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Schools Earn State Honors for Healthy Meals During Pandemic

The CCS Nutrition Department provided healthy bagged lunches for students during virtual learning. Photo by Erin Edgerton / Daily Progress

Charlottesville City Schools received top honors this week in a statewide competition recognizing school divisions that address childhood hunger and provide “healthier, more nutritious school meals.”

The 2021 Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) Food for Thought Competition named Charlottesville City Schools the winner of the Healthy School Meals category for divisions of 10,000 pupils or less.

The award honored the school division’s recent efforts, which include a commitment to purchasing local and cooking from scratch when possible. A partnership with the nonprofit Cultivate Charlottesville has been key, with outcomes such as the schools’ Harvest of the Month Program, youth-led outreach, and improved access to fresh meals. VSBA also recognized how the division adapted to serve meals during the pandemic via serving stations and bus routes throughout the community, services which continued for virtual students even after the schools reopened in the spring.

Carlton Jones, Coordinator of Nutrition for the city schools, accepted the award at a virtual ceremony on Tuesday. He highlighted the efforts of his team, including Sandra Vazquez, Coordinator of Nutrition, school nutrition managers and staff. He also thanked community partner Cultivate Charlottesville, the School Board, City Council and all school staff and volunteers.

“I want to thank the entire community for supporting us during this pandemic and during some of these tough times,” Jones said.

Acting superintendent Jim Henderson congratulated the department and its leaders, noting “The nutrition team’s work is foundational to our work teaching children. We thank you for your dedication, your flexibility, and your commitment.”

“The nutrition team’s work is foundational to our work teaching children. We thank you for your dedication, your flexibility, and your commitment.”

Time To Re-Register Your Student

Please help us by completing your back-to-school forms now!

Help us help you! To give our partners in Pupil Transportation the best chance to serve as many students as possible, we ask you to complete the forms by June 15!

Para leer este sitio web en español, indica “Translate” (traducir) en la parte por encima de la página y escoja Spanish.

PowerSchool logoBack-to-School Forms:

Back-to-school forms have been posted to PowerSchool (select the child you want to update first, then click “Re-Registration” at left to start the re-registration form for your child). Please fill out one re-registration per child as soon as possible.

To learn more:

  • Watch this video courtesy of Jackson-Via (but contact your own school!)
  • See below for tips and solutions.


A few tips:

  • Note that the PowerSchool web address has changed! https://ccssis.powerschool.com/public
  • PowerSchool may ask you to reset your password.
  • Need login help? Call your school.
  • Los formularios se pueden cambiar al español. ¿Necesitas ayuda en español? Llame al 434-245-2548.
  • Kindergarteners and other new students do not need to be re-registered.


  • The app is great, but it doesn’t work for this purpose. Log in here: https://ccssis.powerschool.com/public
  • If you don’t see “Re-registration:”
    • You may be logged in as your student. You need to log in as an adult. Call your school for help.
    • On your phone, look for a small triangle near the top of the screen — if you click it, a menu will appear.
  • Follow all the formatting models the form offers. For instance, if they say, mm-dd-yyyy, use dashes.
  • If you don’t see all your children listed in your account, contact your school or the helpline (see next bullet) for assistance.
  • Need help? Call your school during school hours. Through June 10, after school and on weekends until 8pm, you can call 245-2955 for help.

Free/Reduced Meal applications will be posted this summer.

School Supply Lists will be posted this summer.

Teacher assignments or class schedules will be posted to PowerSchool  in mid-August.

Welcome showing Clark logo, Mr. Marini, and Ms. Eddy

Muggsie Marini and Juanita Eddy Named New Leaders of Clark School

Welcome showing Clark logo, Mr. Marini, and Ms. EddyJuly 1 Update

As you know, Mr. Muggsie Marini will be the new Clark principal, and today we’re happy to announce that the assistant principal will be returning star Juanita Eddy. Ms. Eddy formerly served as assistant principal at Clark before returning for a few years to the classroom. Among many other skills and qualities, her knowledge of Clark as a teacher and administrator will help make her a great partner to Mr. Marini.  Please check your email or the website for some important reminders. Have a great day!


June 28 Update

Dear Clark staff and families–
I’m writing with an update about Clark School, the school where I started my career! 

