Online Learning Tips

As we approach the end of the first quarter on November 6, we wanted to offer some tips and information for staying on top of online learning. (Thanks to our friends at William Monroe High School for sharing this list!)

  1. Time Management. It is important that students stay up to date with assignments.  Putting off work until later has a tendency to compound the problem and becomes overwhelming for students to catch up.  Using the weekly agenda to see assignments for the week has proven to be beneficial. Be on the look-out for more help and tips from CHS.

  2. Procrastination. Many students are “saving” the workload for one day and then realizing it’s too much. Virtual students should be spending 45 minutes per day per subject.  These timeframes are the minimum. Classes such as DE and AP may be more demanding.

  3. Teacher Emails. You can expect teachers to respond to your questions within 24 hours after you contact them Monday thru Friday.

  4. Grades. Official grades are stored in the Powerschool Parent Portal, which is now connecting properly with Canvas.  Families, if you do not have a login, please contact the front office for this information.  All students can log in with their user name (the first part of their email address) and password to monitor their current grades. While assignments can be viewed in Canvas, official grades are in PowerSchool.

  5. Attendance. Attendance is still being recorded and it is essential that your students are attending zoom meetings and completing work. Students need to log in to all their classes on  Fridays for their asynchronous work.  Please contact the front office with student absences daily.

Need to check in with a teacher? Email or send a Remind message.

Need Canvas help? Visit our Canvas page for information, videos, and more.

  • Note: on the calendar view in Canvas, students can see that completed assignments are crossed off, but the observer does not see the items get crossed off. For observers to see this information, click on the assignment. It will take you to a screen with submission details.