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Lugo-McGinnessLugo-McGinness Academy is a small, non-traditional academy that serves Charlottesville City Schools students in grades 8-12. Students may self-select or be referred for admission to the program.

More about Lugo-McGinness

Students attending the academy are offered personalized learning through blended and face-to-face instruction, small class size, field trips, Student Leadership Council, recreational basketball, a library, a gym, and a small garden. Lugo-McGinness Academy operates with four core expectations: (1) Be here, be ready; (2) Be respectful; (3) Be responsible; and (4) Maintain personal space. Along with curricular offerings and an academic program, the academy provides a supportive, trauma-responsive environment to meet students’ social and emotional needs.


Lugo-McGinness Academy provides a  trauma-informed educational setting that promotes community and academics through supports that lead to students’ personal and academic growth.


Lugo-McGinness’ main goal is to help students reach their academic goals by providing a supportive and nurturing educational setting. Through the use of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, student services, and a staff of highly-qualified teachers, students leave Lugo-McGinness Academy prepared to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

Students Served

Students enrolled at Lugo-McGinness Academy may be referred by:

  • Charlottesville High School or Buford Middle School administration
  • Charlottesville City Schools’ Associate Superintendent
  • Parent or self-referral
  • Charlottesville City School Board

Services Offered

Academic services offered:

  • Individualized programs of course work
  • Credit recovery
  • Graduation acceleration
  • Work experience/ vocational training
  • Comprehensive counseling
  • High school diplomas

Student support services offered:

  • Behavior Intervention Specialist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Student success coaching offered by National Counseling Group
  • Regular field trips to locations such as Wildrock

Need immediate help?

If you need to reach someone immediately for crisis support for your child and it is after-school hours or you do not get an immediate response from school staff, please call one of the numbers below.

Community Based Crisis Supports:

  • Region Ten Emergency Services (24 hr): 434-972-1800
  • National Suicide Hotline (24 hr):  1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Region 1 Mobile Crisis Line (M-F 12-7:30pm): 1-800-970-5897
  • Ready Kids (24 hour hotline): 434-972-7233
  • Crisis Hotline for Teens (24 hr): Text HOME to 741741
  • LGBTQ+ Youth Support Line/Side by Side: 1-888-644-4390  (Ages 14-20)
  • Immediate crisis: call 911 or go to the hospital

Program History

After a long history of alternative education, Charlottesville City Schools moved the program to a new, renovated facility in 2014.  At that time, the program was renamed Lugo-McGinness Academy in honor of Alicia Lugo and Rebecca F. McGinness, two longtime Charlottesville educators, community leaders, and child advocates.  Alicia Lugo attended Charlottesville schools during segregation and then graduated from Hampton University. She returned to Charlottesville, where she taught and then served eleven years on the Charlottesville City School Board, including five years as board chair.  Also a Charlottesville native, Rebecca Fuller McGinness attended Hampton and taught at the now-closed, then-segregated Jefferson School for more than forty years. Both women set a high standard of excellence which the faculty and staff of Lugo-McGinness strive to achieve.

Program Administrator:

Mrs. Jill Dahl
341 11th St. NW
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 245-2406