I’m pleased to announce that your new principal will be Mark “Muggsie” Marini, a current assistant principal at Walker School. Mr. Marini has been at Walker since 2018, and previously he held various responsibilities in Albemarle County Public Schools, among others. He has earned degrees and licensure from James Madison and the University of Virginia.

At Walker, Mr. Marini has been a leader in instruction, technology, innovation, and equity. His career experiences prepare him well in disciplines from language arts to science to special education. He has offered leadership in Walker’s systems of tiered supports for students, and has led programs in areas such as restorative justice and mediation. Above all, he has built lasting relationships with colleagues, families, and students.

Mr. Marini’s first day at Clark will be July 13. We invite your family to come meet Mr. Marini for Popsicles on the Playground on July 14 from 3-6pm. Drop in anytime that afternoon to come meet your new principal!

Jim Henderson
Acting Superintendent


illustrations of June 24 21 news such as online learning

July 8 Updates for Families: Virtual Learning Applications and More

This is a reminder about applying for virtual learning in the fall and re-registering each of your returning students to help us prepare for the bus challenges we will face.

Virtual Learning Applications

illustration of book and computer

As you know, we are offering in-person instruction 5 days/week this fall, which is the option most families prefer and what the state requires. If you are interested in learning more or applying for virtual learning to meet your student’s needs this fall, please visit charlottesvilleschools.org/virtual to complete the application. Complete one application per student. Please apply by this Monday, July 12, for priority consideration.

PowerSchool logoRe-Registration for Returning Students
We will face challenges in providing bus transportation this fall. To assist with our planning, we are asking families to re-register their returning students now by logging into our PowerSchool web portal. Register each child separately. You can find instructions online. Call your school for assistance. If your family has not registered any new students, please do so here.

walk in information see url to information on webpageOther Reminders/Updates:




Online learning image showing computer surrounded by learning tree with symbols for goals, time management, rewards etc.

Virtual Education

Online learning image showing computer surrounded by learning tree with symbols for goals, time management, rewards etc.Thanks to so many our of our families for completing this spring’s virtual learning interest survey. The vast majority of families indicated that they prefer 5 days/week in-person learning, an option required by the state.

In addition, we are offering a limited fully virtual program for students in grade 3-8.  CHS will continue offering some virtual classes (see below).

Based on state guidance, virtual learning will look different this fall — with more screen time (synchronous learning), a “screen on” policy, and more.

Translate/ Traducir/ ترجمه کردن ./ يترجم/ ژباړه / Tafsiri

Read the CCS Virtual Learning Expectations/Agreement Here

All Virtual Learning Approvals DEPEND UPON:

  1. Completion of the CCS Virtual Instruction application. For priority consideration, apply by July 12, 2021. Applications received after July 12, 2021 will be considered as space is available.
  2. Meeting the established criteria/expectations for virtual instruction
  3. Availability of CCS learning courses, capacity, and adequate demand for virtual learning
  4. Demonstrated appropriate student conduct, meaningful effort, engagement, and success in virtual classes
  5. Yearly renewal of the virtual application

CCS Virtual students are required to attend school daily by attending their synchronous sessions and logging in to CANVAS (as directed). Students must attend synchronous sessions to be counted as present.

When a CCS Virtual student cannot log in and attend synchronous sessions, due to illness or extenuating circumstances, the parent/guardian must contact their child’s virtual teacher and follow their school’s attendance procedures. For extended absences, families must send an excuse note for the absence to their child’s school.

CCS Virtual Students and Parents/Guardians Must Agree to the Following:

  • The student must adhere to the CCS Code of Student Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy while participating in virtual instruction.
  • The student and parent/guardian must attend their assigned orientation session at the beginning of the school year and participate in regular communication with the virtual teacher throughout the school year.
  • The student must have consistent dependable access to an internet service. (Charlottesville City Schools can offer assistance.)
  • The student must take all Virginia SOL tests in-person at the school building for any SOL courses taken virtually.
  • The student must log in to CANVAS and complete assignments by due dates.
  • The student must log on to their Zoom / Google Meet sessions as per their schedule (Please note that there is an increased amount of screen time (synchronous learning) from the 2020-21 virtual instruction.)
  • The student will have their camera on during all synchronous sessions unless otherwise indicated by the teacher.
  • Students are still considered CCS students and will be held to the same standards and policies set forth by Charlottesville City Schools and their school’s student handbook, including activities and athletics.
  • The younger the student is, the more support they will need to be a successful virtual learner.
    • Families must designate a responsible individual for their child in grades 3-5 to provide this support. The responsible individual will need to:
    • Ensure the student dedicates a scheduled time to work on their courses
    • Ensure the student attends all synchronous sessions at the assigned time and has needed materials ready when necessary
    • Be digitally available to communicate with the teacher via emails, messages or announcements in the child’s course, especially if the child needs help from the teacher
    • Monitor and support student’s comprehension and progress, making sure they are completing lessons and assignments to a high standard
    • Ensure the student demonstrates positive characteristics of digital citizenship and academic integrity at all times
  • I understand that if my student is not successful in virtual learning, the school will reassign my student to in-person learning.

