What‘s Happening at Walker

Time To Re-Register Your Student

It’s time to complete your online re-registration forms. Update your bus requests, phone numbers, and more to get ready for next year. (This process does not guarantee a spot on the bus next year, but it will help the City make plans for next year’s school bus routes since the bus driver shortage continues.)

Help us help you! To give our partners in Pupil Transportation the best chance to serve as many students as possible, we ask you to complete the forms by June 29!

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PowerSchool logoBack-to-School Forms:

Back-to-school forms have been posted to PowerSchool (select the child you want to update first, then click “Re-Registration” at left to start the re-registration form for your child). Please fill out one re-registration per child as soon as possible.

New student?

Find new student registration information here.

To learn more:

  • Watch this video courtesy of Jackson-Via (but contact your own school!)
  • See below for tips and solutions.


A few tips:

  • Note that the PowerSchool web address has changed! https://ccssis.powerschool.com/public
  • PowerSchool may ask you to reset your password.
  • Need login help? Call your school.
  • Los formularios se pueden cambiar al español. ¿Necesitas ayuda en español? Llame al 434-245-2548.
  • New students who have registered since April 2022 do not need to be re-registered.


  • The app is great, but it doesn’t work for this purpose. Log in here: https://ccssis.powerschool.com/public
  • If you don’t see “Re-registration:”
    • You may be logged in as your student. You need to log in as an adult. Call your school for help.
    • On your phone, look for a small triangle near the top of the screen — if you click it, a menu will appear.
  • Follow all the formatting models the form offers. For instance, if they say, mm-dd-yyyy, use dashes.
  • If you don’t see all your children listed in your account, contact your school or the helpline (see next bullet) for assistance.
  • Need help? Call your school during school hours. Through June 10, after school and on weekends until 8pm, you can call 245-2955 for help.

Free/Reduced Meal applications will be posted this summer.

School Supply Lists will be posted this summer.

Teacher assignments or class schedules will be posted to PowerSchool  in mid-August.

Illustration of backpacks and hearts saying "Welcome back to school. Stay curious and have fun!"

Back to School 2022

Illustration of backpacks and hearts saying "Welcome back to school. Stay curious and have fun!"We’re ready to welcome you back on Wednesday, August 24!

This page is designed to help you have a great start to the year:

  • Free Back-to-School COVID Testing
  • Teacher Assignments/Student Schedules
  • Re-Registration (Back-to-School Forms)
  • School Supply Lists
  • Free Back to School Bash
  • Information from Your School
  • Open Houses
  • COVID Safety
  • Transportation/Walk to School Updates
  • Calendar (School Holidays, etc.)

Scroll down to learn more. Need information about something else? Call your school or let us know at goodnews@charlottesvilleschools.org.


School-Based COVID TestingBack-to-School COVID Testing (August 17, 21, and 22)

Join us for FREE COVID testing for Cville Schools staff and students:

  • Wednesday, August 17, CHS MLKPAC (come inside), 1–2pm
  • Sunday, August 21, CHS (drive-thru), 2–4pm
  • Monday, August 22, Buford (drive-thru), 4–6pm
  • Also sign up for free, weekly, in-school testing!

Learn more at charlottesvilleschools.org/covid-testing.

Sign Up for Testing


illustration of clock and scheduleTeacher Assignments/Student Schedules

Assignments and schedules will be posted to PowerSchool on Wednesday, August 17 at 4pm. To find them, log into your PowerSchool portal. (And if you haven’t re-registered your returning students, do this while you’re logged in!)


PowerSchool logoRe-Registration (Back-to-School Forms)

Each fall, each returning student must be re-registered to update telephone numbers, give annual permissions, and submit any transportation requests. (If your student is new or started after April 2022, you do not need to re-register.)

To re-register, login to the PowerSchool website (not the app). Any family that has not re-registered their student should have received an email on Sunday, August 14 from 2-3pm. If you need any help re-registering or adding a child to your PowerSchool account, please call your school.


COVID school supplies (mask, hand sanitizer, books, pens, apple)School Supply Lists

Find your school’s list here. Need help with supplies? Go to the Back to School Bash (next item).


Back to School Bash Flyer. Call 245-2400 for details.Back to School Bash (August 20)

The Back to School Bash is Saturday, August 20, 10-12am at the Ting Pavilion. Learn more here.


Information from Your School

Each school will distribute customized information, such as about open houses (see next item).

