COVID school supplies (mask, hand sanitizer, books, pens, apple)

Information and Agreement for In-Person Instruction

COVID school supplies (mask, hand sanitizer, books, pens, apple)Please review our safety routines for in-person instruction for the 2021-22 school year (see below). An agreement to follow the schools’ COVID safety protocols is part of each student’s registration or re-registration form. Safety practices are subject to change according to guidance from groups like the CDC or according to new best practices.

If you have any questions about these routines and how they apply to your student(s), please check with your school.

New Safety Agreement for In-Person Instruction

Daily Routines

Image of CCS student daily health screening questions. Click for PDF.
Click image to find the PDF of the Daily Health Screening Questions for Students
  1. I will do a daily health screening before my child leaves for school. The screening checks temperature plus other symptoms/ risk factors. See screening tool here.
  2. Proper mask-wearing (over the mouth and nose) is required at all school-related sites unless my child receives permission (such as to eat, to take a mask break, or when outside for recess). If my child requires a medical or developmental exception, I will supply documentation to the school.
  3. In addition to mask-wearing, other school health routines such as social distancing, hand-washing, assigned seats, and health screenings will be in place.
  4. Schools are limiting visitors and volunteers. Family will be asked to drop off and pick up students (and any needed materials) outside the building.
  5. Children will be going outside for outdoor learning as much as possible. I can let the school know if my child needs any inclement weather clothing.
  6. Students will not share food or equipment such as a microwave.

Students Showing Symptoms/Possibly Exposed

"What to do in common COVID situations." Click to find PDF.
Click image to go to Google doc “What to do in common COVID situations,” a guide for families and staff.
  1. I agree to keep home or bring home my child (and possibly their siblings) if:
  • The child is showing COVID symptoms, waiting on COVID test results, or has been diagnosed with COVID. (Also keep home or pick up any unvaccinated siblings*).
  • The child has close contacts who are waiting on COVID test results or who have tested positive for COVID (The exposed child stays or goes home*; siblings can continue going to school).
  • *If the student/staff member is fully vaccinated and symptom-free, they can attend school when close contacts either show symptoms or have suspected/diagnosed COVID.

2. If my child displays symptoms or gets exposed at school, I will make arrangements for the child to be picked up/return home ASAP (within an hour). In the case of a child showing symptoms, all unvaccinated household members should also go home.

3. If my child has exhibited symptoms, my child and all unvaccinated siblings will stay home from school until cleared by a doctor (or until the recommended period has elapsed — usually 10 days for a COVID diagnosis and 14 days for a quarantine).

4. Schools may need to shift certain students, classrooms, schools, or even all Charlottesville City Schools back to online learning for a period of time.

5. By having my student participate in in-person learning, I am giving permission for the Blue Ridge Health Department (BRHD) and the schools to exchange information for contact tracing. (One example would be  BRHD notifying the schools if a student or student’s household member has been exposed/diagnosed with COVID, or vice versa.)

Transportation/Arrival at School

COVID Bus Protocols. Click image to go to Google doc.
COVID Bus Protocols. Click here or top of image to go to Google doc.

If your child has been assigned a spot on the bus:

  • My child will ride the bus regularly and will be picked up and dropped off at the same assigned location.
  • At the bus stop and on the bus, I will support bus safety practices such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and assigned seats.
  • When boarding the bus, my child may be screened for fever or symptoms and will use hand sanitizer.
COVID Protocol for Arrival at School. Click image to go to Google doc.
COVID Protocol for Arrival at School. Click here or top of image to go to Google doc.

If your child is not on a bus:

  • My child may be screened for fever or symptoms and will use hand sanitizer upon arrival at school.
  • If I am driving children to school, I agree to wait until any health screening is complete and will assume responsibility to take home all the unvaccinated children in my car if any child I am driving displays symptoms. Children may be screened in the car.

For all students arriving at school:

  • For students in PreK-grade 6: if my child displays symptoms, I agree to arrange pick-up of my child and any unvaccinated siblings within an hour.
  • For students in grades 7-12: if my child displays symptoms, I agree to arrange for my child and any unvaccinated siblings to be picked up or to return home on their own within an hour.


Illustration of handshakeCharlottesville City Schools is committed to teaching the skills that will keep us all safe. As you review these commitments with your student, please understand that these practices are designed to promote the safety of your child as well as all those in our school community.

Thanks for your partnership as we plan for a safe return to in-person instruction!

Signing Your Agreement

Parents/guardians agree to these safety routines as part of the Registration forms (new students) and Re-Registration Forms (returning students).

Print-ready Versions of Key Documents/ Documentos importantes en español listos para imprimir


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