Guidance & Counseling Services

Guidance & Counseling Services

Guidance services are provided from primary to secondary educational settings. The program objectives fall into three domains: Educational, Personal/Social, and Career. The educational focus involves the knowledge of academic abilities and educational needs and interests. The personal/social involves the development of an awareness of self and others. The career domain involves the understanding of present and future life roles. These objectives are implemented through developmentally appropriate activities ranging from classroom activities; individual counseling; consultation with parents/guardians, and school personnel; and coordination with community agencies.


School Guidance Counselors

School Counselors Phone
Burnley Moran Rebecca Baber 245-2413
Clark Chloe Wilson 245-2414
Greenbrier Adrianne Butler 245-2415
Jackson-Via Kristin Ullrich 245-2416
Johnson Allison Pillow 245-2417
Venable William Ullrich 245-2418
Walker Charlotte Geddy 245-2899
Buford Megan Kinglsey
Stephanie Heath
Charlottesville High School Carol Freeman
James Bryant
Aja Chambers
Melanie Key
Lisa Morales
Kerry Avakian

Lugo-McGinness Academy (LMA) Maggie Wilson 245-2977

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