Illustration of backpacks and hearts saying "Welcome back to school. Stay curious and have fun!"Open House Information (August 22-23):

  • Monday, August 22:
    • Elementary Meet and Greet Appointments, 8am–4pm,
      Look for information from your school about how to make an appointment!
    • Buford Meet and Greet, 12–4pm
    • Walker Meet and Greet, 12–4pm
    • CHS 9th Grade Orientation, 1:30-3:30pm
  • Tuesday, August 23:
    • Buford Meet and Greet, 2–6pm
    • Walker Meet and Greet, 2–6pm
    • CHS Orientation for students taking CHS virtual classes, 4pm
    • CHS Open House, 5-7pm


COVID SafetyBack to School sign with covid safe text and school supplies

Find the latest on our COVID safety protocols here. In addition, we offer free, weekly (or one-time) COVID testing for students and staff. Even if you participated this summer or last year, learn more and sign up here.


Illustration of bikers and walkersBus/Transportation Information

If your student was assigned to a bus or waitlist, you should have received a personalized message on Sunday, August 14 around 2-3pm. The City will work to add more students to routes beginning in early October. Find more information about transportation and how we’re supporting students in our expanded walk zones here.


Calendar (School Holidays, etc.)

The easiest way to keep up with school holidays is to subscribe to our Google “Academic Calendar.” You can also subscribe to each school’s official calendar for school events. Visit charlottesvilleschools.org/calendar to learn more.


Important Updates to School Transportation

We are facing a significant shortage of school bus drivers as we begin the 2022-23 school year. While the City continues to recruit bus drivers, it is time for us to try new strategies such as:

  • Supporting walking in expanded walk zones
  • Encouraging use of public transportation
  • Collaborating with community partners to support biking
  • Adding mini school buses (hopefully electric)

Our old transportation model is not going to work for this fall or the future, and we are committed to working together to find solutions. We particularly want to minimize the equity impact of these changes. We have spent the summer in conversation with families, community partners and the City of Charlottesville. We look forward to continuing to build on ideas that make our schools and city safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (August 2, 2022)

Why Are the Walk Zones Expanded?

Read below for our June 2022 update. Briefly, the bus driver shortage will not be fixed by better advertising, pay, benefits, or bonuses (the City has tried). The City needs 40 school bus drivers but expects to have 8. Apply for the position here!

Illustration of bikers and walkers against blue squareWhat Are the New Walk Zones?

The revised walk zones are about 0.75 miles for elementary schools (about 20 minutes), and 1.25 miles for Walker, Buford, and CHS (about 30 minutes). These distances are on the lower range of schools across the region and country, and these expanded walking (or “family responsibility”) zones are an important part of addressing the bus driver shortage. In some cases we have rounded up to get to the end of a cul-de-sac or natural neighborhood boundary. In a few cases with CHS students, we have extended the walk zone as high as 1.6 miles if the path is very walkable. We have stayed within or close to our projected time estimates for the walk.

If you have questions about why you are in a walk zone or don’t believe your child’s route is safe and can’t find a safe alternative, please contact walkzones@charlottesvilleschools.org or call 434-245-2400.

Are There Any Limits or Exclusions to the Walk Zones for Safety?

To ensure safety, we’ll provide bus eligibility in situations where walking infrastructure isn’t adequate (such as railroad tracks). The City is working now to address some of these issues – click here for a list of confirmed projects (updated weekly).

In a few cases, even if the route is not pedestrian-friendly,  we have not given the student bus eligibility because we are asking the family to take responsibility for finding a safe way to transport their child for a short distance. In these rare situations, the home is very close to the school or the less-safe area of the route is very close to the child’s home.

There will also be exemptions for specific students for special needs such as documented medical conditions.

If you have questions about why you are in a walk zone or don’t believe your child’s route is safe and can’t find a safe alternative, please contact walkzones@charlottesvilleschools.org or call 434-245-2400.


I Didn’t Get a Notification about Whether My Child is in the Walk Zone or Bus Zone. What do I do?

Please call your school.

Are There Recommended Walking Paths? Where Will Crossing Guards Be?

We have created maps with commonly used walking routes to our elementary schools and middle school (based on distance, sidewalks, and crossing guards), but there may be other routes that your family prefers.

