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CHS Fall 2020 Schedule

Find the CHS daily fall schedule for the first 9 weeks of the 2020-21 school year here.

Canvas — Pairing Codes and More

canvasCharlottesville City Schools uses Canvas, a widely used online “learning management system,” an interactive classroom web site. This page has links and information to help you  get started.


Link to Log into Canvas

Link to Canvas Training for Families/Providers


How Students can Generate a Pairing Code


Creating a Parent Account

Reporting a Problem with Your Canvas Account (lost password, etc.)

More Canvas Information:

  • Teachers can post all their class content in one place, including a calendar for due dates, links to class resources like videos, posted homework assignments (and a drop-box for turning it in), etc.
  • Students can see all their assignments, due dates, and class materials  in one spot. They can turn in assignments and see teacher feedback and grades.
  • Parents can create accounts so they can get a glimpse into the classroom, see what assignments are in the works, keep an eye on due dates, etc.

PowerSchool vs. Canvas?

  • PowerSchool contains grades and attendance. It’s the authoritative source for report cards. It also contains links to other tools so you can complete back-to-school paperwork, edit how you receive phone calls/emails/texts, and more.
  • Canvas is a classroom resource. It contains assignments, hand-outs, links to resources, and more. It also shows grades. If the grades in Canvas and PowerSchool don’t match up, please ask your student or teacher. 

First Day of School Guide

This first-days guide will help you get off to a great start this week! Remember, Friday is a half-day of mostly asynchronous (independent) learning. Still, log in for live instruction at Walker and the elementaries.


Before you Start:

  1. Know your schedule and/or teacher. You can find it in PowerSchool or Canvas.
  2. Need your school hours? Find them hereLogin-times: elementaries: 9:30; Walker, 9.
  3. Have questions or need anything? Please reach out to your teacher or school!

Illustration of chromebookStep 1:

  • Students, log into your Chromebook or device.
  • You can log in with the first part of your student email address (example: bsmith44) and your password. Don’t have this info? Call your school.
  • You can also log in with a badge (elementary students). Need a badge? Call your school.

Step 2:


Zoom logoStep 3:

  • Click on your first class of the day (or your homeroom teacher’s class).
  • Look for a link to a class meeting on Zoom or Google Meet!
  • First login of the day is … elementaries: 9:30; Walker, 9; Buford 8:30, and CHS/LMA, 12:30. Click your school-level info, below.

Elementary Instructions and Time

  • Log in at 9:25 to be ready for your 9:30 morning meeting!
  • In Canvas, click on your teacher’s class.
  • Then look for a GREEN BUTTON for a live meeting!

Walker Instructions and Times

Watch this video showing Walker students how to find their morning meeting!

  • Log in at 8:55 to be ready for your 9:00 morning meeting!
  • In Canvas, click on your calendar. The first link will get you into your morning meeting.

Buford Instructions and Times

    • Students should log in to classes and complete work assigned in Canvas.

Want more information about fall learning at Buford? Click here!

CHS/LMA Instructions and Times

    • Students should log in to classes and complete work assigned in Canvas.

Other things you may need today:


illustration of heart and handHelp!

Having trouble? We can help! Call your school (find numbers here). We can figure this out together. We’ve also started a Frequently Asked Questions page for tech-related matters at charlottesvilleschools.org/helpdesk.

food tray iconMeals

On the first day of school, we’re doing separate breakfast and lunch runs. On other school days, we’ll offer lunch runs with a next-day breakfast bag. All meals are free for children through age 18/CHS. Find the information here: charlottesvilleschools.org/food.

G Suite logoEmail/Google Docs

You can log into your email here using your email address (example: BSmith00@charlottesvilleschools.org) and your password.

Checklist and School Supplies list

Feel like you’re forgetting something? We made a checklist to get your family ready for school. Click the image or here for a printable copy. Need to get school supplies? Find our supplies list here.