Think that Virtual Learning is What Your Student Needs?

For priority consideration, apply by July 12, 2021. Applications received after July 12, 2021 will be considered as space is available.

Apply Here (one per student)

In addition to your application, a committee will review your student’s academic records, attendance, and past performance in virtual learning environments to assist with their decision regarding the approval status of the application.


Students in grades K-2 or 9-12

Based on the survey, we found very few students in K-2 or 9-12 who were interested in fully virtual learning.

  • If you have a child in K-2 who needs virtual instruction, please check with your school as soon as possible
  • If you have a student in grades 9-12 who needs virtual instruction, please check with your student’s counselor as soon as possible to see how to adjust your schedule to include virtual classes offered by CHS or Virginia Virginia (as available, see below)


Virtual Learning at Charlottesville High School

CHS student at computerThe Charlottesville City School Division offers a high-quality, rigorous, and engaging virtual education program to students in grades 9 – 12.

Students may choose to take an online course as part of their regular course load or in addition to a traditional seven-period day as well as during summer school. Courses are available anytime, so students are able to complete coursework before, during, or after the regular school day.

  • There are limited virtual offerings at CHS in areas such as Heath/PE and Economics and Personal Finance. Note: space may be limited, or if there is insufficient demand, the course may not be offered.
  • Students may also be able to enroll in classes offered through Virtual Virginia. Please note: these classes are filling up quickly.

To explore virtual classes at CHS for the 21-22 school year, please contact your CHS counselor as soon as possible!


    • Speak with your CHS counselor
    • See a complete list of CCS virtual course options in the Program of Study (Virtual Offerings begin on page 32)
    • Additional questions? Contact:
      • Jessica Brantley, Health/PE Virtual, brantlj1@charlottesvilleschools.org
Last week of school checklist. Item 1 is "need to do any summer school forms?" All other items are in the post below.

Updates for Families 6/14/21: Redesign Meeting, School Board Meeting, and Summer Reminders

We have two meetings taking place this week.

Tomorrow, June 15, we’ll hold our second community meeting to dream and plan for the redesign of middle school and preschool at Buford and Walker. Join us via Zoom at 6pm tomorrow! Learn more at charlottesvilleschools.org/facilities.

The second meeting is Thursday 6/17, when the School Board meets at 5pm at the MLKPAC and on Zoom. Among the topics to be voted on is the plan for serving virtual students this fall. We know the vast majority of our families prefer five days/week in person, which is a plan required by the state. But if you are interested in applying for a virtual option, we invite you to review the virtual plan and offer feedback. Other topics on the Board agenda include fall in-person safety plans, policy updates, and the latest on the search for our new superintendent. Find information about the fall plans at charlottesvilleschools.org/returntolearn

Find details about other reminders, below.

Last week of school checklist. Item 1 is "need to do any summer school forms?" All other items are in the post below.

Other reminders:

Meal Deliveries

Meal Delivery Update graphicSummer meal deliveries started Monday, June 14. (There will be no service on Friday, June 18 in honor of Juneteenth.) Find routes and volunteer sign-ups at charlottesvilleschools.org/food.

Logo for Back to School BashRegister for the Back-to-School Bash

The Back-to-School Bash registration is open. Register now to receive free school supplies, backpacks, and more. Visit charlottesvilleschools.org/btsbash! Thanks our partners for working with us: the African-American Pastors Council, City of Charlottesville, and Albemarle County Public Schools!