Click on the links below for printable PDFs of our maps (you can also browse images of maps in the slideshow below):

Please consider the following:

  • On our maps, different colored lines show commonly used routes to school. Most routes have sidewalks, but areas with low neighborhood traffic (but no sidewalk) or areas where there is a brief stretch without a sidewalk may still be considered a good route.
  • On our maps, orange stars are locations where we are planning to have a crossing guard. These include locations where we have had a guard in previous years as well as new locations identified by families, staff and community partners. We are CURRENTLY HIRING for these positions. We are hoping to add crossing guards to even more locations.
  • Some routes may include walking across parking areas, and most routes cross driveways and entrances to homes and businesses. Point these out to your student as you are practicing the route to and from school.
  • We recommend that students walk in groups and/or with at least one responsible adult, and consider visibility when choosing your route.
  • For routes traveled by many elementary students (such as between Friendship Court and Clark), we are working out details for either staffed walking groups (“walking school buses”) or additional crossing guards along the path.

Have suggestions to improve these maps? Email walkzones@charlottesvilleschools.org 

Want tips for walking safely to school? Watch Dr. Gurley’s video, guest-starring some friends from Clark Elementary:


Want to Find Walking Buddies or a Rainy Day Carpool?

If you are interested in connecting with other families who share much of the same recommended route, please talk to your neighbors or contact your school PTO to see if they have an app to recommend or another process for coordinating walking buddies, biking groups, or rainy day carpools for your neighborhood.

Would a Bike Make This Easier?

Contact Community Bikes at 434-260-0893 or info@cbikes.org.

When Will Bus Assignments Be Announced?

Later in August, the City will give us routing information. If you requested bus service, at that point, we will reach out to you again, letting you know this student’s bus information (if assigned to a bus) or announcing they are on the waitlist. See next section for tips on how to estimate if your child will be on the bus.

We’re in the Bus Zone. Is My Child Likely to Get a Spot on the Bus?

  • Remember to re-register your child to request bus service and tell us your level of need.
  • Remember, the bus zones are 0.75 miles for elementary and 1.25 miles for Walker, Buford, and CHS.
  • The closer you are to the school, the less likely it is that you’ll get assigned to the bus. For a rough estimate, you can use Google Maps (click directions, then the walking icon) to calculate the walking distance between your home and the school.
    • Generally speaking, the students who live furthest from the school who have expressed a need for the bus will be assigned on a priority basis.
    • Those who live closest to the school and who have not expressed a high level of need are likely to be wait-listed.

What If My Child is Not Assigned to the Bus?

Remember, even if you live in the “bus zone,” there is a possibility that your child will not be assigned to the bus when school starts on August 24:

  • Please make a plan for this student, and practice it if you intend for your child to walk, bike, use a scooter, or take a CAT (City) bus.
  • Make a back-up plan for inclement weather.
  • Talk with other families in your neighborhood and consider organizing groups to walk, bike, and/or carpool to school together – your PTO may be able to assist in this effort or recommend an app.
  • The public CAT buses might be a good option for some students.

More about CAT Routes for Older Students

Image of Charlottesville CAT Routes for City. Click on image for PDF of full map on City website.
Click on image to find full map.
  • All schools zones are served by existing CAT routes except Greenbrier:
  • CAT is free for people under 18 and has operated fare-free since the pandemic
  • Need to find your route? Use a tool like Google Maps (click directions, then the bus icon) or find out more here.
  • This is an opportunity to support the expansion and enhancement of the public  transit system while developing students as life-long public transit users

illustration of construction worker in yellow boxI Heard the City is Making Sidewalk and Intersection Improvements. What Are They?

We have been in conversation with parents, community members, and the City about intersections and sidewalks that need enhancement. The City has been supportive and has made a list of scheduled improvements (see below).  We meet with the City regularly to propose additional solutions and get status updates, and we will update this list about once a week. Thanks to the City and to community members for doing this research and advocacy!

See List of City Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

Notes about the project statuses:

  • Projects are added when the City confirms that they can undertake them
  • “Completed” means that the project is complete
  • “Scheduled Improvement” means that the work is expected to be completed within 30 to 60 days
  • “Planned” means that the City has a plan for this work, and it will be scheduled when resources and/or funding is allocated
  • “Open” means that a staff member has not been assigned to this intersection

Notice a Street or Sidewalk Issue that Needs to be Addressed?

  • Check out the list of upcoming improvements, above.
  • The MyCville app is a great way to report infrastructure concerns to City Public Works (or call 434-970-3333, option #2). Upload photos or describe areas of concern.
  • To report a “close call” of a walking or biking accident, use this form to help the City improve safety.

Will Walk Zones Shrink or Expand in the Future?

