Updates to 21-22 Academic Calendar

Update on February 3, 2022:

At their February 3, 2022 meeting, the School Board retained President’s Day as a student/staff holiday but approved the conversion of the March 4 workday into a regular school day to restore in-person learning hours despite unusual weather closures in January.

Revised Upcoming Dates:

  • February 21 is a staff/student holiday
  • March 4 is a regular school day
  • March 18 is a student holiday/teacher workday
  • April 1 is a student holiday/teacher workday kicking off Spring Break (4/4-8)


From November 4, 2021:

On November 4, the School Board approved the following modifications to this year’s academic calendar. These changes are in keeping with school divisions across the country.

Approved Changes to the SY 21-22 Calendar


Will become a full day in school for students.


All schools and offices will be closed. (President’s Day)


Will become a Teacher Work Day (student holiday).


Will become Teacher Work Day (student holiday).

Our Google Academic Calendar has now been changed (you can subscribe to it!).  You can find a PDF of the revised calendar here.

Revised Academic Calendar for 21-22. Posted as a PDF on the page and Google Academic Calendar is updated. Call 245-2400 with questions.

About These Changes

These changes are in keeping with efforts across the country to support instructional staff during a challenging year with extra work due to COVID protocols, shortages in areas such as substitute teachers, and more. Aside from these calendar changes, we are also supporting staff by raising pay to attract more substitute teachers, giving flexibility to do most professional learning from home or remotely, and more.

As Dr. Gurley explained in a staff email:

Greetings #TeamCCS,

As always, I believe that I must say the most important thing first. I am eternally grateful that you show up each and every day to ensure the success of all of our children. We work in an industry where people have choices and you choose Charlottesville City Schools daily.

Now more than ever, school personnel have been tasked with more and more while having to balance the demands of your work and family. Recently, I asked a group of educators what is one thing you wish you had more of and they each replied, “time”.

From my time in the building as a classroom teacher and administrator, I can tell you that the longest stretch mentally for teachers was the time after the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to spring break. Typically during this period, there are no planned days off and fatigue is common among many employees. In an effort to support our Culture of Care, I made the following recommendations to the School Board to provide you additional time to plan for your students, time to spend with your family, and time to provide yourself with care.

It is my hope that making these changes now will provide our staff, families, and community partners the opportunity to make adjustments, particularly as it relates to child care. Additionally, I hope our staff will find that the modifications made to the calendar will provide you more unencumbered time to focus on planning and self-care. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly via email or at the district office (434) 245-2400. Lastly, I am thankful to the School Board for approving my recommendations as they equally value your contributions to CCS! #LeadWithLove

Best Regards,

Dr. Royal A. Gurley, Jr.