PowerSchool logoRe-Registration: Help Us Plan for Fall Bus Routes

Please re-register your returning students now! To re-register, go to the PowerSchool website (not the app) and log in. Then click “Re-register” on the left-hand menu. Re-register each returning student separately. For help during school hours, call your school. After-school and weekend help is available by calling 245-2955 until 8pm daily through June 10. We want to help you! Find more information, a how-to video, and trouble-shooting tips here.

Computer and charger drawingReturn Chromebooks and Chargers!

Starting Wednesday, schools are collecting student Chromebooks and chargers so our IT team can get them ready for next fall. If your school has directed you to return hotspots as well, please help us by returning those for the summer.


Meal Delivery Update graphic

Meal Delivery Routes and More

Illustration of lunch tray with food

We are offering free meal delivery or in-person meals for all students. This page gives information about what you need to know.

Important notes!

  1. On Monday, June 14, we started our  summer routes. See route information, below.
  2. Help us with our summer meal deliveries!
  3. USDA has announced that school meals will continue to be free during the 2021-22 school year. (There will be no free/reduced meal application.)

Summer Meal Information

We have summer weekday deliveries, Monday through Friday

Meals are available to all children up to age 18/CHS. Please see the below routes and delivery locations.  These routes are subject to change.

Summer Routes

Route A
10:25-10:35 Michie Dr (Entrance to Hearthwood)
10:42-10:46 2204 N. Berkshire
10:54-11:00 Rivanna Ave @ Forest St (2nd corner, near 1115 Forest)
11:08-11:13 Venbale School (Gordon Av)
11:16-11:24 Hardy Dr (Community Center)
11:30-11:35 Sunset Rd @ Stribling Av
11:40-11:45 Monte Vista @ Middleton
11:50-11:55 Harris Rd @ Welk Pl
12:00-12:05 5th St @ Cleveland Av
12:13-12:18 6th St @ Bolling Av
12:20-12:27 2nd St @ Friendship Ct

Route B
10:20-10:32 Holmes Avenue @ Elizabeth Avenue
10:37-10:42 St Clair Av @ Bellview Av
10:50-10:55 323 Riverside Av
11:00-11:05 Carlton Av @ Nassau St
11:13-11:20 Rougemont Av @ Meridian St
11:26-11:35 6th St SE @ Rougemont Avenue
11:40-11:50 1st St S @ Lankford Avenue
11:55-12:00 Elliott Av @ Burnett St
12:05-12:08 Prospect Av @ Bailey Rd
12:10-12:18 Prospect Av @ Greenstone
12:22-12:27 7th St @ Dice St

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Google Translate:

This website can be translated into Google-supported languages:

See top-right corner.

screenshot of CCS web site with translate circled in the top-right corner (to show the translation capability of the web site)Screenshot of CCS web site on cell phone with "translate" circled in the upper right corner (to show how to ranslate this site into other languages)

Graphic announcing Superintendent Search process and inviting public input.

Superintendent Search Updates

This page will keep you posted on the latest for Charlottesville City Schools’ search for a superintendent to succeed Dr. Rosa Atkins, whose retirement became official on May 31, 2021.

  • To receive  an email when this page is updated, click here.

Update on Leadership Profile

After gathering community input via a survey and focus groups, our consultants presented a leadership profile to the School Board at their meeting on June 17. To learn more, you can watch the presentation  and/or review the following documents:


Illustration of a completed applicationApply Now!

We’re looking for a strong leader to help sustain our momentum in equity, academic excellence, and preparing students for life after high school!

Find Job Posting

mountains with logo

icon of calendarTentative Calendar for Search

  • Position Advertising: May 2021 until filled
  • Application deadline: Open until filled
  • Leadership Profile presented to Board: June 17, 2021
  • Board first round of interviews: August 2021
  • Find full calendar here

illustration of org chart with leaderHYA Presents Leadership Profile (6/17)

After gathering community input via a survey and focus groups, our consultants presented a leadership profile to the School Board at their meeting on June 17. To learn more, you can watch the presentation (see below) and/or review the following documents:

icon of people in discussion groupSchool Board and HYA Schedule Community Focus Groups June 9-12; Survey Ends June 10

Share your voice in this important process! Complete the feedback survey and/or attend a discussion group. Public meetings are listed below; other groups for community partners, staff members, students and more are also scheduled. To learn more, call 245-2401.

