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Hospital Education Program at UVA Children’s Hospital

Hospital Education Program at UVA Children’s Hospital

Patient works with staff.
Teacher Deborah Johnson and Principal Eric Johnson play a math game with a patient.

Charlottesville City Schools is proud to oversee the educational programs at the University of Virginia’s Children’s Hospital, a partnership with the Virginia Department of Education.

The program serves patients (aged 0-21) at the UVA Children’s Hospital, helping students stay on track academically and emotionally through resources such as personalized instruction, a media center, and an art therapy program. For school-aged students, our hospital educators serve as the link between the family, the hospital staff, and the student’s home school (wherever that school may be).

Learn more about the Hospital Education Program at U.Va.’s Children’s Hospital.

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portrait of Eric JohnsonEric Johnson
Principal/Director, Hospital Education Program
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