If there are issues with these walk zones, let’s work together to find solutions. We will continue to work with families and the City to make improvements. As we learn more and as the City addresses known issues, we may expand these walk zones further. Please remember, our expanded walk zones are still on the “short” side of regional and national averages.

What Other Strategies or Ideas Are Being Considered?

See below for other ideas, including mini-buses, partnership with JAUNT, and more. Have a new idea? Let us know at walkzones@charlottesvilleschools.org.

Want to Help?

Any Other Updates about Transportation?

  • Our staff has been out walking routes to school this summer with good results reported so far.
  • We have held four “talk and walk” events at key locations impacted by the expanded walk zones (Friendship Court, Hearthwood Apartments, South First Street, and Westhaven).  We’ve found good discussion and receptivity at all locations so far. Upcoming event:
  • We are finalizing locations for crossing guards and reviewing applications.
  • The City – which hires drivers and oversees school bus operations – continues to recruit and train bus drivers, but the number of available drivers has not significantly increased. Apply here!
  • The City is also in conversation with JAUNT about the possibility of sharing drivers (as is already the case with CAT drivers).

Still Have Questions?

Read below for the original information we shared with families back in June. And join us at our final meeting to discuss these changes:


Update from June 2022

As we look to fall 2022, our school bus challenges appear to be worse, not better. While the City will continue to recruit bus drivers, it is time for us to try new strategies such as

  • supporting walking in expanded walk zones
  • encouraging use of public transportation
  • collaborating with community partners to support biking
  • adding mini-school buses (hopefully electric)

Our old transportation model is not going to work for this fall or the future, so come help us find ways that make our schools and city safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. We particularly want to minimize the equity impact of these changes. Look below for the dates and details for community “Talk and Walk” sessions, or sign up to learn more or work to be part of the solution!

Want to Know More?

Attend our Work Sessions (actually, they are “Talk and Walk” Sessions)

  • Join us to discuss what these changes mean for your neighborhood and help us find solutions. We’ll meet for an hour and then walk to a school. (A school bus will be available for the return trip.)
    • Wednesday, July 6, 5-6:30pm, Westhaven
    • Friday, July 15, 12-1:30pm, Friendship Court, 418 Garrett St.
    • Friday, July 22, 12-1:30pm, Hearthwood Apartments, 2111 Michie Drive
    • Friday, July 29, 12-1:30pm, Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church, 105 Lankford Ave.
    • Wednesday, August 10, 5-6pm, Online Community Q&A. Register here.


We’ll also be at “Healthy Streets, Healthy People” (organized by Move2HealthEquity and WellAWARE), Washington Park, July 16, 9am-1pm

Other Ways to Help and Stay Tuned

  • Sign up here to…
    • receive e-mail updates about the changes
    • and/or express interest in working to be part of the solution, including becoming a crossing guard

Want to work towards a more walkable, bikable Charlottesville? Consider joining the Piedmont Mobility Alliance. We’ll  also be be at the “Healthy Streets, Healthy People” event sponsored by Move2HealthEquity and WellAWARE at Washington Park on July 16, 9am-1pm!

More Information

Update on Bus Driver Shortage

This national problem is not getting better. The City has tried increasing pay, offering bonuses, and increasing marketing without long-term success.

Details about the Bus Driver Shortage

Screen Capture of New York Times headline "As Schools Reopen, Districts Are Desperate for Bus Drivers School officials are getting creative, offering bonuses and other incentives to address a driver shortage that the pandemic made worse." Shows photo of school bus.
New York Times, Aug. 27, 2021
  • The City (which manages our school buses) is down to fewer than 10 school bus drivers. Last year, there were about 20, but to fully staff the program, 40 are needed!
  • Higher pay is not enough to turn around this national trend that began before COVID
    • The City has increased pay, bonuses, and marketing without long-term success
    • The City also has vacancies in CAT drivers, who have jointly served as school bus drivers in the past
    • This is part of an ongoing, national trend that was in place a long time ago but made worse by COVID
    • There is no end in sight for this trend. We need to try new solutions for this fall and for the future. But the new solutions can make for a better, healthier, more environmentally friendly Charlottesville.

What Strategies Can We Try?

