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young boy with a helmet walking a bike he has ridden to schoolThe Program

As part of the Virginia Safe Walk to School Program, the City of Charlottesville is working to improve the safety of families walking and bicycling to school.  Be on the lookout for new projects including improvements to or additions of sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, bike lanes, and other facilities near Charlottesville City schools!

Activities and Programs Plan

children holding hands as they walk into the Greenbrier Elementary School buildingThe Charlottesville Activities and Programs Plan looks at how students currently bike or walk to school, and how they could do so in the future. The plan’s vision for fun, safe, and active travel to school was developed with the ideas and experience of citizens, educators, school administrators, as well as health experts and bicycling and pedestrian advocates.  It has been endorsed by the City Council and Charlottesville School Board and been given final approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Virginia Safe Routes To School LogoFor specific questions about walking or riding a bike to your local school, “Walking Wednesdays” or other school-wide programs, please call your school. 

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