graphic for Walker Electives Options 2019-20

More elective options for Walker students in 2019-20

After gathering feedback from student interest surveys, parent requests, and focus group input from previous years, Walker School is expanding its master schedule for 2019-20 to accommodate two elective choices for students in the 2019-20 school year.

While the current schedule limits students to one elective, this change allows them to choose two elective options; one of the electives must be a fine arts course option which includes band, orchestra, general music, or art. The second elective choice can be an additional fine arts course, Spanish, or a proposed Pre-Engineering class (level I for 5th graders and level II for 6th graders).  Sixth grade students will also be able select Spanish I for high school credit with honors option.

“We are keeping all of the offerings we currently have and will also offer a new Pre-Engineering elective approved by the School Board,” said Principal Adam Hastings. “This change allows us to capitalize on our division-wide areas of strength by continuing our tradition of excellence in fine arts and giving our students an option for a deeper experience in STEM education.”

graphic of flowchart showing Walker elective options for 2019-20