Illustration of question markMore Information

You can find out much more about our first nine weeks online at charlottesvilleschools.org/returntolearn.  You can also watch this video.

graphic with logo of CHS yearbook

Yearbook pickup will be 8/6

A message from The Chain yearbook staff:

This just in! Our 2020 yearbooks have arrived and we are SO EXCITED for you to see the finished product!

The yearbook adviser, Ms. Hannah Helm, will be at the front of Charlottesville High School on Thursday, August 6th, from 8 am-4 pm so that you can come and pick up your book!

If you have not purchased your book but you have reserved a copy, please plan to bring the exact amount in cash or a check made out to Charlottesville High School with The Chain written in the memo.

If August 6th does not work with your schedule, please email Ms. Helm at helmh1@charlottesvilleschools.org for an alternative to pick up your copy of the book. Please note:  due to social distancing and the circumstances, it may not be possible to get your book right away if August 6th does not work.

COVID-19 Precautions:  During distribution, Ms. Helm will be wearing a mask and will have hand sanitizer available.

We cannot wait to share this project with you! Thank you for your support of our program!

The Chain

graphic of CHS graduation announcement, June 4, 2020 7pm on Facebook

Graduation 2020

Charlottesville City Schools proudly celebrated the 285 Charlottesville High School graduates in our 2020 Charlottesville High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony video on June 4, 2020.

Links to Cap and Gown Portraits from “Victory Lap” Event

These beautiful portraits  may be downloaded for free thanks to CHS photography teacher Rachel Wilson!

2020 CHS Graduation Excerpts Quick Links

Full Video and Details

Details about Graduation Video , Victory Lap, and Senior Celebrations

A first for the city schools, the virtual graduation experience not only included the traditional elements expected of a typical high school graduation such as student speeches and the presentation of graduates, but it also include scenes from the unique Victory Lap event held on May 14 and 15, student musical performances and members of the CHS Orchestra, and a few surprises that surely inspired the community.

“We hope that these alternate plans for graduation show that we love our young people,” said Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins. “We have pulled out all the stops to honor this year’s senior class. Despite the challenges our country is facing, these graduates deserve to be celebrated.”

CHS Principal Dr. Eric Irizarry added, “I am so proud of these students. They have modeled resilience in the face of challenges, and we believe this video pays tribute to their spirit and community.”

The graduation video can also be seen on Facebook.com/cvilleschools, the Charlottesville City Schools YouTube channel, and Comcast Channel 14. (The City will reshow the program weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays at 5:00 p.m.)

In addition to the virtual graduation, CHS grads have been celebrated in the following ways: featured in The Daily Progress’s annual graduation section featuring area graduates, provided with annual senior t-shirts, presented with specially-designed CHS lawn signs for families to display in honor of their grads, and honored in several social media campaigns to support and recognize each member of the class and their plans beyond high school. Seniors will receive their diplomas in the mail later this summer.

Thanks and Acknowledgments

The Victory Lap event, this graduation video, and other senior celebrations have been a labor of love — but still a labor!

