Student Transportation and School Bus Information

Student Transportation and School Bus Information

illustration of schoolbusThrough the City of Charlottesville’s Pupil Transportation Department, our community provides school bus service for students who live in the City. We offer separate runs for elementary students , students in grades 5-8, and high schoolers. We also provide separate services for identified students with special needs. Finally, to encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities, at all our schools we provide an after-school “activities” bus that returns students home after clubs or sports practices. (CHS offers an activities bus at two different times.)

Back to School 2021: Bus Driver Shortage

While the City continues to recruit and train additional bus drivers, there is still very limited space on buses. Updates  are periodically announced to reduce the waitlist. Thank you for your patience.

COVID Protocols

To learn more about COVID-specific bus protocols, see Bus Routes COVID-19 Protocols.

Behavior and Guidelines

Students are expected to behave well on the bus, following school rules as outlined in the “Parent Guide to School Bus Safety” in the Code of Student Conduct. Students who present disciplinary challenges on the buses shall be reported to the principal and may have their riding privileges suspended.

Young Bus Riders

Parents/guardians (or their designee) are required to escort 1st grade and younger students to and from the bus.

Private Rentals of School Buses

We no longer offer bus service for weddings and other public events.  Charter service will only be available to our long-time regular business partners.

More Information

The City of Charlottesville Pupil Transportation Department operates school bus service in Charlottesville.  The City works in close contact with the schools’ assistant superintendent for finance and operations.


Call your school.

Questions regarding bus stop change requests?

Call 970-3532.

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