Students on climbing wall at Johnson Elementary.

PE classes develop variety of cognitive, physical, and social skills

Students on climbing wall at Johnson Elementary.Lately, the Johnson gym has been all about climbing walls and overcoming obstacles. Students are building up their physical and emotional strength with fun and challenging games that build strong bodies and develop great sportsmanship, kindness, and perseverance. Students have explored ways to be active indoors during cold and wet weather and challenged themselves to eat more fruits and veggies whenever possible.

Physical Education class is an incredibly important part of school life where students learn cognitive, physical, and social skills. Thank you for encouraging and supporting your children as they continue to develop into the healthiest and strongest version of themselves. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you’d like to share please email (, call, or come see me.

-adapted from December edition of Johnson School Specials Newsletter, written by physical education teacher Kelly Walters.