Welcome showing Clark logo, Mr. Marini, and Ms. Eddy

Muggsie Marini and Juanita Eddy Named New Leaders of Clark School

Welcome showing Clark logo, Mr. Marini, and Ms. EddyJuly 1 Update

As you know, Mr. Muggsie Marini will be the new Clark principal, and today we’re happy to announce that the assistant principal will be returning star Juanita Eddy. Ms. Eddy formerly served as assistant principal at Clark before returning for a few years to the classroom. Among many other skills and qualities, her knowledge of Clark as a teacher and administrator will help make her a great partner to Mr. Marini.  Please check your email or the website for some important reminders. Have a great day!


June 28 Update

Dear Clark staff and families–
I’m writing with an update about Clark School, the school where I started my career! 

I’m pleased to announce that your new principal will be Mark “Muggsie” Marini, a current assistant principal at Walker School. Mr. Marini has been at Walker since 2018, and previously he held various responsibilities in Albemarle County Public Schools, among others. He has earned degrees and licensure from James Madison and the University of Virginia.

At Walker, Mr. Marini has been a leader in instruction, technology, innovation, and equity. His career experiences prepare him well in disciplines from language arts to science to special education. He has offered leadership in Walker’s systems of tiered supports for students, and has led programs in areas such as restorative justice and mediation. Above all, he has built lasting relationships with colleagues, families, and students.

Mr. Marini’s first day at Clark will be July 13. We invite your family to come meet Mr. Marini for Popsicles on the Playground on July 14 from 3-6pm. Drop in anytime that afternoon to come meet your new principal!

Jim Henderson
Acting Superintendent