Important Info

January 8 Update for Families

Important Info

The following message was shared with staff and families on January 8, 2021.

Dear Staff and Families–

We’re writing with an update to the timeline for online learning, as well as several other important updates about:

  • next year’s draft academic calendar, 
  • next year’s budget development, 
  • Tuesday’s forum on school safety, and 
  • a reminder about the importance of applying for free/reduced meals for fee waivers.


At the January 7 School Board meeting, the Board voted to postpone the possible return of additional students to in-person learning until March 8. This date is tentative depending on a review of COVID data at Board meetings in February.

As a reminder, here is the overview of the plan they are recommending, with all phases tentatively set to begin on March 8:

  • A return to in-person instruction for those preK-grade 2 students who selected it.
  • A return to in-person instruction would be offered for students in grades 3-12 who are most in need (for example, ESL students, special education students, or students who have been struggling with attendance, engagement, socially-emotional wellbeing, or other.
  • At Buford and CHS, the plans for in-person instruction have now been redesigned to maintain the current structures for virtual learning. For example, at CHS, in-person students would receive in-person support during teachers’ morning office hours. (Office hours will also remain available for virtual students).
  • As COVID numbers improve, we would look at the possibility of returning more students to in-person learning. Again, as another example at CHS, one possibility is to use Fridays to offer events for students whose classes benefit from hands-on activities such as urban gardening, engineering, or fine arts.
  • Finally, to allow teachers to set up their classrooms and prepare to shift modes, each school would have one fully asynchronous week during January (timed at the principal’s discretion).
  • Schools will be in touch with families of students in grades 3-12 to give clarity about whether students would have an immediate option for in-person learning. For any families of preK-grade 2 students who need to make a change in their selection based on these revised plans, please contact your school.

To learn more about these revised plans, you can review the slides presented at the December 17 Board meeting. We appreciate your ongoing patience as the division and the Board try to balance the competing priorities of safety and student learning and well-being.


Finally, we know your children may have ongoing questions about the Capitol riot. We have provided additional resources for our teachers, and here are links to two family guides:

Take care and have a good weekend!