We have looked at other college towns to see what is in place in similar communities. We need your help to work out the details, but here’s what we’re planning:

  • Bus service for special-education students will remain in place
  • Expanding walk zones (up to a 20 minute walk at elementary, up to a 30 minute walk at Buford, CHS, and Walker)

Details about Expanding Walk Zones

  • Our current walk zone lengths are among the shortest in the country (0.3 mile for elementary, 0.5 mile for Buford/Walker, and 0.7 mile at CHS)
  • New zones: approximately 0.75 mile walk for elementary (up to a 20-minute walk), approximately 1.25 mile walk for Buford/Walker/CHS (up to a 30-minute walk)
  • These walk zones will put us closer to regional averages (see chart, below)
  • Walking distances to bus stops will also lengthen to create route efficiencies
  • To ensure safety, we’ll provide bus eligibility in situations where walking infrastructure isn’t adequate (such as railroad tracks)
    • We’ll create an appeal process to review routes that are not perceived as safe
  • We’ll offer supports for inclement weather (for example, walking school buses can distribute umbrellas, etc.)
Community Walk Zone
Charlottesville Current .3 mile elementary/.5 Buford/Walker/.7 mile CHS
Albemarle .5 – .7 mile elementary/1 – 1.2 miles all other
Alexandria City 1 mile elementary/ 1.5 miles high school
Arlington 1 mile elementary/ 1.5 miles all other grades
Fairfax 1 mile elementary/1.5 miles all other grades
Loudon 1 mile elementary/1.25 miles all other grades
Manassas 1 mile all students
Richmond 1 mile elementary, 1.5 miles all other grades
Waynesboro 1 mile all students
Average Excluding Cville Current .94 mile elementary, 1.28 mile all other grades
New Charlottesville .75 mile elementary, 1.25 mile Walker/Buford/CHS
  • Expanding crossing guard staffing, including “walking school bus” guides
  • Making free bicycles/helmets available through community partners (repair services are also available)
    • Partners such as Community Bikes and the City’s Safe Routes to School program can assist with bikes and bike repairs
    • Our PE classes teach road biking skills
  • Expanding use of CAT routes for older students

More about CAT Routes for Older Students

Image of Charlottesville CAT Routes for City. Click on image for PDF of full map on City website.
Click on image to find full map.
  • All schools zones are served by existing CAT routes except Greenbrier:
    • CHS and Walker are on Route 9 (pink)
    • Buford has nearby stops on Route 4 and 6 (red & yellow)
  • CAT is free for people under 18 and has operated fare-free since the pandemic
  • Need to find your route? Use a tool like Google Maps (click directions, then the bus icon) or find out more here.
  • This is an opportunity to support the expansion and enhancement of the public  transit system while developing students as life-long public transit users
  • Exploring smaller Type A school buses run by Cville Schools

More about Mini Type A School Buses

  • These 15-passenger “Type A” school buses have all the markings and safety features of full-size buses
  • Thanks to recent legislation to address the school bus driver shortage, drivers no longer need a commercial driver’s license to operate a Type A bus. Drivers would be trained and tested by the City’s transportation department (they still need a “S” or “school” endorsement).
  • We’ve had more than 30 Cville Schools employees express interest in serving in this capacity
  • We’re talking with companies that can provide Type A school buses, including electric, but these will not be available until later in the school year

Illustrations of school bus types from Type A (15-passenger) to full-size Type D. There is a sentence describing the buses in greater detail. Click on the image to find full information about the four types.

What About the Equity Impact of These Changes?

Puzzle pieces: diversity, equity, belonging, inclusionThese transportation challenges are real – and the expanded walk zones impact many of our black and brown students. Let’s work together to find solutions.

  • We are holding “Talk and Walk” sessions in impacted neighborhoods to hear feedback and find solutions
  • We plan to hire staff to guide the “walking school buses” (up to a 20 minute walk for elementary, up to a 30 minute walk for other students)
  • We’ll staff more crossing guards. Apply here!
  • We’re talking with community partners about ways to support students and families.
  • Have a question or an idea? Join us at a “Talk and Walk” session or call 434-245-2400.

Is My Student Going to Get on The Bus?

  • Do you live within the new walk zones? The distance is ~.75 mile for elementary, and ~ 1.25 miles for Walker, Buford, and CHS. For a rough estimate, you can use Google Maps (click directions, then the walking icon) to calculate the walking distance between your home and the school. We may “round up” the zone to get to the end of a cul-de-sac, neighborhood area, or natural boundary line.

Even with these changes, bus space will still be limited. Re-register your children now to help the City plan the routes. The “Type A” buses will not be available at the start of the year, so thanks for your continued patience.

What about Carpooling?

We appreciate a carpool, and yes, there’s an app for that! In fact, there are a lot of free apps. We hesitate to endorse a single solution, but we know that the apps will work best if people agree on one or two to use. PTOs may wish to investigate and make a school or division-wide recommendation.

