Psychological Services

Psychological Services

Psychologists are available to enhance the educational performance of students by addressing issues related to learning, emotional well-being, and social competence. This goal is accomplished through psychological evaluation for special education and/or intervention when appropriate, multidisciplinary team problem-solving in the RtI process through the Early Intervention Team (EIT), short term counseling, collaboration with the mental health community, and consultation with staff.

Psychological Services:

School Psychologist Phone
Preschool Leah Purpura 245-2598
Burnley Moran Leah Purpura 245-2598
Clark Leah Purpura 245-2598
Greenbrier Stephen Ferrara 245-2663
Jackson-Via Terry Nagurney 245-2659
Johnson Terry Nagurney 245-2659
Venable Dr. Travis Bailey 245-2650
Walker Terry Nagurney 245-2659
Buford Stephen Ferrara 245-2663
Charlottesville High School Dr. Travis Bailey 245-2650
Lugo-McGinness Academy Dr. Travis Bailey 245-2650
Alternative Settings Dr. Travis Bailey 245-2650

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