Y Street youth volunteers at CHS

“Rev your Bev” campaign encourages better hydration

Rev Your Bev Day hydration station
“Rev Your Bev Day” hydration station encourages students to “Make a Splash” with healthy hydration.

Y Street, the award winning volunteer group of the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, recently sponsored “Rev Your Bev Day” at more than 700 schools across the state, including Charlottesville High School.

About 10 CHS Y Street Youth hosted a hydration station during lunches where students could learn more about the benefits of drinking water rather than sugary soft drinks, take a survey and then taste-test waters flavored with fruit and other natural ingredients. The first choice, “Orange Crush,” was a blend of water, sliced oranges and vanilla extract, while the second option, “Lemon Rasberry,” blended lemon slices, whole rasperries, and fresh mint leaves in seltzer water.

Y Street youth volunteers at CHS
Y Street students Ashlyn Cherrix, Abbey Tackett, and Jamez Lynch.

Sponsored by Charlottesville Schools PE Coordinator Jessica Brantley, Y Street also holds other awareness campaigns throughout the year to promote active, nutritious, tobacco-free living. Club leaders Ashlyn Cherrix and Abbey Tackett attended a Y Street Youth Summit recently to learn more about leading the program at CHS.

Cherrix said they plan to offer hydration stations year-round where students can fill up their cups or water bottles with water throughout the school day.

For more on “Rev Your Bev Day,” see the CBS19 news coverage here.

About Y Street

Founded in 2004, Y Street is the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth’s teen volunteer
group for high school students. Y Street youth work on obesity and tobacco-use prevention
campaigns, as well as campaigns such as Rev Your Bev and Share The Air, to help promote a healthier Virginia. Y Street members have worked on public health issues with top government officials, including the U.S. Surgeon General and Virginia’s Governor, Attorney General, and First Lady. For more information, visit www.YStreet.org.