We’re Still Exploring Ideas

Other possibilities include

  • Potential trial of per-child stipends for families impacted by these changes (based on attendance). Could include different levels of stipend based on need (and ways for people to donate or decline stipends if they wish)
  • Voucher program for items like new walking shoes
  • Share your ideas with us! Join us at a “Talk and Walk” session or call 434-245-2400.

That’s a Lot — How Can I Help?

Illustration of "Volunteer" with colorful hands raised

  • We are still working on details – join us at “Talk and Walk” work sessions followed by a community walk to a school
  • Sign up here to…
    • receive e-mail updates about the changes
    • and/or express interest in working to be part of the solution, including becoming a stationary or walking crossing guard (same job application — apply here)
  • Get connected with the Piedmont Mobility Alliance

A Vision for the Future

Icon of 3 people having a shared idea (lightbulb)

If we do this right, rethinking how students get to and from school will have long-term benefits for our community:

  • A more walkable and bikable city
    • Better physical and mental health
  • Better public transportation
  • Less environmental impact

Want to be part of the solution? Join us at one of our summer “Talk and Walk” sessions, sign up to get updates, or join the Piedmont Mobility Alliance.


photo of pencils, notebooks

Back-to-School Supplies Lists for 2022-23

School-Supply-Lists2We’re looking forward to welcoming students back to school on Wednesday, August 24!

Below are this year’s CCS school supplies lists. Copies of these lists are available at area stores. If you have any questions, please call your school.

School Supply Lists for the 2022-23 School Year:

Our community makes sure that all students have the supplies they need for learning! Free supplies are available at the annual Back-to-School Bash on Saturday, August 20!

For assistance with school supplies, any fees, or other needs, please contact your school principal or counselor.

YMCA logo

Sign up for YMCA After School

YMCA logoDear Charlottesville City Schools families,

Registration is now open for the YMCA After School Program in Charlottesville City Schools (formerly the CLASS program) for the 2022-23 school year! For more information about the program and to make a reservation for your child(ren), please visit: https://piedmontymca.org/ymca-after-school-ccs.

The program serves students in kindergarten through grade 6 on our school campuses, beginning at school dismissal and ending at 6pm. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to reserve a spot online as soon as possible to guarantee placement in the program. In early summer, the YMCA will contact participants who have reservations in order to fill out paperwork and complete their registration.

We are pleased to partner with the YMCA on this important program. If you have questions about the YMCA After School Program, please contact Bonita Patton at youthandfamily@piedmontymca.org.

2022 Summer Opportunities

Charlottesville City Schools is introducing our new 2022 Summer Opportunities online hub. This page is full of academic and enrichment opportunities for your children which are run by our division, the City of Charlottesville, or program partners in our schools. These offerings are either free, financially accessible, or offer scholarships. While not a complete list of all the happenings in Cville this summer, this resource is meant to give families a starting point for enriching their children’s time off from school. We will update this list as additional information is available.

2020-21 Surveys graphic

Elementary Families Year-End Survey

Charlottesville City Schools would appreciate your feedback on the following short survey in an effort to improve our elementary  parental involvement programs, especially during this challenging year. Please know that participants remain anonymous so feel free to share.

Complete Survey Now

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We appreciate you sharing your perspective with us!

Celebrate Cville Schools Student Art!

Presenting Art Connections, the Charlottesville City Schools 2022 Jeff Suling Annual Student Art Exhibition! This virtual exhibit includes an introductory video featuring art teachers and student artists, and you can peruse amazing and important student artwork from every school and every grade.

The exhibit is organized into six categories reflecting the ways artists connect in the many aspects of our lives: Art Foundations; Communities; History of Art & Culture; Natural World; Storytelling; and Visual Math.

Click here or on the image below to begin exploring Art Connections!


Starting line at Buzz by Belmont Race 2017

Buzz-by-Belmont: Clark 5K Family Fun Run/Walk on April 30

2014Clark5k_KM034_loJoin the Clark Elementary School Bees for the annual Buzz-by-Belmont 5K Family Fun Run/Walk–now back in person!

Now in its 16th year, this celebration of fitness, student achievement, and family fun starts and finishes at Clark Elementary School and has become a tradition in the neighborhood and Cville fitness community. The event is hosted by the Clark Elementary School PTO. All proceeds benefit the Clark Educational Opportunity Fund.

