7th graders learn about medical careers at “Inside UVA Medicine”

Seventh graders participate in hands-on learning at UVA School of Medicine and School of Nursing.Buford seventh graders recently visited the University of Virginia School of Medicine and UVA School of Nursing for the 5th annual “Inside UVA Medicine” event.

The field trip introduced middle schoolers to various careers in the UVA Health System from nurses and doctors to engineers, computer programmers, and emergency techs.

Seventh graders from Buford Middle School visit the Medical Simulation Center at UVA School of Medicine.Buford School counselor Joshua Epps said, “This was an amazing trip that allowed scholars the opportunity to explore careers in the field of medicine and reinforced the message that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.”

During their visit, students toured the Helipad, CT room and participated in a hands-on experience in the simulation center where they learned about blood pressure and pulse readings among other things.

Photo credits: Sheena Washington