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School Closing Information for Charlottesville City Schools

School Closing and Snow Day Information

image of a snowflakeCreate your “Snow-Day Plan” Early

Decisions on schedule changes are made after careful study of the best information available from weather services and Charlottesville Public Works. Safety is our first concern.

When do we decide?

  • Morning announcements will be made by 5:30 a.m. whenever possible.  Sometimes we can announce a decision the evening before.
  • Early-release decisions will be made by 10:30 a.m. whenever possible.

Where we announce school closings:

When schools are closed for the day:

  • CLASS and EDGE programs are cancelled.
  • All activities are cancelled unless otherwise indicated.

When schools are opened late:

  • CLASS will NOT operate the before-school program at Walker when schools open late.
  • Offices will open on a delayed schedule.
  • Morning field trips are cancelled.
  • Early-morning (zero period) classes at Buford and CHS are cancelled.

When schools are closed early due to worsening weather:

  • Students will be fed lunch before being put on buses, if possible.
  • CLASS and EDGE will NOT operate the after-school program when school is dismissed earlier than regular dismissal time.
  • All activities are cancelled unless otherwise indicated.