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Parent Communications and School Messenger Instructions

communications2Parent Communications and School Messenger Instructions

School Messenger is a notification system that delivers voice (“robocalls”), e-mail, and text messages. It allows families to customize how they receive school messages.

School Messenger is used for:

  • announcements and updates
  • attendance messages
  • closing updates. This includes early-morning calls to ALL FAMILIES unless you customize your settings (see below)
  • emergency announcements.

The system relies on accurate telephone numbers and email addresses. Please log in to check your contact information and set your preferences for receiving messages.

Instructions to Customize Your Message Settings

Follow these instructions to change contact information and preferences for Charlottesville City Schools messages and alerts.

PowerSchool Login1. Login to PowerSchool. Usernames and passwords are sent home by mail and/or in your child’s backpack. If you don’t have login information, please call 434-245-2943 to have it sent to you. (For login assistance in Spanish, call 434-245-2548.)


2. Click on “Contact Manager” in the lower left corner.

Power School screen shot showing Contact Manager link in lower left corner

3. Click on “Contacts” in new screen.Contacts for Messages

4.  For your (first) student, click “Edit.”School robocalls5. This screen shows the various types of messages and your numbers/emails. For each phone or email, simply check the messages you would like to receive. SchoolMessenger options

6. A few more things:

  • You can add numbers or addresses – for yourself, for babysitters, or others.
  • If “save to all contacts” is checked, all your students will be updated at once.
  • At least one contact method must be selected for the two emergency categories.
  • If the system contains incorrect numbers or email addresses, please call your school.
  • Once you are satisfied with your selections, click “save” (lower left).
  • Then simply close the window and log out of PowerSchool.

Common Problems/Solutions

  • If you don’t see the Contact Manager option when you log in to Power School, perhaps you are logging in to your student’s account. To get your parent log-in information, call 245-2943.
  • If you get an error message when you click on the Contact Manager, perhaps your user login contains a space or another special character. Within Power School, you can change this under “Account Preferences.”
  • If you need additional assistance, email