  • Wednesday, June 9 at 6:00 p.m. Buford (in-person no zoom option)
  • Thursday, June 10 at 11:00 a.m. – Zoom Registration Link
  • Saturday, June 12 at 2:00 p.m. – Zoom Registration Link

Icon of "start video"School Board Meets with HYA to Determine Timeline (5/14)

On May 14, the School Board held a public work session with representatives from executive search firm HYA to determine key dates and processes for the upcoming search for the schools’ next superintendent.


Logo for HYA Executive Search FirmSchool Board Hires Executive Search Firm (5/4)

The School Board of Charlottesville City Schools announced on May 4 that it hired Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates (HYA), based in Rosemont, Illinois, to conduct the search for a superintendent for Charlottesville City Schools.  The School Board will work with HYA to seek feedback from school staff, parents, students, elected officials, and community members to identify the leadership qualities these constituents feel are most important in an effective superintendent. LEARN MORE.

Jim Henderson portraitJim Henderson Named Acting Superintendent (3/26)

The Charlottesville City School Board announced that they have appointed James M. Henderson as Acting Superintendent. Mr. Henderson will begin work June 1.

Mr. Henderson is a June 2020 retiree of Charlottesville City Schools following a career at the school division that spanned more than four decades. LEARN MORE

Dr. Rosa AtkinsRosa Atkins Announces Retirement (3/23)

Earlier this month,  Superintendent Dr. Atkins announced that she would be retiring  from Charlottesville City Schools and accepting a top-level position with the Virginia Department of Education.  During her fifteen years at the schools, Dr. Atkins received state and national recognition for her work. Dr. Atkins, thank you for your service to our schools!

Sigma Lab at CHS

Join Us as we Plan for Walker/Buford Redesign

Share Your  Voice: Values Survey Open Now!

We want this process to be guided by our shared values. Fill out our values survey now!

Sign Up Now

Need translation? Text 953-1802

Fifth Community Meeting Tuesday, August 3 IN PERSON at Buford

This summer, we are meeting to listen, dream, and (yes) make a budget for our preschool/middle school redesign.  You can find slides and videos for each meeting, below. Our next  interactive meeting with tours of Buford, activities by Wildrock, and free food will be IN PERSON on Tuesday, August 3 at 6pm in the Buford cafeteria. The first part of the meeting will also be on Zoom for those at home — register here.  And we’ll have special tours of Walker on Saturday, August 7 at 10am. Mark your calendar and bring the family to both meetings!
mountains with logo

illustration of two figures interactingWe’re Hiring! Help us Hear from the Community!

We are trying to get feedback as we plan and dream for the redesign of Buford (middle school) and Walker (preschool). We need your help to get it right!  We are looking to hire Peer Engagers to help get the word out and to gather input from the community in a range of formats.

Read Job Description Here

Need a Brief Update about Charlottesville City Schools Facilities?

facades of five Charlottesville schools

Facilities: A Brief Update (May 2021)

Charlottesville City Schools and the City of Charlottesville are currently exploring design and funding options for a redesign of Buford Middle School and Walker Upper Elementary School.

Key Ideas

  • Buford would serve grades 6-8
  • Fifth-graders would return to their elementary schools
  • Walker could become a city-wide preschool center.

More Information/Reporting

Smaller Modernization Projects at the Elementary Schools

In addition, there has been a separate process for accomplishing modernization projects (with an annual budget of $1-1.25 million) at the elementary schools.

Illustration of NewsletterSign Up for Our Newsletter!

Stay tuned as this process unfolds. Sign up for our periodic newsletter.

Sign Up Now

icon of calendarNext Community Design Team Meetings (Open to ALL!)

  • August 3, 6pm: IN PERSON at Buford Cafeteria with tours, activities by Wildrock, and free food. Bring the family!
  • Special Walker Tours: Saturday, August 7 at 10am. Again, bring the family!
  • August 17, 6pm
  • September 14, 6pm

Icon of "start video"Fourth Community Design Team Meeting: Higher-Than-Hoped for Construction Estimates (July 20, 2021)

Again, about 50 people were on hand to brace for higher-than-hoped for construction estimates. Pandemic inflation has complicated an already-tight budget. Watch the meeting to explore options.

Icon of "start video"Third Community Design Team Meeting Gathered Site-Specific Feedback (July 6, 2021)

About 50 people cam to the most recent meeting and shared their voice about the “big rocks” they want to prioritize for either preschool or Walker.