  • When: Saturday, April 30, 8:30-10am
  • Where: Start and finish at Clark Elementary School, 1000 Belmont Avenue
  • Who: Anyone is welcome. Families are encouraged to walk or run the route together!
  • Registration: Click here to visit the Eventbrite page to sign up

The rolling course tours some of Charlottesville’s most vibrant neighborhoods, passing through Downtown Belmont, and touching the diverse areas of Belmont, Carlton and Sixth Street that comprise the Clark Elementary School district.

Sponsored by: Safe Routes to School, WE Brown, The Local, Ting, Peter Johnson Builders, Ivy Dental, Ragged Mounting Running Shop, Balanced Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, Found Market, BeJust, Progress Studio, Alakazam, Belle, Amanda Ohlms Usborne Books & More, Peacock Auto, The Wool Factory, Decades Arcade, and Good Phyte Foods.


Nominate an Outstanding Teacher for a Golden Apple Award

The Golden Apple Awards honor outstanding educators in Charlottesville and Albemarle who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and involvement in the community outside the school.


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Candidates for this award are teachers at any level (preschool through grade 12) and in any discipline who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and involvement in the community outside the school.

A nominee exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Creates a love of learning in students of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Stimulates thought and provokes student dialogue.
  • Challenges students to reach high standards and expectations.
  • Understands the needs of students individually and collectively and meets those needs with determination, enthusiasm and imagination.
  • Involves families in the education process.

Winners receive a $500 grant for classroom materials or professional development. Sponsored by Better Living Building Supplies and Cabinetry.

Previous Golden Apple Award Recipients from Cville Schools


2022 Winners


  • Andrew Josselyn, English Teacher
  • His nominator writes: “Andy is an imaginative classroom instructor who is constantly looking for ways to make school relevant to teenagers’ lives. Andy’s creativity and commitment to improving our school community make him a huge asset to CHS.”


  • Matthew Resnick, History Teacher
  • His nominator writes: “Mr. Resnick has made his civics and economics classroom a safe, supportive space for all of his students. His classroom is filled with student-created artifacts that promote a culturally responsive, inclusive space for all students.”


  • Bridget Drain, Special Education Teacher
  • Her nominator writes: “Most notable is Ms. Drain’s commitment to helping students with marginalized identities find representation in the classroom setting. She not only builds relationships that are grounded in trust and respect, but sustains these connections long after her students leave her care.”


  • Huma Ahmad, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Her nominator writes: “She takes all of her time to help children who have special needs with reading or writing down to math reach their potential. She takes out the time to hear the parents and come to conclusions on what is best for the child.”


  • Caitlin Natale, Second Grade Teacher
  • Her nominator writes: “Every time I am in her classroom, there is a palpable love of learning. No matter what she is doing, the students yearn to engage with her.”


  • Brenning Greenfield, Kindergarten Teacher
  • His nominator writes: “Mr. Greenfield makes learning engaging (with his infusion of music), meaningful (such as with his classmate writings to celebrate their ‘Reading Stars of the Week,’) and rigorous as he encourages his students to think outside the box and embrace challenge.”


  • Melanie-Ann Johnson, Gifted Education Teacher
  • Her nominator writes: “Melanie Johnson has been an inspiration this year and in past years in her work with students, her outreach to the families of Jackson-Via and the larger community of Charlottesville.”


  • Lindsay Kamide, Reading Specialist
  • Her nominator writes: “Our daughter loves the time she spends with Ms. Kamide and we love how she meets her where she is and is always on point with book recommendations that she will actually enjoy reading.”


  • Jenny Isaacs-Lowe, Special Education Teacher
  • Her nominator writes: “Jenny Lowe is an exceptional educator and a vital asset to the Venable community. She is an advocate for all students and families, and she believes deeply in each student’s ability to learn and reach high standards in school.”


2021 Winners: Kelsey Cox of Burnley-Moran; Amit Kapur of Clark; Desiree Conner of Greenbrier; Michel Ann Sizemore of Jackson-Via; Michelle Schettler of Johnson; Allison Shields of Venable; Maggie Pfuntner of Walker; Shinay Henderson of Buford; Matt Terillo of Charlottesville High School; Denise Meyer of Hospital Ed


collage of photos of the 2020 Golden Apple Award winners
20202 Charlottesville Schools Golden Apple Award recipients

11 teachers from Charlottesville City Schools are among the outstanding recipients of the 2020 Golden Apple Awards presented by Better Living Building Supply & Cabinetry.

These awards are presented annually to nominated faculty members from the public and private schools in Albemarle County and Charlottesville City.

