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Virtual Education

Virtual Education

CHS student at computerThe Charlottesville City School Division offers a high-quality, rigorous, and engaging virtual education program to students in grades 9 – 12.

Students may choose to take an online course as part of their regular course load or in addition to a traditional seven-period day as well as during summer school. Courses are available anytime, so students are able to complete coursework before, during, or after the regular school day.

Is Virtual Right for You?

Banner for CHS Virtual EducationWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: All Virtual Classes

Late Work Policy

1. Late assignments will not be accepted after the specified due date. Those assignments turned in late will receive a grade of zero.
2. If a student has a planned absence, he/she is responsible for completing work prior to their absence and of notifying the teacher of their planned absence.
3. If a student has an unplanned excused absence,he/she is responsible for IMMEDIATELY notifying teacher (on the day returning to school or sooner). As per school policy, upon returning to school, students with excused absences documented through the school attendance office will have 5 school days to submit make-up work.

Face-to-Face Requirements

1. Students must attend orientation prior to beginning their course. Students who do not complete orientation may be dropped from the course.
2. The certification exams, midterm exam and final exams must be completed in person and proctored by the course instructor. Dates for these will be posted in the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a teacher for virtual courses?
Yes. All courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who meet licensure requirements set forth by the Virginia Department of Education.
Will students ever see or speak with the virtual teacher?
Yes. Virtual teachers have office hours so students may reach them either by phone or in-person. Students may communicate with their teachers through email, phone, video conferencing, discussion boards, or face-to-face during office hours.
How do students enroll in virtual courses?
Students interested in taking a virtual course may register with their school counselor.
When may students enroll?
Enrollment will follow the same enrollment and add/drop periods as published in the student handbook. The add/drop window is the first two weeks of school.  After the first two weeks of school in the fall, students who drop the course will receive a Withdraw Fail on their transcripts.
When do classes begin and end?
Virtual courses offered by CHS begin and end with the school’s academic calendar.
Are virtual courses free?
Yes. There is no tuition fee for CCS students to take a virtual course. Tuition will apply for out-of-district students. Summer school tuition fees will apply to virtual courses taken during the summer term.
Do students receive training?
Yes. Student orientation sessions are announced before courses begin. Students are required to attend one face-to-face orientation.
What technical support is in place for virtual students?
If a technical issue arises, students should let their teacher or the administrator know immediately. A technical representative may be contacted Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:15 PM with questions or issues. Tech help requests may be sent via email to
Do virtual education students need any special software or hardware to take an online class?
Students enrolled in Charlottesville City Schools are provided a chromebook computer to use on and off campus. This device will meet the hardware and software needs required for taking a class online.
May students take a virtual course while at school?
Yes. Students who would like to take a virtual course as part of his or her regular school day may do so. He or she will report to the Online Learning Lab during the designated period.
Is the Internet required?
Internet access is required to take an online class. Students can use residential, public, or the CCS wireless networks.
Will students ever need to report to school?
Yes. Students will need to report to a designated site to complete orientation, term assessments, final exams, and SOLs.

Online learning image showing computer surrounded by learning tree with symbols for goals, time management, rewards etc.DID YOU KNOW?

– you should plan to spend 4 – 6 hours per week on learning course content and completing assignments.

– you should plan to spend 4 – 6 hours PER DAY on learning course content and completing assignments.

For more information on Summer Virtual Classes, click here.



Fact: Virtual courses replace the face-to-face version of that course. Therefore, the workload is about the same as if you were attending class each day and having homework for that class.

Tip: To be successful plan out 4 – 6 hours each week to work on your class.

Fact: Most virtual work is done outside of school hours.You will need reliable internet and computing devices to complete the work. Not having internet will not count as an excuse to turn in late work.

Tip: If you don’t have reliable internet access, sign up for the Online Learning Lab as a period during your school day or take a face-to-face class instead of virtual.

Fact: Late work is not accepted in virtual courses.

Tips: Carefully review due dates for assignments in the class calendar. Email your teacher with questions.

MYTH # 4 I can ADD, DROP and RETAKE a VIRTUAL course at ANYTIME.
Fact: Virtual courses follow the same add/drop policy as all courses. You can only add/drop the course during the first 2 weeks of school. After that, dropping the course will result in a withdraw on your transcript. The grade that you receive in virtual classes count towards the credit for that class. If you receive an F that is factored into your GPA just like a normal class.

Tips: Only sign up if you can fully commit to the workload during that term. If you are struggling the first week, see your teacher or school counselor about add/drop options.


Fall Virtual Education Mandatory Orientation: August 20, 2019, 1:30-4pm

    • If you are enrolled in a virtual course for the fall semester or a year-long course, you will need to attend orientation on August 20, 2019 from 1:30-4pm. (Note: If you are enrolled in a virtual course for the spring semester, you will need to attend orientation in January. Those dates and times will be posted online in December.)
    • Bring your own computing device (Note: Transportation and lunch will not be provided).
    • Students who do not complete orientation may be dropped from the course.
    • For a list of courses, instructors and locations, click below.

Click Here for Virtual Orientation Information, Instructors, and Locations


    • Speak with your CHS counselor
    • See a complete list of CCS virtual course options in the Program of Studies (see Virtual Education)
    • Additional questions? Contact:
      • Ryan Devlin, Assistant Principal, 245-2410
      • Jessica Brantley, Health/PE Virtual,