Icon of "start video"Second Community Design Team Meeting Shows Possible “Site Fits” (June 15, 2021)

More than 50 people joined in to hear the latest as VMDO showed a number of possible building and construction plans to prepare for getting rough cost estimates.

Icon of "start video"VMDO Architects Holds First Community Design Team Meeting (June 3,  2021)

Nearly 70 people came together to start the process of dreaming and planning! Next meeting: June 15, 6pm!

Logo for VMDO ArchitectsCity Selects VMDO Architects to Develop Design Options for Buford/Walker (April  2021)

In April 2021, the City selected local educational architecture firm VMDO to gather community feedback and present design options for Buford Middle School (which would serve grades 6-8) and Walker School (which would become a preschool center). See “VMDO Architects selected to design city schools reconfiguration project” (Daily Progress, 4/4/21). The Request for Proposals for design options were initially posted in December 2019 and submissions were received by the end of January, but the pandemic raised other priorities.

Logo for City of CharlottesvilleCity Council Meets for Update on Walker/Buford Redesign (November 2020)

In November 2020, the City Council met for an update on the project. For an update, read “City Council considers funding for school reconfiguration project”  (Daily Progress, 11/20/20).

CCS color seal logo for faviconSchool Board Endorses Facilities Plan to Reconfigure Buford and Walker: February 11, 2019

As part of the budget planning process for the 2019-20 year, the Charlottesville School Board held discussions with Charlottesville City Council about school facilities, enrollment growth, and their implications for equity.

The School Board endorsed a school reconfiguration plan that would create a preschool center, return 5th-graders to elementary schools, and modernize Buford Middle School for grades 6-8.  The Charlottesville City Council  approved a $3 million allocation for design and planning work on school reconfiguration. (The funds would be outside the schools’ operating budget, as part of the CIP or Capital Improvement Project process.)

The over-arching ideas are:

  • Move the schools’ 3- and 4-year-old preschool classes to a dedicated preschool center on the current Walker Upper Elementary School campus. This specialized center would allow for additional classrooms, before/after school care, and services that are targeted to meet the needs of our youngest learners.
  • Return fifth-graders to elementary schools, the environment that is most developmentally appropriate for their needs. This will required continued monitoring of the enrollment capacity of our elementary schools.
  • Remodel Buford Middle School to maximize opportunities for grades 6-8. This will eliminate one of the two middle-grade transitions  that we current require as our students presently first move from elementary to Walker in grade 5 and again move from Walker to Buford in grade 7.
  • In addition to this process, the schools have received a five-year commitment of $1 million from City Council to support modernization projects. The first, completed in the summer of 2018, was at Clark Elementary. The second will be completed at Jackson-Via Elementary in the summer of 2019.

To learn more about the process that led to these decisions, scroll down for previous updates. As noted previously, the timeline for planning and modernizing schools would be at least three years.

PREVIOUS UPDATE:  April 25, 2018

This winter, Charlottesville City Schools held a series of discussions relating to our rising student enrollment. We presented a number of options and offered a preliminary survey to solicit additional input. We also briefed community leaders such as City Council and the Planning Commission.

What We Heard

  • We heard strong support for returning to centralized preschool with services that focus on the needs of our eligible three- and four-year-old students (and their families). Aside from allowing us to specialize in early childhood education, a centralized preschool would free up space in our crowded elementary schools.
  • We heard a preference for maintaining our commitment to small neighborhood elementary schools (over a model of enlarging three of our elementary schools). This would likely require the construction of a seventh elementary school on currently owned or future-acquired property.
  • We did NOT hear a consensus about relocating fifth-graders to the elementary schools. However, returning fifth-grade to elementary schools had previously arisen as a strong preference in prior community surveys and meetings. This would require a preschool center and the remodeling of Buford for 6th- through 8th-graders. Elementary capacity would still need to be addressed.
  • We heard an interest in additional options. These options include a 5-8 campus that provides updated facilities and eliminates a school transition during the critical “middle grade” years. Another option is creating a specialty academy to serve students in the elementary or middle-grade years.
  • We heard interest in combining our capacity needs and our modernization needs. If we can identify solutions that both expand capacity and modernize our facilities, there is support for a greater investment that would provide our community with a bigger return.
  • We heard support for our out-of-division student program even as we heard reminders that we should minimize the impact of the program on overcrowding. In other words, we will continue to strive to admit only those students who will fill otherwise unused seats in existing classrooms. Relatedly, we heard support for continuing to offer spaces to the children of employees of the City Schools and the City. And we heard from community members who want to make sure that once we have built a relationship with a nonresident student, we should view that child as a “Charlottesville student,” or “one of our own,” not as an outsider who should be sent away.

