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Current Employee Human Resources Information

Current Employee Benefits and HR Information

We are pleased to provide a wide array of benefits for our employees.  New employees enroll in benefits at the start of their job.  Employees can change their choices either annually during the “open enrollment” period in May or with a qualifying event (such as the birth of child or a change in a spouse’s employment).

This page contains a number of forms and documents related to benefits and human resources. Click on a category to find the links. If you have questions about a form or policy, the “HR Tip Sheet” contains contact names and numbers.

Open Enrollment Information for Insurance during 2019-20

Our annual insurance open enrollment period for all benefit-eligible employees will begin on Monday, May 13 and will remain open through 11:59 pm on Friday, May 24.

Changes for this Year

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We are pleased to say that our coverage for the upcoming benefit year will remain with each of our current providers, with no changes to our existing plan options and benefits. That being said, the continued rise in health insurance costs coupled with an increase in claims incurred have resulted in higher health insurance premiums for the coming plan year.

In order to maintain our current health insurance options, Charlottesville City Schools will be moving to a clearly defined employer contribution strategy. Beginning 7/1/19, the amount that CCS will pay towards an employee’s health insurance premium cost will be based on the Choice Premium plan. For employees eligible for full-time rates (.8 FTE to 1 FTE), CCS will pay 95% of the cost of the employee’s coverage and 68% of the cost to cover the employee’s eligible dependents. For employees eligible for part-time rates (.5 FTE to .79 FTE), CCS will pay 60% of the cost of the employee’s coverage and 50% of the cost to cover their eligible dependents.

Employees who elect to be covered by either the Standard Premium plan or the High Premium plan will still be able to do so but will see those plans as “buy up” options. This means that all full-time employees who elect coverage will receive the same CCS contribution (95% employee/68% dependents) and all part-time employees who elect coverage will receive the same CCS contribution (60% employee/50% dependents), creating uniformity in the cost sharing structure.

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Open Enrollment Meetings

We will be hosting open enrollment meetings to give employees an opportunity to better understand the insurance options available to them.

Employees are encouraged to attend one of the following meetings:

  • Tuesday, May 7th at 3:15 pm at Jackson-Via Elementary School (Media Center)
  • Wednesday, May 8th at 3:15 pm at Greenbrier Elementary School (Auditorium)
  • Thursday, May 9th at 3:45 pm at Walker Upper Elementary School (Cafeteria)
  • Tuesday, May 14th at 3:45 pm at Buford Middle School (Media Center)
  • Wednesday, May 15th at 4:30 pm at Charlottesville High School (B-Commons)

Vbas Log-In and Renewal Info
As in previous years, benefit election changes (health, dental, vision) must be made by the employee by logging into the Vbas online enrollment system once the enrollment period opens (click here for Vbas Open Enrollment Reference Guide 2019). Benefit elections made during our annual open enrollment period will be effective beginning 7/1/19 through 6/30/20.

If an employee plans to contribute to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), they MUST login to Vbas to make their annual election(s). IRS rules state that this election cannot automatically renew therefore the employee must make their election(s) each year. The IRS annual limit for the medical FSA has increased this year to $2,700. The annual limit for the dependent care FSA remains at $5,000.

Qualifying Events for Changing Your Coverage Options

As a reminder, our open enrollment period provides the only opportunity during the year for employees to make enrollment changes (i.e. coverage selections, make dependent changes, add coverage, drop coverage) unless they experience a qualifying event (i.e. marriage, birth or adoption of a child, loss of other coverage, obtain other coverage).

Spousal Insurance Information

If an employee plans to cover a spouse on their health insurance plan and the spouse does not have affordable coverage (determined by the Affordable Care Act) available through their own employer AND the spouse is not Medicare eligible, then a spousal attestation form must be completed. The completed form should be returned via fax to 434.422.5519. Failure to return a completed spousal attestation will result in the employee paying a $250 per month spousal surcharge to cover their spouse, in addition to their insurance premium.

Planning to Retire?

Please note that if you are retiring from Charlottesville City Schools as of June 30th and plan to elect coverage as a retiree, you must login to Vbas during open enrollment (this year only) to make your insurance elections.

Links for 2019-20 Open Enrollment:

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