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Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Fast Facts for the 2017-2018 School Year

City population: 43,475 (2010 census)
Student enrollment (K-12): 4,313 (Oct. 2017)
Out of division/ tuition students: 295

School facilities

6 elementary schools (preschool – grade 4)
1 upper elementary school ( grades 5 – 6)
1 middle school (grades 7 – 8)
1 high school (grades 9 – 12)

Average class-size/teacher

K – grade 4: 19 to 24:1
Grades 5 – 6: 19.5:1
Grades 7 – 8: 19.5:1
Grades 9 – 12: 20.5:1

Student body makeup

51% male
49% female

42% white
33% black
12% Hispanic/Latino
7% Asian/Pacific Islander/Hawaii
6% other

Gifted education students: 24% of K – 12 students
Percentage of CHS students taking at least one AP exam: 35%
Special education students: 13%
ESL students: 15%

Languages spoken: 46


Teachers: 456
Other staff: 379

71% of teaching staff holds advanced degrees
Average years of experience: 13

Operating Budget

$78.5 million (FY17)

Per pupil expense
FY 17 estimate: $16,840 (includes capital expenses)

Academic Stats

2017 CHS VA and Nation SAT data13 CHS seniors  were recognized as semi-finalists or received letters of commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

CHS continues to surpass state and national SAT scores. (see chart, right).  According to 2017 College Board data, in reading/writing, CHS earned a score of 599; the state, 560; and the US, 538 .  In math, the scores were CHS, 579; Virginia, 541; and US, 533.

CHS offers more than 30 college-level courses (Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment).

71% of the AP exams taken by CHS students earned scores of 3 or higher, with 44% earning 4s and 5s.  We’re the only area school on the Washington Post‘s “Challenge Index” of schools that encourage a broad population of the students to take these college-level classes and exams.  More than one third of our high school students take at least one exam.


Other Programs

We offer preschool programs for eligible  3- and 4-year-olds to get all our students off to the right start in school.

All elementary students in grades K-4 take art, music, and Spanish (grades 1-5).

Our schools take advantage of the rich cultural resources in Charlottesville, including the University of Virginia, Monticello, the Paramount Theater, the Charlottesville and Richmond Ballets, and much, much more.

Students can choose to earn a college associate’s degree while at Charlottesville High School– and other AP and dual enrollment opportunities abound.

Developed in collaboration with UVA and the Smithsonian Institution, a ground-breaking engineering curriculum has been developed at Buford Middle School and other area schools.

The Charlottesville High School Sigma Lab opened in 2014.

Walker, Buford, and CHS have more than 90 clubs and activities.

CLASS afterschool programs are open to all elementary students.