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Internet Filtering

The Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Code of Virginia require school divisions to provide content filtering software for Internet access in our schools. To comply with this legislation, Charlottesville City Schools has installed software to block access to certain sites deemed inappropriate for children.

The software blocks sites based on categories. Internet sites are reviewed by the company providing the software and placed into these categories. The software that resides on the school division’s servers is updated daily to reflect any changes to the list of blocked sites. The Charlottesville City Schools Internet Filtering Committee serves as a review board to determine which categories to block and to evaluate sites that are submitted by staff for consideration.

No software filter can guarantee that all inappropriate material will be blocked for users utilizing the division’s Internet connection. Having an Internet filter, therefore, does not change a user’s responsibilities as documented in Charlottesville City Schools Acceptable Use of Technology and as outlined in the Charlottesville City Schools Internet use guidelines.

Students and staff attempting to access sites classified as inappropriate will be redirected to a web page that explains that the site they have requested has been blocked. There are links on the redirect page that will cite the reason for the denial of access. Users can request a review of the classification or block status of a particular web site so that a legitimate site may be reclassified and removed from the filter or an inappropriate site that was missed by the filter can be blocked.