students are offered in the following categories:

  • first aid for accidents and/or sudden illness
  • storage, dispensation, and accountability for prescribed medications
  • adherence to state mandates for student immunizations and physical exam requirements
  • carrying out mandated screening programs for hearing and vision
  • assisting students to manage ongoing health issues so they can be successful in school
  • monitoring and containing actual or potential spread of communicable illnesses and infestations

What Services do School Nurses Provide?

What Services do School Nurses Provide?

The office of the school nurse is equipped with basic first aid supplies to cover minor injuries and discomforts and allow students to continue with their school day uninterrupted.

Professional nursing staff in the offices provide assessment and decisionmaking for more extensive medical issues, then either call a parent, assist a child to contact their health care provider, or call the rescue squad depending upon the urgency of the need.

Nurses administer routine medications to students whose parent/guardian has signed a permission form and brought in the medication.

School nurses provide these basic services to students:

  • Provide teaching about growth and development, human physiology, and common medical issues to students who request information.
  • Suggest typical comfort measures for common health complaints
  • Make recommendations for students to seek additional medical care
  • Make referrals, communicate with health providers, and facilitate appointments for health care
  • Administer prescribed medications as ordered
  • Help students manage chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and sickle cell disease in the school setting
  • Assist parents to navigate the health care system on behalf of their children
  • Perform mandated vision and hearing screenings
  • Monitor and contain communicable diseases and infestations at school
  • Monitor adherence to state immunization requirements for new and returning students
  • Address health and safety planning for field trips

School Nurses

Elementary Schools Nurse Phone
Burnley-Moran Wanda Stump 245-2484
Clark Amy Charron 245-2516
Greenbrier Anne O’Connell, Ellen Muller 245-2415
Jackson-Via Marcia (Dee) Bell 245-2565
Johnson Amy Peltier 245-2852
Venable Amy White 245-2883
Upper Schools Nurse Phone
Walker Kathy Jones 245-2909
Buford Roynetta Jackson 245-2446
CHS Ann Sandridge 245-2631
Division-wide Gary Chovan 245-2631

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