Walker Orchestra

Spring Performances and Events at Cville Schools

Charlottesville City Schools has a full menu of opportunities to enjoy the fine arts for all ages this spring!


5/1 (Tuesday) Johnson Elementary PreK, 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades presents “Celebrating Friendship” Spring Performance, 6pm. 245-2417.

5/2 (Wednesday): Buford Orchestra Spring Concert, 7:30pm, Buford Auditorium. 245-2411.

5/3-5/5 (Thursday-Saturday) CHS Theatre presents Chicago, 7pm, Black Box Theatre at Charlottesville High School. http://bit.ly/CHSTheatreTickets. 245-2410

5/4 ( Friday) Greenbrier Elementary First Grade Spring Performance, 10:30am. 245-2415.

5/4 (Friday) Buford Band Spring Concert, 7pm, Buford Auditorium. 245-2411.

5/6 (Sunday) CHS Band Spring Concert, 7pm, Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center. 245-2410

5/7 (Monday) Venable grades 1 and 2 Spring Performance, 6 pm,  245-2418.

5/15 (Tuesday), Clark Elementary K-4 Spring Performance, 6pm. 245-2414.

5/16 (Wednesday) Walker and Buford Chorus Spring Concert 7pm, Buford Auditorium. 245-2411.

Walker Orchestra

5/17 (Thursday) Burnley-Moran K/1 Spring Performance, 6:30pm. 245-2413.

5/18 (Friday) Walker Band Spring Concert, 6:30pm, Walker Auditorium. 245-2412.

5/18-5/19 (Friday-Saturday): CHS Dessert Theatre, Black Box Theatre. Friday at 7 and Saturday at 3 & 7. Featuring comic sketches and musical performances. General admission $5, VIP seating $10. For tickets, visit http://bit.ly/CHSTheatreTickets. 245-2410.

5/23 (Wednesday) CATEC Completers’ Ceremony, 7pm, Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center. 434-973-4461.

5/24 (Thursday) CHS Orchestra Spring Concert, 7:30pm, Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center. 245-2410.

5/25 (Friday) Walker Stage Left Theatre Presents: Frumpled Fairytales, 6:30pm, Walker Auditorium, 245-2412.

5/25 Greenbrier Elementary Kindergarten Spring Performance, 10:30am. 245-2415.

May 28 (Monday) CHS Band performs for City’s Memorial Day Ceremony, Charlottesville Sprint Pavilion, 11am. 245-2471.

May 31 (Thursday) All CCS Elementary Schools Minds in Motion performance, Jamestown: A New World in Motion. Through a unique partnership with the Richmond Ballet and Charlottesville City Schools, Minds in Motion (MIM) is a year-long inclusive program that combines dance instruction with storytelling, academic lessons, and a large scale year-end performance. 7pm, Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center. 245-2671.

6/1 (Friday) Buford Stage Left Theatre Presents: The Actor Games, Buford Auditorium, 6:30pm. 245-2411.

6/7 (Thursday): Charlottesville High School Graduation, 7pm, JPJ Arena, 245-2410.