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Social Work Services

hillustration of hands solving puzzleSocial Work Services

School social workers serve as school liaisons to the home and other community agencies. They address attendance issues, coordinate homebound educational instruction or tutorial assistance; assist families in utilizing community resources; and assist families in obtaining clothing and shoes. If necessary, they may accompany families to certain school meetings and interpret school information. The school social worker is an integral part of Child Find activities and completes the social history as a part of the eligibility process.

School Social Workers:

School Social Worker Phone
Preschool Child Study Stephanie Snider 245-2654
Burnley-Moran Tiffany Scott 245-2654
Clark Stephanie Snider 245-2656
Greenbrier Tiffany Scott 245-2514
Jackson-Via Regan Harker 245-2653
Johnson Stephanie Snider 245-2654
Venable Regan Harker 245-2656
Walker Regan Harker 245-2653
Buford Janie Evans 245-2653
Charlottesville High School Janie Evans 245-2656
Lugo-McGinness Academy Janie Evans (additional support: Tiffany Scott) 245-2652

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Dr. Kendra King
Director of Student Services and Achievement
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