  • Thanks to the division-level graduation planning team: Rosa Atkins, Beth Cheuk, Aaron Eichorst, Jim Henderson, Eric Irizarry, Gertrude Ivory, and Krissy Vick.
  • The CHS-level graduation planning team: David Becker, Teresa Bryant, Will Cooke, Ryan Devlin, Jason Hackworth, Stacey Heltz, Eric Irizarry, Rodney Redd, Laura Thomas.
  • Other CHS and CCS staff who played a role:
    • Nathan Alexander for painting our incredible mural!!!
    • David Becker for stage design and set-up
    • Beth Cheuk and Krissy Vick for graduation video, social media love, portraits hung at Victory Lap
    • Will Cooke for stage-setting and organization of speakers and Austyn Nowell
    • Laura Thomas for creating the graduation program and assisting with music
    • Maddie Bryant, Emily Cookson, Jessica Genovese, Brandi Underwood, and Liz Wachter for assistance gathering senior portraits, checking names, and more
    • Carol Freeman, Hannah Dowdy, SE Hart, Brianna Hill, Melanie Key, David Wilkerson for assistance in encouraging and tracking our seniors as they crossed the finish line to graduation!
    • Hannah Helm and The Chain photographers for supplying yearbook photography
    • Kevin Martin for accounting help,
    • Terrell Mumford for stage videography assistance,
    • Rodney Redd as graduation stage emcee and DJ
    • Matt Shields (with Jack Timmons ’19) for aerial photography,
    • Dave Stipe for audio engineering,
    • Liz Wachter for the great Decision Day video and so much more,
    • Rachel Wilson for portrait photography,
    • Teachers who contributed old photos, especially Crystal Beasley, Beth Gehle, and Leslie Hunter.
    • SO MANY CHS and CCS teachers, staff, and Board members for cheerleading and general assistance
  • Other community members and organizations who played a role:
    • Our student speakers and musicians! The following students participated in the “Pomp and Circumstance” ensemble:  Alice Owen, Jamila Pitre, Elisabeth Scharf, Amara Green, Schuyler Barefoot, Ben Brantley, Koran Klubock-Shukla, Eli Chancey and Reid Dodson, and Sara Meyer; Schuyler Barefoot produced that segment.
    • Lori Shinseki, who edited our beautiful video!!!!!!! And also her son, Jack Heaphy ’20  for his production feedback and help gathering photos and videos!
    • Preston Willett of CBS 19 for his generous assistance tracking down and supplying film
    • CBS 19, The Daily Progress, NBC29 for photo and video
    • Michael Cheuk for Victory Lap general photography and Thea Cheuk for graphic design
    • Casey Eriksen for stage design and set-up assistance
  • If we forgot you, please let us know! Email goodnews@charlottesvilleschools.org. Please blame our heads, not our hearts.

Victory Lap Event (Walk the Graduation Stage on May 14-15)

Families, thanks for participating in our Victory Lap!  This drive-through event featured school-related selfie stations, and it finished with seniors walking across the graduation stage documented by a professional photographer and videographer for our graduation video. Find several photo albums on Facebook!

CHS senior celebrations graphic, showing 3 CHS seniors


Senior Surveys

Part of your Final Steps at CHS is to fill out two Senior surveys.These surveys are filled out every year by CHS graduates. They help give information for our counseling, CTE, and College advising departments. Please complete these surveys here: https://forms.gle/XXmLkDAQWPh6cVZDA  & https://advisingcorps.link/IgF2I0

Decision Day Virtual Event

Thanks to Ms. Liz for this lovely experience!. Follow @BKN2college on Instagram.

College Counseling logo

CHS College and Counseling

Our annual Decision Day for seniors will be held virtually this year on May 18 at 1pm. Please see important information from Ms. Liz below:

graphic: CHS Virtual Decision Day May 18 2020 Send Ms. Liz a photo of you now and from your childhood. Along with your photos, tell Ms. Liz what your post-high plans are! Email: wachtee1@charlottesvilleschools.org. Text: 540 335 5955. Deadline is May 15th. Follow Ms. Liz on Instagram to stay up-to-date @BKN2College. Be on the lookout for a postcard coming in the mail to participate in our social media campaign. On the postcard, you will find instructions for posting on May 15th. #BKNDecisionDay2020 Beginning on May 11, you can take a photo at the CHS Graffiti Wall. There will be a place for you to fill in your post-high plans and snap a quick photo. Post these using the hashtag #BKNDecisionDay2020. Write your CHS Senior Will and share it with Ms. Liz or Mr. Josselyn. Email wills to Ms. Liz: wachtee1@charlottesvilleschools.org. Mr Josselyn: jossela1@charlottesvilleschools.org.We will share a virtual KTR article with you all on May 15 featuring your wills. On May 18th, at 1pm, join the Google Meet to hangout with your classmates and watch the senior video. The link will be sent out on Canvas the morning of! Follow the hashtag #BKNDecisionDay2020 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter throughout the day to celebrate your classmates! make sure you use the hashtags in your posts so we can share them! Practice social distancing. While we know virtual events and celebrations cannot possibly replace the excitement that comes with events such as Decision Day, the Senior Picnic, and the final ceremonies, we are doing our best to make them memorable. Please follow safe social distancing protocols while participating in this event so we can continue to offer celebration opportunities. Ms. Liz.


