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This page is designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions about chromebooks, internet access, and the programs our students will be using. We’ll continue to build it out to answer your questions.

Student Logins

  • Call your school or get in touch with your teacher to get your child’s username/password or badge
    • For older students, the username is usually first initial + last name + 2 numbers (example: bsmith11). There’s a separate password.
    • For elementary students, they’ll have a badge they can use to log in.


  • If your student doesn’t have a functioning chromebook, call or contact your school. Or see the emails, below, for your school’s tech team.
  • Your student will log into the chromebook using their login information or badge.

Internet Access

  • Call your school.

Canvas for Students

Canvas for Observers (Parents/Providers)

Remind School Communication App

  • Learn more about this text-like school communication tool here. We haven’t officially launched it yet, but many teachers/families are already using it.


  • Students can log in to check their grades with their username and password
  • Parents/guardians should have their own account linked to all their students.

Re-Registering Your Students

  • Each year, we ask families to check their contact information and renew their permissions for each student in our schools
  • Find these forms by logging into the PowerSchool web site (not the app) as a parent/guardian (not a student)

Other Questions?

Have another question? Please contact your school or teacher. Or you can log a ticket with your tech team at:


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