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Curriculum & Instruction

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Personal and academic success for all:

The goal of the school division‘s Curriculum & Instruction Team is to establish educational excellence, cohesion, and continuity among our schools, and create a seamless educational experience for all students, preschool through grade twelve.

We provide leadership in developing curriculum, deepening and broadening professional knowledge and skills, and implementing and assessing instructional programs. We aim to ensure that every student excels in rigorous and relevant curriculum that reflects what students need to know in a global 21st century environment.

Curriculum for the Charlottesville City Schools is outlined in the GPS (Guides for Pacing and Standards). These guides, created by teachers for teachers, provide an instructional framework for equitable teaching and learning for all students.

To see the specific offerings for grades 5-12, please see the Program of Studies.

Curriculum and Instruction Staff

Chief Academic Officer:

Dr. Katina Otey (434) 245-2400

Curriculum Coordinators and Contacts

AVID (College Preparatory Program)

Dr. Jeannie Pfautz

Career and Technical Education

Megan Fitzgerald, 434-245-2400

English and Language Arts

Stephanie Tatel

English as a Second Language/English Language Learners

Dr. Jeannie Pfautz

Fine Arts

Aaron Eichorst

Health and Physical Education

Jessica Brantley


Natalie Farrell


Dr. Nigel Standish

Social-Emotional Learning

Jodie Murphy

Social Science and History

World Languages

Dr. Alicen Brown