College and Counseling Newsletters

To learn about counseling-sponsored events at CHS, upcoming deadlines, and local scholarships and enrichment opportunities, please refer to the CHS College and Counseling Newsletter. Students and families can subscribe to the e-newsletter by emailing college counselor Liz Wachter at wachtee1@charlottesvilleschools.org.

Here are some highlights from the March edition:

Updated virtual college advising hours graphic

These updated virtual advising hours are open for students AND families to join.
For individual meetings, please email wachtee1@charlottesvilleschools.org.

graphic for Gear Up Scholarship

GEAR UP SENIORS: Don’t forget about the Gear UP Scholarship! If you aren’t sure whether you have done the exit form, please reach out to Liz Wachter.

graphic for PVCC Scholarship

graphic for College Research Workshops


Please stay in touch!

School Counselors: Students are assigned to a school counselor alphabetically by last names:

Dept. Chair & T-Wa: Sarah Elaine Hart
A-Co: Kerry Avakian
Cr-Hi: David Wilkerson
Ho-M: Brianna Hill
N-S: Melanie Key
We-Z & ESL: Hannah Dowdy

Support Staff

College Adviser: Liz Wachter
PVCC Career Coach: Debbie Ashby
Scholarship Coordinator: Lois Burke

Department Website: schoolcounselingchs.weebly.com
College Advising Website: chargetocollege.weebly.com

Sign-Up for the College Adviser Remind Text Alerts: Subscribe to these alerts to receive important updates and reminders about events happening at CHS! *Make sure to include the “@” in your subscription text message.
Parents: Text @chsrents to 81010 or click here to receive email alerts
Seniors: Text @chs-2020 to 81010
Juniors: Text @chs-2021bk to 81010
Sophomores: Text @chs-2022bk to 81010
Freshmen: Text @chs-2023 to 81010

The Music Man performance poster

TheatreCHS to present “The Music Man” with 100+ cast and crew

The Music Man performance posterThe Charlottesville High School Theater Department will present the Broadway musical hit “The Music Man” on Thursday, March 26 through Sunday, March 29 at CHS in the Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center.

A golden age musical from 1958 and recipient of the Tony Award for Best Musical that year, “The Music Man” is about the transformation and power of change in a community.  The TheatreCHS production will include more than 100 students of various ages participating in roles as cast, crew, and musical pit.

“‘The Music Man’ is our biggest production of the school year, and for that matter, in quite some time,” said CHS Drama Department Chair David Becker, who is in his 11th year leading TheatreCHS. “The cast, crew, and orchestra have worked tirelessly to polish all of the elements that go into a successful show., and we hope people will come out to see it!”

Show times are:

  • Thursday, March 26, 7:30pm
  • Friday, March 27, 7:30pm
  • Saturday, March 28, 7:30pm
  • Sunday, March 29, 3:30pm

“The Music Man” is part of the 2019-2020 TheatreCHS performance season which includes: “”Failure: A Love Story,” “She Kills Monsters,” “Pippin,” “The Addams Family,” and the annual Dessert Theatre.

About TheatreCHS

TheatreCHS has consistently remained an important and vital fine arts force at Charlottesville High School. The Program invites students to work collaboratively, develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, and engage in creative dialogues. An array of courses is taught with the intention of providing enrichment for students interested in these skills, all of which encompass dramatic arts. Numerous students have gone on to pursue advanced studies in theater/cinema, technical theater, stage management, and lighting design at a variety of top schools including Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia College, George Mason University, James Madison University, University of Virginia, and Princeton University. For more information, visit http://theatrechs.org/.

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