Award recipients receive a Golden Apple, as well as gift certificates from local businesses. As a “Golden Apple” teacher, each recipient is also eligible to receive a $1,000 Golden Apple Grant to be used for classroom materials or to support the recipient’s continued professional development.

Congratulations to the following 2020 winners: Lisa Johnson Black (Hospital Ed), Kelsey Cary (Lugo-McGinness), Mary Caitlyn Cordone (Clark), Matthew Deegan (CHS), Kavita Kumar (Greenbrier), Calder McLellan (Venable), Kathryn Salem (Jackson-Via), Brandy Walker (Buford), Lisa Wallace (Burnley-Moran), Cianna Washburg (Walker), and Lindsay Wayland (Johnson). Congrats to these amazing teachers!  You can watch the virtual ceremony here.

2019 Charlottesville City Schools Golden Apple Award Recipients

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  • Golden Apple Previous Winners collage2019 Winners: Kathy Claus- Greenbrier Elementary, Melissa Combs- Venable Elementary, Will Cooke- Charlottesville High School, Maelys Croce- Johnson Elementary, Robin Ellis- Clark Elementary, Meaghan Fenton- Jackson-Via Elementary, Chris Lorigan- Burnley-Moran Elementary, Michael McCrory- Lugo-McGinness Academy, Melissa Mitchem- Buford Middle, and Kevin Paquette- Walker Upper Elementary.
  • 2018 Winners: Latoya Brown (Buford Middle), Mary Johnston (Burnley-Moran Elementary), Nicole Armstrong (Charlottesville High), Jessica Taylor (Clark Elementary School), Briana Barns (Jackson-Via Elementary School), Laura Schaaf (Johnson Elementary), Harry Hill (Lugo-McGinness Academy), Leslie S. Hunter (Venable Elementary School), Sarah Lloyd (Walker Upper Elementary School), and Patrick Beale (Greenbrier Elementary School).
  • 2017 Winners: Melvin Grady (Buford), Jessica Powley (Burnley-Moran), Brian Kayser (CHS), Ashley Riley (Clark), Amy Jones (Greenbrier), Lisa Utz (Jackson-Via), Lorena Caballero Bower (Johnson), Michael McCrory (Lugo-McGinness Academy), Nicole Driggs (Venable), and Samantha Pagni (Walker).
  • 2016 Winners: Cindy Cartwright (Venable), Mary Craig (Clark), Shannon Gillikin (Jackson-Via), Ron Green (Greenbrier), Jenn Horne (CHS), Patricia Luke (Buford), Alex Piedra (Walker), Leslie Scalley (Johnson), Tracy Weaver (Burnley-Moran)
  • 2015 Winners: Minda Barnett (Walker); Kena Lea Brandt (Greenbrier); Diane M. Foraste (Venable); Susan Jamme (CHS); Chris Lorigan (Burnley-Moran); Hillary Pleasants (Jackson-Via); Katie Rogers (Clark); Nancy Bailey Rickabaugh (Johnson); Lauralee Watlock (Buford)
  • 2014 Winners: Sara Epperly (CHS); Julia Evatt, (Walker); Dina Fricke (Clark); Andy Jones (Buford); Karen S. Minor (Venable); Stephanie Randolph (Johnson); Lauren Elizabeth Sandridge (Greenbrier); Andra M. Skeen (Burnley-Moran); Kristin Ullrich (Jackson-Via)
  • 2013 Winners: Jessica Bennett (Greenbrier); Nikki Y. Franklin (Jackson-Via); Renata Germino (Buford); April Hoffman (Johnson); Scott Mace (CHS); Virginia Monroe (Walker); Zoë Padrón (Clark); Michael Salvatierra (Venable); Rachel Savoy (Burnley Moran)
  • 2012 Winners: Virginia Hill (Walker); Adam R. Hoppe (Greenbrier); Allison Kennedy (Jackson-Via); Maggie Lovett (Johnson); Traci Martin (Venable); Katherine Witthauer Murah (Clark); Susan S. Muse (Buford);  Lauren Penniman (Burnley-Moran); Lester L. Wainwright (CHS);
  • 2011 Winners: Amanda “Amy” Thompson (Buford ); Kathy Umbdenstock (Burnley-Moran); Susan M. Garfinkel (CHS); Dawn Y. Reddick (Clark); Amanda Sherriff (Jackson-Via); Michelle M. Smith (Johnson); Brenda Payne (Venable); Lynne Herman (Walker); Ann Parks (Greenbrier)