Next Steps

  • New data points in August. Updated enrollment figures will help us make informed decisions. This data will help us critically re-evaluate and tweak our interpretation of enrollment trends as projected by our partner, U.Va.’s Weldon Cooper Center.
  • Learning cottages. The “elementary wave” we’ve been seeing continues to max out our elementary schools and is beginning to make an impact at Walker and Buford. We have purchased one additional unit for next year with the option to buy others if needed. We have also completed the most time-consuming part of the planning process: site studies at campuses to identify the best placements.
  • Fleshing out options and responding to opportunities. In response to community feedback (see above), we can continue to explore our options and opportunities. In doing this work, we continue to work with VMDO Architects and the City’s Facilities team.
  • Fall community meetings. We will meet with City Council, community partners, and the community-at-large to be transparent and responsive to the hopes and concerns of all.

Previous Updates to this page (January 2018)

Charlottesville City Schools is growing! Since our enrollment has been increasing about 3 percent annually, we need to consider the future of our school facilities. Together, let’s consider how we can best meet our students’ needs, particularly for our classes serving preschool through grade 8. Our school division’s growth also presents an opportunity to modernize our schools for 21st-century learning.

Graphic showing enrollment growth from 1986-2011 and 2011-2018

Upcoming Meetings:

    • (POSTPONED) Community Conversation: January 31, 2018 – 6 p.m., Charlottesville High School media center

    • School Board discussion/public comment – February 1, 2018, 5:00 p.m., CHS 

      • School Board meetings are live streamed at ustream.com (search for Charlottesville City Schools). Watch regularly scheduled meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 5 p.m.
      • Meetings are also recorded and later televised on Public Access Channel 14 on Thursday & Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday at 12 and 7 p.m. of the same week as the meeting.

Community Meetings Slideshow

Charlottesville City Schools contracted VMDO Architects to study capacity and growth in the division. VMDO’s findings, along with the UVA Weldon Cooper Center’s study on enrollment trends in Charlottesville, were presented at two community meetings in November.

Title slide "Charlottesville City Schools Public Forums on Capacity & Growth." Click on the image to view full slideshow presentation.
Click to view full slideshow presentation.


Click here to jump to a topic:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Growth and Capacity Solutions for Charlottesville City Schools

Frequently Asked Questions coming soon. Please help us compile this list by providing your own questions/feedback using the Community Survey.

Next Steps


The next Community Meetings will be January 23 at 6 p.m. at Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church and January 31 at 6 p.m. at CHS Media Center followed by a series of school PTO meetings and other community outreach meetings where we will provide information and gather feedback from community members. Additionally, there will be discussion and an opportunity for public comment at the regularly scheduled School Board meeting on February 2 at 5:30pm in the Charlottesville High School library.

Stay in Touch

Stay informed and share your thoughts! We will continue to post future
updates on this web page. Look for a more robust community survey coming in January.


Next decisions:
1) Consensus about moving forward with expansion plans?
2) One new elementary, or three expanded elementaries? Centralized preschool?
3) Other questions as they emerge from community feedback.


Additional Resources

Complete the community survey

A very brief  survey is available to capture some initial thoughts. Please look for a more detailed survey coming in January.

Graphic: Every Learner. Every Day. Everyone.

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Sign up for YMCA After School

YMCA logoDear Charlottesville City Schools families,

Registration is now open for the YMCA After School Program in Charlottesville City Schools (formerly the CLASS program) for the 2021-22 school year! For more information about the program and to make a reservation for your child(ren), please visit: https://piedmontymca.org/ymca-after-school-ccs.

The program serves students in kindergarten through grade 6 on our school campuses, beginning at school dismissal and ending at 6pm. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to reserve a spot online as soon as possible to guarantee placement in the program. In early summer, the YMCA will contact participants who have reservations in order to fill out paperwork and complete their registration.

We are pleased to partner with the YMCA on this important program. If you have questions about the YMCA After School Program, please contact Bonita Patton at youthandfamily@piedmontymca.org.